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So, I really just need to vent and no-one listens so... Today my mom got mad at me for not doing HER job the right way (her job is babysitting) because the children made a mess, i tried to talk to her and say "Im only 14 I shouldnt have to take care of 2 toddlers and a 7 month old" and the only thing I got out before she told me to leave her alone was "it's not my job, its yours. Your the adult, not me. You dont even pay me" because, I take care of them everyday, because im homeschooled, and she tells me that i can either watch children or do chores, and then she complains when i dont get my school done! Anyways, today I cut myself, I dont know why...I didnt want to...but I did, and its not small either...its on my right thigh, and its multiple 3in. ones and some are longer...

Nov 30, 2017

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  • Problem is too many children are getting away with murder these days and dont want too help around the house or clean up after themselves and think the world owes them something. I realy wish more parents acted like parents instead off trying to be friends with their kids. My husband and I bought lovebour chdren and they know their loved. They also know when they crosse the line there will be discipline and thats from groundings. Early bedtime and a smacked bottom over panties and for further disobedience our girls are spanked bare..

  • There is too many brats around these days. No discipline or respect for parents or authoratie. Most of them are spoilt brats and could do with a smacked bottom and we for one as a family will teach our children morals and respect and when they step out off line or disrespect us or any adult. Then they know its a bare bum smacking..

  • If you are cutting, there is a lot of pain in your heart. You are cutting to ease the pain because the cutting makes you forget. (I used to gnaw on my fingers at a job I hated, which I no longer do.) This is what I learned in reading and therapy. You needed to vent and I refuse to judge you. You may want to search the 12 steps, self-harm, self-harmers anonymous, cutters anonymous etc. (I cannot remember the exact title of the group, since I went to different ones for other issues; the gnawing was resolved with therapy, time and being fired from the job.) You may also want to search "Emotions Anonymous" as well.

  • P.S. I do not know if they take your age group. You will want to check. Just know that I refuse to judge you.

  • The problem is you are 14 years old and you only see half the world through little kid glasses. Stop acting like a spoiled little brat and start helping your mother. I'm sure your mother does things for you that would be your job, but she still does it. Stop crying and help your mother, I'm sure she pays the bills on the house you live in. I'm sure you use the internet that your mother pays for. I'm sure you have a cell phone that your mother pays for. I'm sure you watch TV that your mother pays for, and I know you eat foot that your mother pays for. So the least you can do is help her take care of the younger children.

  • Do as your mom says honey and if you were my daughter and answerd me back like that my husband and I would bought tann your bare bottom. your a little girl and stop and think about your behaviour. I would take your little panties down and smack your bottom for a long time..

  • Ok, I kind of agree with you. but the whole comment about taking her little panties down and smacking her bottom for a long time is just creepy. and the fact that you said it twice is even more creepy. Sounds to me like you may be a pedophile.

  • Please dont be so quick too judge. We have diffrent kinds off discipline for our daughters and my husband and I love them more than anything in this world. Our eldest daughter has being pushing boundaries alot lateley and we know its down to her age some what. But she has being bullying her younger sisters 9 and 11. Shes had several notes home from school in last copil off months and three about three weeks ago came home a little drunk. We grounded her and took her phone and she was sent to bed early for a week. But we allways give our girls warnings and chance to improve their behaviour. But at times they need too be spanked. My husband and I were bought spanked grown up and we descided even before we were married its how we would raise our children..

  • Im a mother off three daughters and our eldest daughter is just gone 14. We use spanking as part off discipline. Our oldest daughter is a handfull most times. She will refuse too do her chores and and help out with her younger sissters. We give her everything she needs and more. Im sorry if I offended anybody. Its what we beleave in and have and allways will use spanking on our daughters and yes its mostley on their bare bottoms. I beleave parents allow their children to rule the roost too often. But we wont allow it in our home and our eldesd and middle daughter were spanked only yesterday and are bought grounded and are in their beds now..

  • It's not the spanking that is the problem. It's the fact that you spank her BARE bottom. You can spank a child without removing their pants and panties. I was spanked as a child and my parents never pulled down my pants to do it.

  • My husband and I have allways spanked our daughters on their bare. It is how we were raised and seems too work most times with our girls. I was spanked into my teens by my parents and allways bare as was my husband. Myself and my husband have talked many times about diffrent punishments for our daughters that we try and a spanking always seems to work better and at times seems to be only thing that gets through too our daughters. We have said about letting our oldest daughter keep her panties on. But dont want her to think shes going to get away with her bad behaviour and especialy over the last while. Shes being pushing us too our limit and we always as said give our girls plenty off chances too turn their attitude around. Beleave me when I say that my husband and I live for our girls and they are loved and cared for more than anything and have all they need and more. They are the sweetest girls ever. But like all children they push boundaries and they know there are consaquences. We also hugg our girls after discipline them and let them know there loved and they know why they have being spanked by my husband or myself..

  • You are just not getting what I'm saying. I agree with spanking a child as sometimes that is the only thing they understand.
    The problem is that you pull down their pants to do it. Why?
    You can spank a child and get the same results with leaving their pants on. There is NO point in removing the childs pants. period

  • I grew up with most off spankings on my bare bottom as did my sister and husband and we can also see the effect on our daughters bottoms when panties are off. Im trying to see your view in this and see what your trying too say. At times I want to give in and leave our eldest daughters panties on because off her age. But shes just being acting up for a while now as said. Apart from drinking and notes home from school and bullying her younger sissters. She ditched school also.and and was caught bullying and younger girl in school and pulled her hair. I was told she also embarassed the younger girl and pulled her skirt up in front off some boys and girls which had the little girl crying. Realy your telling me even then she should have being.allowed keep her panties on. If I do descide to talk too my husband again about our eldest daughter. We may descide allow her keep her panties on but it will be for sure be on her panties and as for our two youngest daughters kensey and zana they will continue too get it on their bare bottoms. I appreciate your thoughts and just cant realy see harm in smacking our daughters bare bottoms..

  • Why is this so hard for you to understand, It's NOT the spanking.
    You failed to answer my question about why you feel the need to pull down their pants???
    Spanking has the same result with pants UP, so either you enjoy humiliating them or you enjoy seeing and touching their bare ass. Either way, that is wrong. Spank you child with their pants UP. It's about discipline, NOT humiliation or some sick thrill on your part.

  • Know it most certainley is not. I said we can see our daughters bottoms when we spank them bare and know when their bottoms are red enoufgh and when tears are real and our daughters cry alot quicker with their bottoms bared and as I said it allows us too observe the red on their bottoms. We love our daughters as told you and we have seeind them naked and in diffrent state off dresse. We still bath our youngest and our middle daughter only rescentley started to bath herself. Our daughters are prescious too us and we only ever bare them too spank them. I said also I take it you have no children and im sorry you find our methods off discipline wrong. Our middle daughter as I postvthis is haveing a tantrum because I asked her too go take her shower and come down for her spanking and she also went too slap her little sisters face because she wanted to change tv chanel. I just swatted her bottom and you can tell me you would allow your children when you have them to act like that. Im hoing up too sort our middle daughter out now and to talk with her..

  • You had to of been dropped on your head as a child, your level of ignorance is astounding. You can't tell me that you still see your 14 year old daughter naked. Again, spanking your child with pants up is the same as spanking with pants down. why do you need to see their ass turn red? do you get some sick thrill out of it? And yes, I do have kids and I do spank them. WITH THEIR PANTS UP.

  • We have three daughters and off course we see them naked at times as said or semi nude and whats wrong with that as their our children and I realy dont see the trouble in smacking them on their bare bottoms. I have just smacked my two oldests bare bottoms and their in bed now. I cant see harm and we are not go allow our daughters too become spoilt and selfish brats and our oldest has being let off with alot lateley and needs her bum take her down a peg or two..

  • The bruises can be photographed long after the look healed. They will leave scars deeper than you know. Maybe she will strike her children too. You approve of someone spanking your grandchildren? I bet you would spank them too. Can't wait to get that ass in the air and hit it, to teach a lesson. Why I bet you would spank another parents kid, if they needed it. Why not? It's just fine with you. It's okay because your parents did it to you.

  • I never meant to cause offence and have talked too my husband just after our girls left for school and we bought agree we are doing the right thing with useing spanking as part off discipline. Kelly our oldest and kensey our middle daughter whos 11 are too rescive early bedtime again over next three evenings with bedtime 6.30 after they have bought showerd and will bought rescive a spanking as allways by my husband and I on their bare bottoms each evening before bed. We have talked about it and dont see any reason too change even at 14 which we bought consider to be only a child. I will also ask kelly if shes on her periods when shes due for a spanking. Take care and regardless what you or others may beleave or think its our descission and its allways worked for us..

  • My sister is the only other adult who is allowed to spank our children and I hers. I dont know why you say its wrong when other forms off discipline dont have the same impression on our daughers. It done my sisster or myself know harm when parents spanked our bare bottoms and I see how it can turn our girls little attitudes and smart mouths at times when other forms off discipline dont work. I take it you have know children and you said you got spanked grown up. What harm has it done you and we never bruises our daughters bottoms. Most times its with our hands only and for repeat offences then its there hairbrush and we spank them twice their age. Our oldest daughter is lucky we are even considering letting her keep her panties on. 14 is still a child and when you see the way kids disrespect their parents and teachers today it renforces that how were discipline our girls is the right way. My parents are bought passed away and were good parents..

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