I got my boss pregnant

Ever since i have started my new job, my boss who is a 38yo woman has taken advantage of the fact that im new and need the job so much i would do anything for it. it started of when i had my first performance apraisal she sort of told me that i was struggling a bit and asked me how much i needed this job, and i told her i needed it very much as i was 17 and living away from home and needed money to pay the rent, bills etc she then said ok and moved closer to me sitting on the desk, she then opened her legs up so i could see that she was wearing no underwear and she slid my hand up there one thing led to another and i was giving it to her on her desk when all of a sudden i c** inside her, and she got all upset and angry with me saying how she wasnt on any birth control and how could i do that, now 8 weeks later she told me she was pregnant and she hoped i was going to help her out and support her, im not sure what to do being 17

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  • My boss got me pregnant. I was 42 and we were not planning any more children. My husband had no idea I was f****** my boss so when I told him I was pregnant he assumed it was his. I don’t know if we got lucky or not but I lost the baby. I’m 51 now and I’m still f****** my boss. I had my womb removed so I can’t get pregnant any more.

  • WOW! thats so f****** hot!!! the fact that you were going to pass it off as your husband's is pretty deceitful, but you had to do anything to protect the would've been love child, so it's understandable. but you were also f****** your husband at the same time? so how do you know it couldn't have been your husbands then? how many children do you have? is your boss married and does he have children? and the fact that you're still f****** your boss 9 years later and hubby and children don't know is f****** hot too!!! the deceit continues! if I was your hubby and found out about you f****** your boss, I'd still want you to f*** him, after all anything for that raise/bonus!

  • I guess she hasn't heard of the morning after pill? Or adoption, if it was too late and she can't afford it? In any case, that's sexual harassment and what she did was wrong... You should tell your parents.

  • That's an awesome story :D
    Dude, you should be writing books!

  • she's brobably f****** the mail man, the door man, every d*** she that comes her way. she was pregnat before you f***** her and she wants to find a daddy for her baby. Run stupid bicth.

  • Wait, what? You're 38 year old BOSS thinks a 17 year old moron is going to support her? What is she, retarded? You're an idiot. Heck, both of you are idiots.

  • Can u say sexual harassment at a workplace? Let alone under 18 and taking advantage of a desparate person.

  • She's 38 for f*** sake! And took advantage of you! Tell your parents!

  • Bull...S***.

  • Tell her you need a big raise if you are going to help her.

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