I still Miss, His still, Do i did embarrsssing

I did embarrassing . Wrong time Wrong place.Not wrong ONE. All of me is wrong meant to HIM.
The first time I ran into ConfessionPost From thinking of someone So I came in and read a lot of ideas, it's another not bad option, I am another person who has a lot to pour them into here. With some things we cannot tell anyone.
Is it embarrassing? If we still love And thinking of someone he walked away from, thinking about all night. It's embarrassing to miss that person, embarrassing to still want to hear him, want to hug, want to talk, want to see his face, want to go back to his whirlpool, embarrassing to still love him no matter the time. Passed another year.
** It's embarrassing to still poke him on his number, on days when he didn't need me, and I couldn't do anything. Besides missing him in my area, sometimes I just can't tolerate feeling nostalgic, !!! I can only stand and watch the people I love from afar. Worried about him staying away Let love find good things, let him go find better love, while I still love him too. But today I have to give up. Let him go to find something more beautiful and better. I still love and miss him. Even though he doesn't love me anymore, I love him so much that I have to admit to being silent, admitting to being distant, admitting that I still love him while he loves others. That girl is your happiness, but you know whether you are my happiness, you are not my past and never in my past. Because you are still the driving force for me. (Oh! Everything has no meaning, to do so many things to stop him from leaving there is no meaning. The more I do things that show I need him, I want to be reconciled with him, the more I miss him, the more caring. Every minute he hits the farther away from me. I should miss the person he misses me, but I'm embarrassed. I think of people who don't want me anymore. It's embarrassing. It's embarrassing. It's embarrassing and dishonorable, right? Where am I still like this? So nowadays I have to live in my area. I am silent, quietly thinking, love caring for my quiet place. He must be comfortable that I am about to disappear.
* I try to keep working, setting goals for life, love to take care of myself, love myself, so that I don't think about it. But every night I still have a hard time sleeping, every time I come back to my room alone, I can't stop thinking about him. Miss him, and he probably doesn't want me to miss him at all. I'm embarrassed to still miss the people who told me Let me get out of him, don't try to approach him. Embarrassing !!! Often times my tears flowed in nostalgia, crying for nostalgia, thinking of someone who couldn't tell him, poked the phone to his number and cut off myself, I never heard him, and He never answered, * He didn't want to answer and see, I hurriedly cut off myself every time, I annoyed him every time, I regret doing that, it's embarrassing that we still miss the person he is. Walking away, people he doesn't want us to be near around him.

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  • You should really move on and learn from this.
    Stay safe and stay well!!!

  • Your writing is embarrassing. Just stop it.

  • Of course it was embarrassing.Beacause Drama, embarrassing.That why he wrote here. Nobody knows us who cares. doesn't have to worry about making anyone in trouble, He's in his area not going to do embarrassing to let people see.. You see no matter what the topic is? The title says * embarrassing *. What kind of embarrassing thing to write on an embarrassing topic what is to writing?

  • OP's writing is embarrassing and needs to stop it. So do you, in the unlikely event you are not OP.

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