Sugar daddy

So im not ugly im actually really pretty. I love s** and Im thinking about getting a sugar daddy. I feel like since i love s** soo much why not get paid for it, Im in college and i figure why not get help paying for it while making my p**** squirt at the same time. Okay im done being a h**** venting victim. Im not a s*** i just want the best of both worlds s** and money or even just money. Ive made money off of selling my p**** soaked panties so why is this any different. or maybe ill just do that again... whatever time to go play with myself. Vent over!

Jul 13, 2012

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  • You're right, you're not a s.lut. You're a total wh0re, as is any little b.imbo looking for a sugar daddy. Rationalize it all you want-- if you're trading s3x for money or other perks, you. Are. A. Wh0re. Welcome to reality, little bunny!

  • If you want a sugar daddy, at least make sure he is married.

  • I lost interest in this confession because of the appalling grammar. Selling yourself is nasty -if you ever meet someone you actually love and want to be with he/she will probably be disgusted at your behaviour.

  • I'd love to be your sugar daddy. You sound totally hot.

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