I absolutely don't know how much more stress my weak body can take. it's all catching up to me. i try to sleep earlier and it's not working. nothing is helping. i started cutting but now i can't cut cause i'm going on vacation and i don't want my cuts to be seen. i have scars and no1 knows the truth behind them i'm covering it up. i'm getting tired faster, i'm withdrawing, i'm not eating, i'm on the brink of end! i need a way out! i'm thinking of doing the unthinkable! no1 would ever think i'd do this! i need t stop, but i can't bring myself to!

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  • smoke weed.. no joke. i wont go to school unless im high, nothing matters that way.

  • GO SUCK A C***.

  • what the hellthey wanna hurt themselves and u say this im sorta in the same position and this ould make me wanna jump off a building.

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