Erectile Disfunction

I am seeing a new guy and we tried to have s** the other morning after a drunken night out. His P**** was pretty small and he couldn't get an erection. I've heard his friends rip him for it but always thought it was a joke. I'm so scared that he has erectile dysfunction. He is so right in every other way. I was so disappointed. And everynight I'm in bed with him he doesn't push for s** and I lie there h**** as h***. It's making me sad. I'm too scared to bring it up with him because I know how embarrassing it must be. I want to talk about it with someone but don't want to tell my friends as its rather embarrassing for him and I. He is young, I don't know whats wrong.

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  • ...was it just your birthday?

  • I'd like to offer my condolences, and a couple of thoughts:
    a) Contrary to popular belief, being drunk is actually a hindrance to sexual performance, especially where a man's physical "prowess" is concerned; b) Erectile dysfunction can occur in men of any age, not just the old or infirmed. Furthermore, when a man is uncomfortable--for whatever reason, whether it be sexual, emotional, or psychological--the likelihood of ED increases greatly, and will likely remain an issue until the underlying root problem is resolved; c) If the source of his ED is physical in nature, V***** (or other comparable ED medication) could prove to be a good solution for both of you; and lastly, d) Although this may seem a long shot, how certain are you that he is, in fact, heterosexual? I know it's a disheartening thought, but being secretly homosexual might explain why he's "so right in every other way" except this one. Men can't fake arousal; you either are or you're not, and the reason for not being aroused are potentially myriad (homosexuality being merely one of many), so don't be too hasty to rule one or another in, or out, until you've carefully gone "down the list," so to speak. Good luck, I hope this advice has helped. :)

  • Good advice here. His lack of sexual desire will drive you nuts and damage self esteem for both of you if you don't deal with it head on. I doubt if he's gay. You make a point of saying how small his p**** is, but imply the ED is the issue. Well, you also have a problem with the size or you wouldn't have brought it up. It could be he's extremely self conscious about that and it's part of the problem. He also may have done a lot of j********** to magazines, p*** etc. that has screwed up his trigger for sexual arousal. Good luck.

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