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So, I really just need to vent and no-one listens so... Today my mom got mad at me for not doing HER job the right way (her job is babysitting) because the children made a mess, i tried to talk to her and say "Im only 14 I shouldnt have to take care of 2 toddlers and a 7 month old" and the only thing I got out before she told me to leave her alone was "it's not my job, its yours. Your the adult, not me. You dont even pay me" because, I take care of them everyday, because im homeschooled, and she tells me that i can either watch children or do chores, and then she complains when i dont get my school done! Anyways, today I cut myself, I dont know why...I didnt want to...but I did, and its not small either...its on my right thigh, and its multiple 3in. ones and some are longer...

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  • Problem is too many children are getting away with murder these days and dont want too help around the house or clean up after themselves and think the world owes them something. I realy wish more parents acted like parents instead off trying to be friends with their kids. My husband and I bought lovebour chdren and they know their loved. They also know when they crosse the line there will be discipline and thats from groundings. Early bedtime and a smacked bottom over panties and for further disobedience our girls are spanked bare..

  • Honey -- if you're saying the truth, you are in an abusive situation. You need to be in school, and your mother needs help.

    For the love of all that's holy -- reach out to your community. Without an education, you're going to be 'dead in the water' so to speak. You won't have a snow-ball's chance in Hades of making it in life.

    Your mother hasn't one clue as to how to put together lesson plans or teach mathematics or explain chemistry. Make changes NOW so that in 2035, you're not where she is now. And don't cut yourself. Sever an artery and it's over for you. But I don't suppose mom teaches human physiology either ...

    Phone social services. Tell them that you are an 'at risk' minor...

  • There is too many brats around these days. No discipline or respect for parents or authoratie. Most of them are spoilt brats and could do with a smacked bottom and we for one as a family will teach our children morals and respect and when they step out off line or disrespect us or any adult. Then they know its a bare bum smacking..

  • If you are cutting, there is a lot of pain in your heart. You are cutting to ease the pain because the cutting makes you forget. (I used to gnaw on my fingers at a job I hated, which I no longer do.) This is what I learned in reading and therapy. You needed to vent and I refuse to judge you. You may want to search the 12 steps, self-harm, self-harmers anonymous, cutters anonymous etc. (I cannot remember the exact title of the group, since I went to different ones for other issues; the gnawing was resolved with therapy, time and being fired from the job.) You may also want to search "Emotions Anonymous" as well.

  • P.S. I do not know if they take your age group. You will want to check. Just know that I refuse to judge you.

  • Your mom is an idiot for taking on more than she can handle. She definitely shouldn’t have home schooled you. I’m sorry but you can’t just leave your home and get a job without a proper education.

  • The problem is you are 14 years old and you only see half the world through little kid glasses. Stop acting like a spoiled little brat and start helping your mother. I'm sure your mother does things for you that would be your job, but she still does it. Stop crying and help your mother, I'm sure she pays the bills on the house you live in. I'm sure you use the internet that your mother pays for. I'm sure you have a cell phone that your mother pays for. I'm sure you watch TV that your mother pays for, and I know you eat foot that your mother pays for. So the least you can do is help her take care of the younger children.

  • Do as your mom says honey and if you were my daughter and answerd me back like that my husband and I would bought tann your bare bottom. your a little girl and stop and think about your behaviour. I would take your little panties down and smack your bottom for a long time..

  • Ok, I kind of agree with you. but the whole comment about taking her little panties down and smacking her bottom for a long time is just creepy. and the fact that you said it twice is even more creepy. Sounds to me like you may be a pedophile.

  • You are the one bragging about molesting your own children!!!

  • Are you drunk? In what universe was the commentor bragging about molesting a child? You're just a f****** troll!!!

  • Are you really that blind? Go back and review it. Unless you too are a child molester.
    Are you?
    ARE YOU???

  • You are f***** up and I would rip your heart out off your chest..

  • Spanking is part off discipline our daughters rescive..

  • What else do you do to your children that is vile?

  • Its discipline and sometimes they need it when other forms off punishments wont work. Bought my husband and I love our girls and too suggest what your saying is wrong. Bought my sister and I were brought up with them as was my husband and our daughters have plenty off warnings first before we smack their bums. Our eldest has being realy pushing her look last while and I have sent her too have shower just now and I will smack her bare bum and she will be going too bed and yes she knows she will rescive a smacked bum before school tomorrow. Our girls know their loved and want for nothing..

  • Your are trash that needs to be exterminated!!

  • I think girls should never be spanked! My mom never spanked me in my life and i can't even imagine it, i would just die from embarrassment, to spank a girl is just so wrong! And i'm not a b**** or something, i think i'm mostly a good girl, sure i can be bad sometimes but that is just normal for a girl.
    So i think spankings are just not needed for anyone (especially girls) and one can be a good mom without doing such dumb and embarrassing thing to her daughter.
    You should stop spanking your girls, it's not right!

  • So you are sexiest? Spanking boys is Ok, but you should never spank girls? You are going to fit right in with all the f****** crazy feminist left wing nut jobs in the world.

  • Wow, You're preety rude here. So okay, im not for spankings at all, i think all spanking is bad, but its's just that grirls are more senitive and gentle and shy so even if You're A Parent that spanks i just want to please You to just stop spanking the girls - girls ar more delicate and gentle and a spanking is going to give them mutch more trauma

  • Shes a child and said girls are more sensative. Off chorse boys and girls are the same and need same discipline..

  • How old are you sweetie. I hate too spank our daughters and it makes me sad too hare them crying. Its how we allways used it as part off discipline in our home and as I said my sister and I were spanked into our teen years. I have spoken too other moms in our church and they said they also use spanking as part off discipline in their homes..

  • I'm 12, so i know i'm way too old for spankings anyway but i just cannot think of them as right or even normal. I don't know, spanking just seems too embarrassing for me to accept it, especially for girls who are more shy and delicate than boys. I think spanking is hurtful for a girl, and maybe i'm exaggerating, but i imagine that a spanking is very humiliating and to be spanked is to be treated like a little baby or something. My mom always treated me like a young women, never like a baby or some stupid kid. And even when i was much younger, like 6 or 7 - and i know that at those ages some children can be spanked when they are bad - a spanking is something that would never happen to me.
    And i hate that there are some young girls that are spanked, it makes me feel sorry for them and i don't see it as right!

  • I hope your ok sweetie..

  • I would not see 12 as too old sweetie and your very young too be on site like this. We only use spanking our daughters as last resort and our eldest has got herself into some serious trouble over last few months. Drinking. Skipping school and alot more and we allways give them lots off warnings too give them a chance too turn their behaviour around. You sound like a sweet little girl as are our daughters. But sometimes grounding and other stuff we use as punishment does not seem too have affect on our daughters as a spanking does..

  • I don't think it's a site for adults, people just write here what they whant to confess, i go on much more serious sites on the internet, i know i'm more mature than most girls my age so i like to read about more serious stuff. It's interesting and i know i'm old enough to know what's good for me.
    You think 12 year old girl can still be spanked? wow, i just cannot even imagine it! So You will still spank your daughters when they will be 12 or older? But i think it just would be humiliating for them, spanking is just for little kids i think. For big girls, teenagers, it's just like they are not treated seriously, like if they would be still little children. I think it's not good, but i don't know, i just cannot imagine it.
    You're a mom so You probably know best what is good for Your daughters but i think that even if there must be spankings as punishments, skipping school and some drinking - i don't think this is serious enough. All girls sometimes skip school, i think everyone does it, i sometimes skip school too if there are not any important lessons and the weather is warm and nice. And i think that everyone needs to try things for themselves when one is young, to even just see how they feel. I drank wine and vodka four times and although i didn't really like it much i will problably try it once more. I just think it's not serious or a big think when girls (if they aren't little kids of course, when they are big, like older then 10) just TRY drinking one or two times, young girls just like to try things and test themselves.

  • Your telling me your mom and dad never disciplined you sweetie and your saying you drink and skip school. You are 12 years old sweetie and will destroy your body. It does not matter if you dont think some off your lessons are not important and weather is warm or not. School is important sweetie and your telling me your parents are ok with the stuff you do. Its a shame you do that stuff sweetie and I dont know how your parents discipline you. But at 12 years old and what your in 6th grade sweetie. I hate too tell you but if you were my daughter we most certainley would smack your bum and ground you. You still only a child sweetie and should most certainley not be drinking. You do sound like a nice girl sweetie but you most certainley are only a little girl..

  • I don't drink like all the time, i just drank wine and a LITTLE vodka FOUR times in my whole life, and just MAYBE i will drink once more. It's very, very little, some girls and guys (especially, some guys are just drunk like all the time, even in school, i never was drunk in school) in my class drink much more and often and there are two boys that even take some drugs. And i never took any drugs, i could if, i wanted too, because i know that they can just buy normal drugs in a pharma and somehow change them to the illegal ones, so i could do that easily (and probably even just ask these guys to give some to me) but i never did such a thing! So i think i'm mostly a good girl cause i never did any REALLY serious stuff because i don't want my mom to worry.
    And i don't often skip school, just a couple, maybe ten at most, times at a whole year. And it's only when it's close to summer and they are not any really important lessons left and almost everybody does it too! Sometimes it's like only three or four persons are left in class (and mostly only those that are the most nerdy that never ever do anything against the rules) and everyone else are skipping so of course i'm skipping too when it's like that! I'm a nromal girl and sometimes i just want to be lazy and just do nothing and go around the city with my best friends so i do it! And it's also mostly because my mom is always scared about me and she doesn't want me to walk alone far from home and is always worrying so when i skip school i can just have real freedom as she doesn't know that i'm hanging out in the city and not in school so i don't need to worry about her worrying and crying about it later.

  • It would not matter sweetie if you agreed or not. Do you think our daughters want too be spanked. Its discipline and yes you are only a little girl because your 12 years old. Trust me sweetie you would not be skipping school anytime you felt like it or because your friends were doing it and I would not care if you threw a tantrum as our middle daughter whos 11 does at times when we spank her. You certainley would have your panties taken down and I would smack your bum sweetie. There is way too much dangers in drinking and skipping school ten or so days is alot too be just doing what you like. As for the drugs you said you could get and take I can tell you in know un certain terms that if you were my little girl you would be sleeping on your tummy for a few days in bed as your bum would be too sore to allmost sit in school and I dont know why your teacher has not rang your mommy sweetie too say you were missing from school. Im sure you are a good girl most time like our daughters but you certainley could do with a trip over your moms knee sweetie..

  • Wow, You would take down my panties? Like for real, like to spank me on my bare butt?! It's something so absolutley childish, i can't imagine it happening to anyone other then some very little kid that doesn't understand anything at all! And are you really serious that Your daughter is 11 and You would just take her pants down? It could never, EVER, happen to me, i would just die from embarrassment! It would be imposssible, even if You're my mom i think something like it would be WAY too much, i just don't know what i would do. Would You really want to do something like that to me even if i'm 12 and i'm a girl? Even if i was your daughter how could it happen, i think it just couldn't as i would NEVER agree for something like that as it's something like one of the most embarrassing things i ever even heard of!
    I know myself and i'm not a one to just accept things that i completely don't agree with, i'm not meek like that and never was! I remember once, when i was 8 i think my aunt said something like - my mom needs to spank me everyday, regulary - or something like that, and i got really embarrassed and also angry and i just said to her to shut up and never spoke to her again for a month i think! And it was in front of other family and i didn't care! It just shows that i would not agree for it, never, and i always was ready to protest, so i really think it just would be impossible for me to ever get spanked, ESPECIALLY NOW, that i'm 12 and grown up! So even if You were my mom i can't see it evere happening as i always knew and felt that it's something absolutely not for me, and especially now!

  • And i really don't think i'm a little girl, i feel that 12 is being an older teenager already and i also know that i'm more mature than others so i think of myself always as a young women and i want my mom and others to treat me like that, not as a kid! And if Your really were my mom i would also definitely want to be treated like a young women not a little girl and i would really insist on it! I would absolutely not agree for any spankings! It's something completely not for a girl like me, i wouldn't accept it and i don't know...woud You really just spank me even if i just absolutely wouldn't agree? I just don't know what i would do, and for my panties to be taken down - my mom never even sees me without my pants, it just never happens, i wouldn't like that, would You really do it? I would die from embarrassment if my pants were taken down by someone and i would get spanked like some little baby, even if that was my mom, even if You were my mom i can't imagine to ever agree to it!
    My teachers don't call the parents when someone skips school just a couple of times, as i said when it's close to summer and it's warm on the outside and there are no really important things left, then almost everyone does it. The school informed my mom only twice and it was once only when i was skipping school for almost a week, normally, when it is just one or two times, they aren't likely to call, maybe if You aren't going to give them any sort of written justification from a parent or a doctor after You're back, after a skipped day, then they are more likely to report it to a parent.
    And what means a trip ovr my moms knee? Like to be spanked over a knee? It's embarrassing, i wouldn't like that, i don't think i need it, it would be sooooo bad!

  • Im in the mall sweetie out shopping. I will get back too you later. I bet you are a good girl most times as our girls are. But from what you have told me sweetie yes your panties would be taken off and I would certainley be smacking your bare little bum. I will get after im home fromthe store sweetie. Hugs from mom off three..

  • But if i told You that i absolutely would no agree to it! To a spanking and to taking my panties down, You would just ignore my talking and just pull my pants down anyway? I would die form embarrassment, i cannot imagine that i could survive such a thing!

  • You are 12 years old sweetie and off chorse I would smack your bare bum. We have daughters younger and older than you sweetie. But do you think you are the first 12 year old too be getting her bare bum smacked. You would also be in our family baby girl and would have same things as our daughters and that includes a big hug our princess and big off three xxxxxxxxxxx

  • I don't think there are many 12 year old girls in the world that are still getting spanked (especially on the bare bottom), i was super shocked when You told me that You would spank me if You were my mom and that you spank Your daughter that is 11 and - if i understand - even one that is older than 12 -though i'm sure it's not on the bare bottom, but it's still unbelievable for me and super embarrassing, and i can't believe that she agrees to it!
    But i'm sure that Your daughter like to get a big hug, i love to be hugged by my mom (even if she rarely doeas it this days sadly) and even by my stupid aunt :)
    Hugs to You!!!

  • My dad doesn't live with us and i don't have much contact with him so he doesn't really matter and my mom don't discipline me, i'm too old for it, for grounding and stuff like that - it would be silly, i'm not a child - and even if she tried to i just wouldn't care about it and she knows it. But i don't want to worry her so i'm not doing anything bad, i just sometimes skip school and the drinking was only four times in my whole life and she doesn't even know about it. So i don't think it matters when it was just four times, and i think that most girls at twelve tried to drink some wine or bear at least once and boys i'm sure are drinking much often. And i'm also more mature then most girls my age so i know that i can control myself and i know what i'm doing, i will maybe drink one more time and that's all! And as i wrote here earlier, there are guys in my class that drink almost all the time and two boys take drugs, so i think i'm a good girl when compare!
    I cannot believe that if i were your daughter you would really spank me for just such little things like that! I can believe i would be grounded maybe but spanking is way too much! Especially as i'm 12, long time not a kid, i'm definetly not a little girl and i'm more mature than other girls and guys my age. Even if i was your daughter i would never agree for spankings, i doubt i would even agree to be grounded or something like that.

  • I also hope you think about your actions sweetie and dont ditch school or drink again. Your so young sweetie and too many bad things can happen you. Hugs from mom of three..

  • Okay, i will think about this drinking and skipping school a little, maybe it was more wrong then i thought at first. You just made me a little scared and wonder about it because of all the talk about giving me a spanking, i just didn't expect it.
    I was super surprised when You told me that if i was your daughter You could spank me for things like that, maybe it's more serious then i thought if You would react so strongly to it if i were Your daughter. It made me think a little so thank you sort of...
    I don't think many bad things can happen, i'm 12 already so i'm not a child and i know what to do and how to not get in to any real, serious trouble!
    Thanks for a hug :) I hug You too, and You seem so nice so i just cannot imagine that You really spank Your daughters like that. I mean, it's so bad, especially as one is 11 (almost like me), aren't Your daughters mad and hurt after those spankings? I know i would be definitely and i just cannot even imagine how much i would cry and yell and just feel super bad if i you're my mother and really spanked me. So it's weird for me and also scary and i don't really understand it.

  • Im also sorry too hare your dads not liveing with you sweetie and that you dont get on with him and I bet like our girls that your mostley a good girl. But you are only a little girl sweetie at 12 years old and stay out off trouble baby girl..

  • Well, thanks for concern and for nice words, yes i don't have much contact with him, he even lives in another city now. But it's how always was so it's normal for me. And i'm a good girl, maybe what i did was more serious then i thought but i never felt about it like that. It never, ever crossed my mind that it could be possible for me to get spanked for things like skipping school or drinking four times in my life, but i suppose that if You're so sure and serious that You would try to spank me for it if i was Your daughter, then MAYBE this things are a little more serious. I will think about it and maybe i won't ever drink again, even once, if it's so bad...But it's hard to not skip school when everybody does it! I would feel stupid if i was just one of three or four kids that are left in class when all the others - and my best friends too - are skipping.
    And You wrote earlier that i would be sleeping on my tummy and couldn't sit because i just THOUGHT about those drugs (i never took any drugs and i won't even if i could easily get them!), and i just cannot imagine how much it would hurt so i couldn't sit! It's something cruel i think and i know that if i felt such pain i would just cry me eyes out, and i don't know what i would do.

  • Hi sweetie, I hope you are ok and I think you are very brave too admit that you were wrong and as a mom I can say im very proud off you sweetie. I have just come down after putting our oldest and youngest daughter too bed. Our middle daughter is now go too snuggle up with me on sofa and watch a movie sweetie. I hope you had a nice day baby girl. Love and off three and well done...

  • Hello, thank you for being so kind, i like talking to You, i think i like You better then most other adults i know! And it seems so nice, i would like to hug you and be hugged by you while watching tv, i think that it would made me feel safe.
    What movies and TV's You watch? Lately i like to watch a couple years old tv series Spartacus Blood And Sand. It's pretty cruel and violent but i love this show as it has so many great characters, even bad guys here have human side and there are also different kind's of relationships like in Roman times should be. And i love all the badass, sexy ladywarriors.
    Of course my mom doesn't know that i'm watching it, as it's late in the night and she would certainly forbid me from it, probably because of all the violence and cruelty and s** there. But i'm more mature then other girls my age and i know i can watch it.
    I hug You too and bye bye for now :)

  • I hope you are haveing good day sweetie. Our youngest daughter got into trouble at school today and shes in her room now and got her bum smacked. She was suppose too go out too movies with her friend and her friends mom soon but she had too ring and cancel. Shes now not only grounded as is our eldest daughter for next few days but she will be in bed at seven like her sister and rescive a smacked bum before bed and lights out. I was planning too bring our daughters this week end too mall and let them get their xmas clothes. Be good sweetie and hugs from mommy off three..

  • Oh, wow, You really spanked her? And on the bare bottom too? And that was just some trouble at school, some minor thing, i can't believe it! Poor girl, she is definitely crying now, it must hurt her so VERY much, i cannot even imagine how much she is hurting and crying right now, poor girl.
    If You can and think it's good for her then tell her that Ewa a 12 years old girl from Poland, Eastern Europe feels very sorry for her and that in my opinion she (Your Daughter) is hurting deeply and this is bad
    I Hug You Too :)

  • By the way sweetie. Breaks my heart too know you dont see your dad and Its his loss sweetie as you do sound like a little sweetheart. Hes missing out on his little princess. Hugs again sweetie..

  • Ahh, i'm blushing, You're so nice to me, Thank You, and i hug You warmly.
    My dad has some mental ilness that i don't really know much about, both of my parents don't want me to know what is this ilness of dad and it scares me a little, as i think it means that it is something serious. And both of my parents, mom and dad (especially) don't want me to have contact with dad.

  • Hi sweetie. Im just home from store and picked up some off our daughters xmas presents. You sound like a little sweetheart and could easy be one off our daughters the way you talk. Especialy our middle daughter who I said is 11 and you are a little princess just like our daughters. Im glad you said you will think about makeing better choiches sweetie and thats great. As for spanking your when your bold and make bad choiches off course it would mean we would ground you will early bedtime and most certainley a panties down smacked bum. 12 is just still a little girl despite what you think sweetie and you can give out too me all you like if you were our daughter but you would still be getting a smacked bum. You would not have too be embarassed about haveing your panties taken down as if I was your mom and I would naturaly see you naked or in just panties at times as I do with our three daughters. You said your aunt said you needed a spanking sweetie and do you think maybe shes right and does your aunt have kids off her own. Your a little sweetie and a big hug too you..

  • Hello! I would like to celebrate christmas but we never did in our family, when i was little i used to get presents from mom and other family but that was it. Your girls are probably excited for christmas now, do You celebrate it alone - You and Your daughters - or with other, extended family too?
    To be called a little princess is somehow nice, i wanted to be a real princess when i was a little girl :) so You can call me like that, that's nice of You, thanks.
    I couldn't really believe it that You spank Your daughters without their panties on, especially as one is almost my age, it was shocking for me! But now i think i believe You, but still it just sounds truly horrible for me, my mom
    never sees me naked now, so to have pants taken down and be spanked like that, it's absolutely humiliating, that's how i feel about it. But i know that as a mother You know best what is good for Your daughters, and i now see that You're wise and - apart this spankings - seem like a very good mom. So i must to admit that even if the idea is super embarrassing to me it probably have some sense in it too. I will admit that if i were Your daughter, and You would be spanking me like that too - althought i still don't think i would ever let that actualy happen - then i probably would be so scared of the spanking and on the bare bottom to, that i wouldn't be skipping school, and won't drink any
    alcohol at all, maybe just some beer from time to time, and i would never be rude to you or give you any attitude or lie to you and steal anything from You, and i would try hard to not use vulgar words.
    Yes my aunt has three (they are all adults now) sons. And i don't think i need a spanking, i'm way to old and it's suuuuuuuppppeeeeeeer EMBARASSING, so no, never! I Hug You back, You seem so kind and sweet, i can't wrap my head about these spanking things....

  • Hi sweetie and a spanking is over in a short while and if your mom is spanking you then you have know need too be embarsssed as she is your mom. But either way baby girl if you were my little girl and the princess as that you would allways be giveing the same as our girls. You are a sweet baby girl princess and I wish I could give you a big hug. Wish as I said your mom and you could spend xmas with us. I just know you are a little sweetie. Mom off three and meant to say I think you would get on with two off our daughters sweetie and hugs again..

  • Hello! Sadly i'm from Poland and i doubt it' if 'its possible to have travel to america (i suppose You're from america, United States, if i'm wrong, then sorry) And also my mom is very antycatholic and she would never celebrate a christmas, she hates the catholic church with a passion and she aso has a very negative view on Christianity, she is somehow like a stupid atheist

  • You will allways be a princess sweetie and never let anybody tell you anything diffrent. Hope you stay in school and know if you want I could be like your second mom. Im very proud off you sweetie and I would as said be proud too have you as our daughter. Even when you are like our girls and are cheeky or think you know best. Big huge hugg baby girl and princess...

  • Thank You fot dat. And Yes, i'm going to be a princess, just like i wanted, for all my childhood. Wow, Thank You for Your explanatation And I hug You Depply with lot of love and also some tearz

  • Yes, thank joo VERY much. It's true, i always wanted to be cute, pretty princess... I just thouht that this are things for little girls so i moved on with and stoped having such feelings

  • Hi sweetie. You are breaking my heart. You are saying yous do xmas on your own. We have xmas with family and friends sometimes and we have at least fifteen or 20 people here for xmas sweetie and I wish you and your mom could be with us. By the way you are a little princess and so are our three dsughters sweetie and I would be proud too have you as our dsughter sweetie. You are a princess and deserve the best. I wish I could hugg you sweetie like our daughters. Love and hugs....

  • Sad sad ): Sorry but it would be absolutely impossible. I live in Poland, and i presume You and Your famili are in the usa? Even more my mother that is a fanatical ant-cathlic, would never let me go :(
    I Hug You and cry a litte as i really wanted to spend christmas eith Your great Family!

  • Hello sweetie. I just dropped our daughters off too school and my husband and I are going too the mall too get some more xmas gifts for our daughters. I hope you have a good day princess and I told my husband about you. He said you sound like a little angel and I told him you are. Be good sweetie and big hugs and love from mom off three xxxx

  • Seems like Your daughters will get a lot of gifts for this christmas, they're soooo lucky :) But at least i don't have to go to school today so i'm kinda lucky myself :)
    Hugs to You too and You have a great day aswell!

  • Talking out of your a*** still?

  • Hi sweetie and hope you are ok and I was crying as I was reading your posts. Im just getting our daughters up for school now princess and would love too be able too give you a big hug sweetie. You are very special sweetie like our daughters. Our eldest daughter gave us some hassle after being sent too bed and had another smack on her bottom and is grounded for longer. Im so proud you are going too think off your behaviour in futore sweetie and as I said I would be proud too have you as our daughter princess even though you would not like it when we grounded you or smacked your bum sweetie. You are a realy sweet little girl and I hope you and your mommy be well. Big hugs too you princess. Mom off three xxxxxx

  • Thank You, i'm mostly okay, although i think i catched some cold as i've runny nose all time today. But at least i don't have to go to school so i don't really mind it much :)
    I don't know if i understand corectly but isn't Your eldest daughter older then me? As You told me that the middle one is 11 so almost like me. If she really is older then, wow, she is getting spanked as well? That's so embarrassing, she would be almost an adult, like a big teenager! But she isn't spanked on the bare bottom i hope?
    Yes i' thought about all of the stuff that we talked about and i think now that You're mostly right, i was doing some bad and stupid stuff, and mostly because everyone was doing it too, and it's a very dumb reason when i think about it...I know decide i won't ever drink again, not even once, i don't need it and didn't even like it and, You're right, that maybe i'm too young and it could be bad for my health. And also i talked today with my best friend about all this stuff and she told me that the two boys from our class that take drugs started with just drinking and she thinks that they loosed control of it later. So i think even most strongly now that even a little drinking can be dangerous and i don't want to risk, especially my health. So i won't drink ever again!
    And i want to say thank you for giving this issue such a big attention in Your posts, even for saying that You would spank me on the bare bottom for it. It was embarrassing to read and i didn't agree but it made me think about it and i decided that if You - a mom - thought so strongly about it that You would even give me a spanking because of it, if i was you daughter, then it probably was a bigger and more serious matter then i thought. And You're right, i think, so thank You for warning me and even for scolding me. Maybe it would be better if my own mom was more strict, i don't know... I think that to be Your daughter would be quite good, as You seem as a very loving mom to Your girls, and i know

  • I would be mortified because of the spankings but at least i know i wouldn't do some things - like drinking - ever because of these fear. So it probably would be somehow good for me. It's hard to admit as i cannot even imagine how horrible and embarrassing would be to be spanked at my age, but i can't lie to myself - if i knew i would get a spanking i would never even try drinking.
    Say thanks to Your husband from me, for the nice words, i didn't realise that You have a husband earlier. So Your girls have a dad, is he living with You, in the same house?
    I feel a little envious of Your girls beacuse of this nice christmas that You all will be celebrating later this month. I wish i could have a real christmas too, with all the family and the tree and presents. I know that You'll all have a great time, i would want to be there too and meet Your daughters and You!
    I Hug You too and have a nice day, You and Your daughters and Your husband too!

  • Hi princess. Im realy sorry you are not well and I wish I could cuddle with you on sofa like I do when our daughters are not well sweetie. I showed my husband your posts sweet heart and hes smileing and agrees with me that you are a little princess and you are prescious little girl. We would love too post a gift voucher over too you sweetie. You sound like our middle daughter and I know yous would all get on realy well. Our daughters ages are 14, 11 and 9 sweetie and our eldest is only just gone 14 and yes too your ? She gets spanked on her bare bottom also. But if she is on her periods then her spanking is put off till later. Our two younger daughters are no were near too have periods yet. Big hugs from my husband and I sweetie..xxxx

  • So Your husband also thinks that i'm a little girl even when i'm 12 already?
    I think i would get on with her as well! I definitely would want to ask her how it is to live with the knowledge that she can have her panties taken down and to be spanked and if she is very scared of it. And after such a spanking if she is very sad and if it hurts very much. I can't help but to feel sorry for her, especially as she is so close my age. But i would also tell her that she is super lucky to be able to celebrate a real christmas and to get a lot of presents :) Does she know what she will get this year or is it a surprise?
    I'm shocked again to know that Your 14 year old daughter is also getting spanked on her bare bottom! Does she accept it, doesn't she fight it? It must be super embarrassing for her!
    Hugs to all of You!!!

  • Forgot too say sweetie. Our daughters will ask us for the gift they would like for xmas and then we will buy them some extra little gifts. I mentioned earlier princess that my husband and I would love too send you over a gift voucher. I have told him about you saying you would be embarassed if we smacked your bum and my husband just smiled and just said why. Because you are as I said sweetie only 12 years old and thats just a little girl. Love again princess and hugs xxxx

  • That's nice of You to give them little surprise gifts! I bet they are curious and excited what it could be this year :)
    Sorry, it sounds interesting, but i don't quite know - what is a gift voucher?
    It's embarrassing but does Your husband think too that i should get a spanking and a without my panties too?
    I understand that he thinks - as You do - that 12 is still just a little girl?
    Hugging You, princess

  • Off chorse he would sweetie and he spanks our daughters at times. So he would most definetley smack your bare bum also sweetie. A gift voucher baby girl is a token and you can bring it too a toy shop or some place and buy a toy for yourself sweetie. Huggs again princess xxxx

  • Does Your husband think that i deserve a spanking?
    Do Your daughters know about me, did You tell them what we were talking about?
    You would give me such a present? Wow, really? Thank You sooooo much!
    Lots of hugs and love from a Your Princess!

  • You ok princess..

  • My husband knows sweetie and off chorse he said if you were our daughter and did that stuff like drinking and skipping school he would smack your bum also princess like he does with our girls. I will tell our daughters about you sweetie. I asked you a ? Sweetie. Does your mom give you a time too be in bed at. Also baby girl we would love too send you that gift sweetie. Our three girls are fast asleep now princess. Love from your mommy and big hugs baby girl xxxx

  • Hi baby girl. I hope your feeling a bit better and dont attempt too go outside with that cold you have sweetie. None off our daughter off our daughters like too be told their getting a spanking from my husband or I and especialy our eldest. She will have a little teen tantrum when shes told too take off her panties. But our girls will rescive either exrta smacks or a spoon on their bums for not taken their panties off when asked and they also are put in lounge without panties and face the wall and their not allowed too rubb their bottoms till they leave corner and I snuggle with them as allways and tell them we love them. Wish you new our girls princess and I wish your mom or aunt would cuddle you. My husband would alkways think our girls are little sweetie as would I. Does not matter how old and you are only a little girl at 12. Our youngest daughter as I tolld you got into trouble yesterday in school and I only found out earlier that she did not tell me the whole truth. I told her she is grounded for an extra day and im going too smack hee bum later with early bedtime and another spanked bum in the mornig before school too remind her to behave in class. Her teacher is a friend off family and they also go too our church and so I told her our daughter will be sitting in class with a very red and sore little bum. I wish I could look after you like I do our girls when their sick. But a big hugg from all us here sweetie and you can tell me anything you like baby girl. Hugs again and stay inside and keep warm. Love you mom off three and now four princesses xxxx

  • I'm feeling a little better, thank You! I was in home all day and drank hot tea and kept warm. I think i will be completely healthy tomorrow and it's cool because i don't need to go to school tomorrow aswell and maybe also the nest day too! I can have a good sleep, rest and be lazy all day :)
    Your daughters stand in the lounge with their panties off? But they could be seen like that by someone by accident, how do You prevent that? Is the lounge closed when there is a girl without her panties standing there?
    I wished i knew Your daughters too, and You too, and it would be great if You could look after me and we could really hug, but to be honest i would be scared if i wouldn't get a spanking from You.
    It's super embarrassing that the teacher knows that Your youngest daughter was spanked! Poor girl, does she know that her teacher knows about the spanking?
    And did she confess the truth to You herself? Are Your daughters always telling You everything? I know i don't tell my mom everything, she doesn't even know that i drank vodka and wine four times already, and about some other stuff too.
    Hugs to You and love You too,
    A not so little princess :)

  • Hi sweetie. Im glad your feeling a bit better and you stayed in and kept yourself warm. My daughter did not tell me the whole truth and I found out and thats why shes up haveing a bath now sweetie and im going up too her room in a bit too smack her bottom and shes going too bed straight after her spanking. Our daughters are left without panties in lounge too reflect on their bad behaviour and its mainley only family who sees them and a few close friends. Her teacher knows she gets spanked sweetie and she has kids herself and they also get spanked. I would olny spank you like our daughters princess when you were naughtie like our daughters and I would cuddle you as I do our daughters. I wish as said I could cuddle you and keep you warm now and help you get better. Do you think your mommy would have smacked your bum if she knew you were drinking sweetie. Love and hugs baby girl. From your mommy xxxx

  • Poor girl, she will probably need to sleep on her stomach tonight :( Please don't spank her hard, please!
    It's extremely embarrssing for them that someone - even family, not to mention a friend - can see Your girls standing without their panties! Is even the one older then me required to stand like that?
    How can they withstand this, what are they doing when someone comes in and sees them like that?
    I know if that would be me and there was even a risk that somebody other then You could see me spanked and without my panties i would just run for it! Just like that, even without my panties if there was no other choice! I would lock myself in my room or in the bathroom, everything to hide myself and save form such a terrible embarrassment!
    And i know that i would never dare to do anything that could end with such a punishment!
    Poor girls, i feel so sorry for them, i'm sure they cry their eyes out when they need to stand like that in the lounge...
    Oh, so her teacher also spanks her children. So she probably understands it well. But is Your daughter aware that her teacher knows that she got a spanking?
    And did You ever spanked some other children then Your daughters (like this teacher ones)?
    I would love to get cuddled by You but i would hate, hate, hate to get a spanking!
    No my mom wouldn't spank me, i was never spanked in my life! she would be sad tho, and worry about me very much and i wouldn't want that. So i don't want her to know. But i must admit i kinda feel like i can tell You everything, all my "evil" secrets. Maybe i will confess to some things later, i don't know, i feel a little stupid...
    Lots of hugs from Your princess!

  • How you princess. Meant too ask you if your mom even gives you a bedtime. Big huggs sweetie xxxx

  • Are you ok sweetie. Make sure you wrap up well when you go too bed princess. Hugs from mommy xxxx

  • Hi sweetie. Im just after comeing down from my daughters bedroom and I did smack her bum hard and I cuddled her after it and turned her lights out. But I told her she should have told me the truth and she said ok and shes sorry. I put a little bit off cream on her bottom to help take little bit of sting away. Her teacher knows I was going too spank her and yes princess I have giveing out spankings too my sisters kids when they needed it and copil off our close friends kids also sweetie. You might try and run baby girl but I wiuld give your bum a good smack and put you back in corner in lounge sweetie. Our daughters tried too run also princess and got a longer spanking. I know you would not be happy about it sweetie but if your good then we would not have too smack your bum. You are realy a good girl and im very proud you said your not going too drink again and make good choiches. Love you baby girl and hugs from your mommy and off chorse you can tell me anything sweetie xxxx

  • Thank You, i'm feeling okay, i think i will be all good tomorrow, especially after a good sleep :) I'll probably go to sleep soon.
    Poor girl, i'm so sorry for her :( At least it's over now.
    Do You always cuddle Your daughters after You spank them? Would You cuddle me too?
    It sounds very embarrassing to had cream put on a bare bottom. But i wonder how it feels, it probably gives a relief after a spanking, when bottom hurts. Do You also always do that and would You put cream on my bottom too?
    If You sometimes spank other children then probably, if we ever met, You would also spank me since You know what i did. But i know i would like to met with You anyway!
    I cannot even imagine how much i would cry and how horrible would it be to stand without panties like that and after being spanked. Does it always happen after a spanking? I think it could be even worse then a spanking!
    Yes, if You're my mom i know i would try the hardest to be good all the time and to avoid being spanked and being put in the lounge without my panties.
    Thank You! It feels great to know that You're proud of me! I promise i won't ever drink again and i'll never change my mind on that!
    No, my mom never gives me a bedtime. It sometimes happened when i was little, like 8 or younger, but no longer.
    Ok, i'm very embarrassed but i will confess that i've two times stealed money from my mom :( I took it from her purse, it wasn't much or anything but i still feel bad and ashamed about it. And once i used this money to pay for the vodka i drank with my friends (everybody gived a little money and i gived those that i've stealed) a second time i just buyed myself a lipstick. And when my mom found out (and she found out quickly) that money has been missing from her purse and confronted me about it i lied and didn't admit to anything, instead i insisted that she just probably forgot or is mistaken. I never admited to her about it and i still feel very ashamed about it
    Hugs and love from Princess to mommy

  • Hi sweetie. Are you ok because you said your not well and I have not hared anything back. Our oldest daughter is only home from school and our girls are all in their rooms studieing. I hope your ok baby girl and let me know if your ok sweetie as im concernd about you. Huggs too you my prescious daughter. Love your mommy xxxx

  • How you doing sweetie. I just finished doing some errands and am haveing lunch before I collect our two youngest daughters. I hope your feeling better baby girl and meant too say I think you should have a routine bedtime like our daughters sweetie and you would be in bed by 8 sweetie on schools nights for sure. Hope you are feeling much better my sweetie and as I said sweetie im very proud off you for telling the truth sweet heart. Big huggs from your mommy and love you like your our own little girl xxxx

  • Hi you doing princess. I hope your feeling better. Huggs from mom xxxx

  • Hi sweetie. I hope you are feeling better and had a good sleep princess. You are very brave and good to say you stole from your mommy sweet heart and im so proud off you and you said you will never drnk again and I hope not baby girl as you are just a little girl. You would off definatley had your bum smacked for doing that if you were our daughter sweetie and for lyeing. Maybe you can think about telling your mommy you stole and were drinking princess and tell her your sorry and ask her too ground you or even smack your bottom sweetie and I bet you wont feel so bad princess. Im still very proud off you for telling me thogh sweetie and I told my husband and he said your very brave also. Im just doing a few errands sweetie and will get back soon. Love and big huggs from your mommy here baby girl an talk soon princess xxxx

  • I'm sorry i didn't write back earlier. Sadly i feel worse today, i have a light fever and my tummy hurts :( I think it's probably a flu so it seems i'm in for a week of sickness. I didn't expect it, yesterday evening i felt much better, i thought i will be all good today. But at later i've got a fever and woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't sleep. So i'm pretty tired today as i slept only for a really short while, i slept a little in the day, because i was so tired and my mom thought that a little more sleep will help me feel better, and i think she was probably right, as i feel a little better know. But i'm also worried that i will have a problem with sleeping at night as it usually happens when i sleep at day. Well, but at least i won't need to go to school for a longer while and that's some advantage of this situation.
    So sorry for making You worry - but i feel touched that you care for me so much and thought about me, thank You - i spend most of the day at bed, keeping warm and resting, so i didn't stay much on the internet so i couldn't answer You faster, sorry :(
    I would really want to tell my mom the truth, i feel very guilty about it -especially that i lied to her face and never admited about it when she confronted me - but i must tell that i'm too much ashamed of it to bring it and apologise, i just cannot force myself to do it. I feel to stupid and embarrassed. But i know i should and it's bad that i won't resolve this with honesty, especially as i'm sure mom would forgive me and wouldn't even be so mad. But still i can't do it :(
    And that's a thing i think i actually should get a spanking for, as i feel i really deserve it and that it was, and is, very bad. I think i would actually want for You to give me a spanking and then somehow make me to tell my mom the truth and apologise and close this matter. Did You told Your daughters about me? Could You ask them what they thing about this matter, what would they do? And Your husband too.

  • Maybe somehow, someone can convince me to get myself together and tell everything and apologise properly.
    Bedtime at 8? That's so early, i cannot imagine to go to bed this early, and everyday especially. Maybe it would be good for me though, cause i have a tendency to stay late and this affects my sleep. But i don't know how could i make myself to go to bed so early, there is so many things to do, and thinkgs on tv and online, i very easily get drawn to it and then lose track of time.
    Thank You for all the kind words, i love You too and i Hugg You long and deeply and thank You once again for thinking about me!
    Love, Princess

  • Hi baby girl. My husband and I are going too bed soon and just checking in on you sweetie. I realy hope you are feeling better sweetie. Remember im very proud off you and you are very brave for being honest sweetie. I wish I could give you a real hugg princess. Love your nommy. Huggs xxxx

  • Are you ok princess. Hope your feeling better and your tummy feels better also sweet heart. Your very brave and honest sweetie. Love your mommy and my husband says hi also baby girl. Love from mommy and huggs xxxx

  • You ok sweetie. Our eldest girl just got smacked over her panties from my husband for talking back and not going too bed when asked.. love you princess. Huggs from mommy xxxx

  • Meant too say sweetie. Ask your mommy too rubb your tummy and it will help too make it feel a little better sweet heart. I know when our girls have pains in their tummys they like when I rubb their tummys for a bit and say it feels good. My husband says hi princess and our eldest girl too. love your mommy and stay warm. Our oldest girl is going to be in bed at 8.30 sweetie. Big huggs xxxx princess

  • Please say hi to Your husband and daughter from me :) I wish You all will have a good night and sleep well! I, myself, am scared of this night, insomnia is so terrible and i slept at day and it always makes it harder for me to fall asleep at night. And i know that when i'm scared that i won't fall asleep easily then it's exactly what will happen :( But my mom will sleep with me tonight - she took two next days of from work - and she told me to not be afraid that i will be unable to sleep and just wait when i will naturaly feel sleepy, even if it will be very late, and that we will fix my shifted sleep ours when i will be healthy. And i think it's a good advice as presure to sleep is the worst and makes me unable to get asleep. If it would be bad i also know that mom can give me a medicine for sleeping but she doesn't like and fears the overuse of this meds so it's only if it would be bad and i just wouldn't be able to get asleep at all. But the possibililty of "last resort" of sleeping pill also makes me feel less fear that i will be unable to sleep, so it's good.
    I feel sorry for Your eldest daughter, but i'm glad she at least wasn't spanked on the bare bottom. And i share with her this "talking back" problem, i do that a lot (with my mom mostly but not only) and often regret it later but somehow my mouth often acts before my brain.
    Hugs for You and Your whole family from Your Princess

  • My poor baby girl. I just want too hugg you right now sweetie. Im sorry your feeling worse princess. I would give you hot choclete and snuggle you on sofa in lounge like I do with my girls sweetie. I hope your tummy gets better also and are you eating anything sweetie as you have too keep your strenght up baby girl. Our two youngest girls are getting ready for bed sweet heart and I will tell them about you tomorrow. I told my eldest a little about you sweetie and she said you sound nice. I realy am so proud off you sweetie that your so honest and we can talk about telling your mommy the truth and if you like we can talk about her grounding you sweetie and even given you a smacked bum. Shes your mommy princess and I know you might be scared. But you will be glad you told her the truth and you can ask her too hugg you after it sweetie. I realy wish you were our daughter and I know you would be able too play with our girls and have fun. As for bed baby girl at 12 sweetie like our two youngest girls you would be in bed at 8 and you need your sleep for school princess. I wish I could give you a big hugg my little baby girl. Love mommy xxxx

  • Thank You very much for Your advice! I asked my mom to rub my tummy when it again began to hurt badly, she did it, and it helped! Thank You, it made me feel better :)
    Yes i'm eating, i don't have much appetite but mom checks on me to still eat something. But i eat only more "light stuff", i've a little diet so nothing can harm me. Usually when i'm sick and my stomach hurts i need to eat carefully as more "heavy food" can easilly make it worse. I drink a lot of hot tea without sugar as it really helps me to feel better, eases the pain in my tummy and keeps me warm. I still have this light fever but it doesn't get worse which is good as i hate to have big fever, it feels so awful! If i won't get better tomorrow mom will probably call a doctor to check on me, she worries easily and so is very overprotective when i'm sick.
    I'm excited to know that You will tell Your daughters about me, i wonder what they will think of me? Please say thank you to Your eldest daughter for her nice words!
    I would like to tell my mom the truth so much, but i cannot bring myself to it. I tried today but i just cannot, i'm so ashamed and feel guilty, i don't know if i will ever get this done properly :(
    It would be very hard for me to get to bed so early, on 8, i tend to stay out late and somehow at night time runs so fast and everything is much more interesting (although no when i cannot sleep, then time runs slowly like a snail and nothing keeps me interested, i just want to sleep then). But i know it's not good for me as this behaviour already has made me have occasional insomnia and i'm often sleepy at day. But i don't know how i could force myself to get to sleep earlier and at regular time. I just have such a bad self-discipline :(
    Thank You for caring and all the nice words, Love and Hugs from your Princess

  • How you doing my baby girl. Im just back from mall with my sister and we had lunch. I hope your feeling better sweetie. Have you still got a tummy ache princes. I would love too give you a hugg sweetie. Big huggs princess and our two youngest are comeing in from school now sweetie and am go too get lunch ready for them now baby girl. Love your mommy and big huggs xxxx

  • Hi my baby girl and sweet princess. Our daughters are gone too school and I am meeting up with my sister for coffee soon sweetie too go the mall together. So I maybe a while getting back too you prescious. But big huggs too you sweet heart. Love your mommy xxxx

  • Hi sweetie and first off all a big hugg too my baby girl. I hope you are feeling a little better and hows your tummy seeet heart. Our girls are all getting ready for school sweetie. Im glad your tummy felt better when your mommy rubbed it princess and she slept with you. You are very brave sweetie and im very proud off you. I just so want too cuddle you like I do also most mornings when I call our girls for school. You are a sweet baby girl and very prescious like our girls. Im sad you have insomnia sweetie and I thinkbits because you are allowed too go too bed when you want sweetie. But I know it be hard at first for you sweetie. But you would for sure be in bed at 8 on school nights and you would get used too itprincess. Your only 12 baby girl and need sleep for school. Do you play sports or do any activities sweetie. Our girls each play sports and are involved with church activities princess. Im going too check on our daughters baby girl and I love you very much sweet heart. My husband says hi and hes heading out too work and we bought send you huggs. Love you my daughter. Your other mommy and also princess if you like we can talk about telling your mommy about the bold stuff you done..xxxx

  • Sadly i don't feel much better today :( Mostly the same, my tummy still hurts a little, maybe less then yesterday so at least that's better. I slept at night, not greatly, i fallen asleep very late and were waking up a couple of times, but overall i slept, mom says almost 8 hours, so it's good, sleep is very important when one is sick.
    And You're right about the reasons of my insomnia, i didn't have this problem when i was little and my sleeping habits were regular and more healthy. This problem developed when i began to often stay out late.
    I just cannot imagine how i could make myself to get to bed early and at regular hours (especially so early as 8), as i wrote i have none of self-discipline and i'm just unable to set myself any boundaries, when i find myself occuped by something (especially at night) i just forget about time and don't care and just do what i want. so it's just getting worse.
    No, i don't play any sports, i'm too lazy. And we don't go to any church with my mom. But it's impressive that all of Your girls are so active, what sports are they playing? And what are those church activities that they are involved in?
    Say hi to Your husband and Your daughters and thank You for caring!
    Lots of hugs and i love You, Princess

  • My poor baby girl. Im sad your still not feeling well sweetie. But glad your even a little better princess. Your a little angel and your mommys right sweet heart you need lots off rest and especialy when your not well sweetie. Hope your eating something also. I wish I could give you a big hugg princess and I told my sister about you also sweetie and she said you sound like a little doll and agrees your name is sweet also. Our girls play soccer and hockey sweetie and your not lazy princess. I dont ever want you too say that about yourself. You got that sweet heart. But I would be put you in bed at 8 and you may give out sweetie but thats how it would be and you would feel better for it. You are so brave sweetie and I am going too tell our other two daughters about you honey. They would love you as much as I would my baby girl. Love your mommy and big huggs xxxx and what time does your mommy let you play out too sweet heart....

  • I'm feeling better know, maybe the worst is behind me, my tummy doesn't hurt anymore and i almost don't have a fever.
    I ate more today then yesterday, i have more appetite, especially now that my fever dropped and tummy doesn't hurt.
    Wow, i didn't even now that girls can play hockey! But isn't it a dangerous sport? With high possibility of injuries?
    That would be a great problem for me too go to sleep at 8. Probably i would give one h*** of a temper tantrum and turn really annoying and insufferable!
    I'm excited to know that Your two other daughters will also know about me, i wonder what will they think of me?
    Also please say thank You to Your sister from me to her, for her nice words :) I'm glad that she doesn't think of me as of some spoiled, annoying missy, as - if i remember good - You told me that she also spanks her children, so i presume she is rather strict.
    Thank you very much for caring about me and i give lots of hugs and love to You and Your whole family!

  • Hi sweetie. We just put our two youngest girls too bed and there was little bit off attitude. But its ok sweetie and how you my baby girl.? You never answerd me sweetie. What time does your mommy let you stay out too play too. Love your mommy and hows your tummy sweetie. Do you think you will be able too go school tomorrow sweetie. Huggs baby girl xxxx

  • They didn't want to go to sleep? I hope they didn't need to be spanked and it all ended with talking alone.
    I feel quite good, i don't have a fever and my tummy doesn't hurt. I believe i'm getting better and that this time it will last!
    Sorry, i missed Your question - my mom doesn't really give me any fixed time. Well it's kinda a rule that i should get to bed before 11, but in practice i go to sleep whenever i want to. Sometimes i go close to 11, but often i stay very late, to 1 or 2 at night. And so i don't sleep well.
    I won't go to school tomorrow even if i would feel good, my mom won't let me (and it's not like i want to either), i won't be going out either. If i will feel good i'll probably go on monday though.
    Lots of huggs from Princess

  • Hows my baby girl. I hope you are feeling better sweetie and had a good rest. I was reading your messages again sweetie and your mommy lets you play out till 11 wow. That would certainley not happen with us princess. You are only 12 sweetie and it would not happen. You would probabley throw a tantrum sweetie but you most certainly would not get away with trying too stay out that late sweetie and yes you would be in bed at 8 like our two youngest daughters. If you said your better sweetie and could have gone too school then why did you choose not too go. If your not well thats diffrent baby girl. But if you say you just could not be botherd well thats not acceptable sweetie and if thats true I would have giveing you a sound spanking on your bare bum and brought you too school sweet heart and you would for sure be grounded after school with early bedtime and another smacked bum before bed. You need too go to bed earlier sweetie and I mean that. I love you prescious and I will get back soon. Love your mommy and huggs xxxx

  • I feel quite good, thank You, i think i'm quickly getting completely healthy!
    Yes, my mom lets me stay ver late but even so i still usually stay even much longer, sometimes to 1 or 2 at night. And it's hurting my sleep much, i don't sleep enough, especially when i need to go to school early in the morning.
    I know i would throw a big tantrum if i was made to go to bed at 8, i'm so used to having everything my way that when there is something i don't like or want i usually just throw a tantrum and act like such a spoiled kid! It's so embarrassing when i think about it, very not mature.
    I didn't go to school because my mom wouldn't let me, even if i wanted too (i didn't though). My mom wouldn't let my out yest, until i'm completely healthy for at least a day i will stay at home. The problem with my school is also this that there is a couple of guys in my class that go to school even when they're sick, they almost never stay at home too get better but just go to school while sick and they infect others. It's probable that it's how i got this sickness as two boys are actually sick and going to school and i think one of them could pass this sickness to me. They don't care about others, never cover their mouths when they sneeze or cought, it's irritating!
    But it happened in the past, i must confess that quite often sadly, that i faked to be feeling not well to not go to school. My mom usually bought it and i stayed at home and was lazy and even got a written justification for my absence from my mom so it wasn't treated by the school as skipping.
    So You would give me a spanking, and on my bare bum too, if i faked an ilness to don't go to school? Wow, it's very strict, i wouldn't expect it at all! And then i would get another one? But wouldn't my bum hurt already from the first one? It sounds like it would be super painful, it's very scary!
    And it sounds terrible to be brought to school right after a spanking! I could be still crying and my bottom would probably hurt,

  • Forgot too say sweetie that some off them boys sound very bold and I hope you dont hang out with them. Do you like doing art or danceing sweetie. If you were our daughter sweetie you would be doing a few things sweet heart. Love your mommy xxxx

  • Someone could have notice something and that would be the worst embarrassment ever!
    But are You sure that You would know when i would be faking, i think i can be quite a good "actress" in these matters, my mom always gets cheated by this and she thinks i really don't feel well.
    And an early bedtime means even earlier then 8? Wow, i don't know what i would do!
    Sorry for the amount of questions, i was just pretty surprised that for You faking an ilness to stay out of school is such a serious matter. I must admit i never thought of it as a big think...
    But thank You very much for caring and Your love!
    Lots of huggs from Your Princess :)

  • Hi my baby girl. I will allways be honest with you sweetie and yes I woul know if you were fakeing it princess. We would take your tempature and I would ask you directley if your telling mommy the truth and if you sick then as I said before sweetie. I would cuddle with you and look after you. But if you were just telling lies sweet heart then off course I most certainley would smack your bare bum and would bring you too school sweetie. You are very good again too be honest about lyeing too your mommy sweeti and we can talk again about maybe telling your mommy about all the bold stuff you did sweetie. Yes as I said you would be getting your bare bum smacked before school and grounded sweetie and as said like our girls early bedtime and another smacked bum before bed. I dont mind if you have tantrums sweetie as our daughters do also. But if you act up when were out in public as our girls have done then you would br brought into a changeing room or ladie toilet sweetie and I would smack your bum for you like our girls. My other daughters are comeing home baby girl and im putting on dinner for them now. But your my special little angel and love you very much. Wish I could hugg you now sweetie. Love your mommy. Huggs xxxx

  • I remember that i once faked my temperature by warming my thermometer with keeping it very close to a heater. But it was an old, mercury-using thermometer, so maybe the new ones aren't so easily to "warm up". Although if asked directly it's possible i could tell the truth, especially if i was nervous and i probably would because of fear of the spanking.
    Yes, i should tell my mother the truth about this stealing, i really should and i know it. I don't know how to force myslef to do it though...How can i get over my shame and just apologise how i should long ago?
    I would be so afraid to get two spankings on one day! I think it would hurt terrible, especially the second one, i'm not even sure if it wouldn't be too painful, i don't know, would my bum still hurt at bedtime, after the spanking before school?
    So how do You deal with tantrums? Do You wait for Your daughters - or me if You're my mommy - to calm down by leaving them alone? My mother mostly deals with my tantrums like this.
    I've got many temper tantrums in public, maybe not so big as when i'm alone with mom, but still i did it many times. But if i were Your daughter i would definitely be super scared to act in public, in a changing room You could hear everything so i would just die from embarrassment that someone would know that i got spanking. Would You also take my panties down for a spanking like that?
    But are Your girls obediently going with You to a changing room or women's toilet, for a spanking, when they throw a tantrum? Because when i've a big temper tantrum i'm very not cooperative and i don't know how i could be persuaded to go with You for a spanking?
    I wish You and Your family a good and delicious dinner and lots of huggs to You all!
    Your loving Princess

  • Forgot too say baby girl that most sports are risky. But good for you princess and I think you should try to do some sport sweetie. Do you have any hobbies or what do you like too do princess. If you were our daughter prescious you would be doing some fun stuff. Love your mommy huggs xxxx

  • Hi sweetie. Im realy glad your feeling better and your not annoying. You might get into trouble and have little attitude at time like our girls and all kids sweetie. But we would still love you allways. You would not like being grounded. Early bedtime and getting spanked princess. But thats what happens when you make bad choices and delipratly break rules sweetie. I think its cute you said throw a tantrum as our girls do that and they still get grounded and get an extra good hard smack on their bare bums sweetie. My daughters said you sound cool and even though they could not beleave you skipped school so many times and drank. They said you sound realy nice sweetie and their right princess you are. They now keep saying how cool and awsome you are. But I reminded each off them if they ever drank I would tann their little bums. Your a prescious little angel sweetie. Just like our girls and your loved very much. Big huggs from us all here. Love your mommy sweet heart xxxx

  • Yes, i'm sure i definitely wouldn't like early bedtimes, being grounded and - especially - getting spanked! But i presume me liking it or not wouldn't matter to You or Your husband?
    I didn't expect that You could find my mention of my tantrums cute :) It's pretty embarrassing because i know it's very childish but i do have them and often too. It usually takes a while for me to calm myself and stop throwing a fit.
    I feel super flattered that Your daughter think that i'm cool! Do Your daughters know that i don't really have any punishments for anything, because it probably could explain to them why i was doing this stuff, as i know now that if i were your daughter i probably wouldn't dare to drink or skip school ever!
    But i hope i won't be a cause of any trouble for Your daughters, maybe it's even good that You warned them immediately to not be like me!
    Love You and lots of hugs to You all from Princess

  • Hi my baby girl. Big huggs too you sweetie and I hope you are feeling even better. Our internet was down sweetie and could not reply. But I want too tell you straight off sweetie that we would never tell our other daughters not too be like you sweetie. You made bad choiches as do our girls alot off times. But it does not make you bad princess. Your only a baby and so you like our girls will make bad choiches. But thats why we love you and our other girls princess and have boundaries. Our girls are like you baby girl and have tantrums. But they still like you would be grounded and have their bums smacked. I never told our girls yet that you dont have punishment sweetie. You never said what time your mommy lets you play out till sweetie and I know you said you would not agree too bedtime at 8 sweetie. But thats how it would be and it would be hard at start princess and you like our girls do at times like you. Have a tantrum and stomp their feet. But we would like our girls give you time out and spank your bare bum sweetie. Our girls keep asking about you sweet heart and say your cool. I wish I could give you a big hugg. My husband says too give you a hugg also and hes going too work. Im going too call our other girls for school now sweetie. I love you very much and will get back too you in a little bit sweeti. Love your mommy and huggs xxxx

  • Yes i'm feeling better, i don't have a fever anymore, my tummy hurts a little again but just a little and maybe it will stop hurting later, like yesterday. I'm
    Sorry to hear about Your internet, i hope it will be okay now. I know this trouble, i also have often problems with internet connection, i hate it! I feel like it just likes to broke when i need it the most!
    Thank You for being so much understanding to me! I feel deeply touched in my heart that You so completely don't think of me as a bad girl or annoying. I know and understand that You would give me a spanking - maybe even with my panties taken down - for my bad actions, and that would make me feel very scared, but i'm also very moved that You say so firmly that You don't consider me bad and that You would love me and forgive me and even You won't tell Your girls not to be like me! You're so very loving and i would so much like to hug You and confess to You, even if i know that You would spank me.
    It's embarrassing but when i have a tantrum i also, sometimes, stomp my feet like some little girl. And what is a "time-out"?
    If You were my mom and i give You some big temper tantrum, would You just take me and give me a spanking immediately or leave me alone until i calm myself (maybe that's a time out?)?
    It's so cool that Your daughters are so interested in me, please tell them that i think they are really amazing, playing sports like hockey - which i find very impressive and interesting - and being so active in the church. I find them - from what i heard from You - to live a really full, energetic and productive lives and that's very cool for me!
    I give You and all Your family lots of deep hugs and love!
    Your Princess

  • Hows my baby girl. I hope your feeling alot better and hope you stayed inside and did not go out sweetie. Our daughters are asking about you sweetie. but I have to put our youngest daughter in her room little while ago and give her time out. She will be getting her bum smacked before bed and time in lounge sweetie. I hope you will try get too bed early like our girls sweetie. You have too be getting sleep princess and I know you said you would have a tantrum and each off our girls have them also sweetie and stomp their feet like you. You are very brave as I told you sweetie too tell me all that stuff you done and im very proud off you as I said. I love you my little baby girl. Do you have chores at home to do sweetie and huggs sweet heart. Your mommy xxxx

  • Yes, thank You, i'm feeling well, my tummy doesn't hurt anymore and i didn't have a fever at all today!
    I'm so excited that Your daughters are interested in me! They really seem so nice and cool!
    But i'm sorry to hear that Your youngest girl is in trouble again...Poor girl, i'm sad that she will get a spanking and also this horrible time in the lounge (does she really need to be standing without her panties, couldn't she stand while clothed, she could still think about her behaviour but it wouldn't be so horrible embarrassing?)...And it seems that - at least lately - she is being punished the most, maybe she has some trouble and is acting because of them? I don't know, i just feel sorry for her...
    Especially that her sisters probably know that she will get spanked, i'm sure it's very embarrassing for her and i hope that Your daughters are close and don't bully each other or something, as it would be horrible for 9 year old girl to be laughed at for getting spanked.
    But i'm sure that Your daughters are good to each other as they seem so very nice, smart and good!
    Thank You for being so nice! And no, i don't have any chores, well i'm required to clean my room (though sadly i don't always do it and sometimes mom does it for me) but that's all.
    I didn't go out anywere, i don't want to risk getting worse so i'm staying home for sure till i won't be absolutely healthy. If i will feel good, like now, tomorrow then maybe i will go out on sunday. But i'm not sure as the weather is shorrible again, it's cold and rainy, so it's possible that my mom wouldn't want me to go out on sunday too, so i won't get cold. And i will listen to her on this, definitely, i don't want to worry her and i too want to be healthy and i won't risk it stupidly.
    I slept well this night, and i'm very happy about it as that's a thing (insomnia) that i worried about and hated the most in sickness.
    Love and Huggs from Your Princess

  • Hi sweetie. Are you ok and what are you up too. Our girls are fast asleep princess and my husband and I are just about too watch a movie sweet heart. My husband says hi and too give you a hugg also sweetie. Love you my baby girl. Mommy and huggs xxxx

  • Hows my baby girl. Are you ok..

  • Hi sweetie. Our girls never laufgh at each other when their going too be spanked or standing in the lounge sweetie. As they would rescive one also and im so glad your better princess. Our girls have tried too pull a sicky on us also sweetie and yes like I said I smacked their bums and brought them too school sweetie. You certainley would not get away with that princess and you would have being sitting in class on a very sore bottom. As for tantrums baby girl out in public just like our girls sometimes do also. But I would march your little bottom into changeing room or ladies toilets and smack your bum for not doing as your told sweetie and yes I would take down your panties like my other daughters and smack your bum very hard. You are just a little girl sweetie like our daughters and I would not have you answering me back or rolling your eyes at me like our girls do sometimes and giveing attitude. Our youngest daughter is in bed now sweetie and has already rescived her smacked bottom and time out. Our other two girls are watching a movie. They keep asking about you sweetie and my husband says hi also. As for bedtime baby girl there would be no choice sweetie. You would be like our youngest girls in bed at 8 and I know you would not like it princess. But your just 12 and a little girl and need your sleep like our girls sweetie. Im glad your being so honest baby girl and we can talk as I said and you will be able too tell your mommy what you did sweet heart and I know it be very hard to do sweetie. But I know you would feel better after telling your mommy and I think when you do tell her sweetie tell her you think you should be grounded and even get spanked. I love you very much baby girl and big huggs from mommy xxxx

  • It's so wonderful that Your girls love each other much and they didn't bully the poor, youngest girl after her spanking. I think it's most important in family to have a loving and good relationship between sisters. You've a great family Mommy and so i think it just shows that You were a wonderful Mom to Your girls!
    Poor girl, i feel so sorry for her, is she very sad now and in big pain? And did she really have to stay in this lounge without her panties? Please tell me that You let her be fully clothed!
    How much does a spanking hurt? How long i would fill the pain on my bum if You spanked me?
    But what if i wouldn't be listening, wouldn't cooperate at all? When i have a temper tantrum i don't want to do anything, and i just won't listen to anyone, i'm really annoying. So my mom just leaves me alone and gives me time to calm myself.
    I understand that if i've given You a tantrum in home and then wouldn't listen and won't stop and be at all that time completely disobeying, then You would finally just take me forcefully over Your knee or grab my arm or ear and take me to the bedroom?
    But if it would be in some public place, then how would You make me to go with You to womens bathroom or changing room?
    I still feel very sorry for Your youngest daughter, poor girl, because for me, if i imagine me being spanked, and without my panties too, when i was 9, it would be super humiliating and horrible experience. And i'm sure she is much more tough then i was her age, but please, please, please, please, please, please, give her some big hug and comfort the poor girl, and maybe even say something comforting from me as i really would like her to not be in pain and crying.
    And do Your girls know that i know that they get spanked?
    I think i'll try to tell my mom the truth on sunday. I'm preparing myself to it. I really hope that i will find strenght in me and finally will be able to tell my poor mom the truth and give her a proper apology.

    Love and hugs from Princess!

  • Meant too ask you baby girl if you are doing anything nice. Huggs again and love from mommy xxxx

  • Hows my baby girl. Are you ok sweetie and our girls are asking about you princess and yes I have told them you know they get their bums smacked sweetie. All here send their love princess. Big huggs too you from your mommy sweet heart and more huggs xxxx

  • I feel good now, sadly i didn't sleep that well at night, i couldn't fall asleep quite long and i woken up late at night and couldn't return to sleep for some time :( But thankfuly it seems the sickness is over as i feel good today - no fever, nor runny nose and my tummy didn't hurt at all! Just this night was not so good, i hope the next one will be alright and i will sleep well again.
    I hope Your daughters aren't very embarrassed that i know about their spankings! I don't want them to feel bad. They are so nice and i'm so happy and pleased that they are interested in me!
    I Send big hugs to You and Your whole family and lots of love aswell!
    Your loving Princess

  • Hows my baby girl. Big huggs too you sweetie. Our intenet is act up sweetie. But our girls are in bed princess. You will be fine tomoro telling your mommy. Love your mommy and big huggs xxxx

  • Hi sweetie. Im sorry you have not being sleeping good. I think you sleeping pattern is all over the place sweetie. Which is why I told you princess if you lived with us you would be in bed at 8 like our two youngest daughters swee heart and you would have a good nights sleep sweetie. Big huggs too you by the way and as I told you baby girl im proud off you that your going too tell your mommy what you did and yes sometimes we spank our girls even when they tell us the truth sweetie. You could as I told you too ask your mommy too ground you or even spank you..I know you are scared sweetie but I know our girls have told us after grounding or spanking them that their sorry and glad we punished them. Off course they dont like being disciplined at time sweetie but they know we love them very much and ts why we set boundaries baby girl. My daighters were a little embarassed about you knowing they get spanked sweetie but its ok. They all say hello again prescious and im more than proud off you and love you very much sweet heart. Big huggs again from your mommy xxxx

  • You're completely right that i've a bad and pretty harmful sleeping patterns. I'm not sure if my problems with sleep that i've now are a result of it or some last symptom of my sickness (or a combination of both), but late hours that i often fall asleep, lack of regularity and not enough sleep time are definitely not good for me. Bedtime at 8 would probably help me with this trouble, even if just a little. But i just cannot imagine how would i be able to regulary get to sleep so early.
    I'm getting ready to tell my mom the truth, i really hope will get it done and not witchdraw from it at te last second. I feel so ashamed when i think about it, it will be so hard...
    I send hugs and love to all Your family, i'll write more later because my friend will come in a couple of minutes with notes from school, as i need to copy them and get to know what they're working at when i was staying at home.
    Love, Your Princess

  • Hi my baby girl. Are you ok sweetie. Huggs from mommy xxxx

  • Are you ok sweetie. Im concernd you never got back my baby girl and were you able too have a talk with your mommy sweetie. I love you very much sweet heart and wish I could give you lots off huggs. Your mommy xxxx

  • Hi my baby girl. My sister and everybody has left and our girls are in bed. I hope you were able too talk with your mommy sweetie and did you get some off your homework done princess. My husband and I are about too sit down and watch tv sweet heart with a cup off coffee. I wont be mad at you sweetie if yod did not talk too your mommy yet. I still think your very brave and im very proud off you baby girl. My husband said too send you a big hugg also and he said also your a good girl and you sound realy sweet. Big huggs ftom mommy xxxx

  • Are you ok baby girl. Just wondering how you are sweetie and did you talk with your mommy princess. Big huggs from your mommy xxxx

  • Hi sweetie. I hope your ok and how are you getting on with your homework princess. Did you talk too your mommy yet baby girl. I have been worrying about you sweetie and realy proud off you as I said. Were busy here with my sister and her family and some friends we had over for dinner princess. I wish I could cuddle you sweetie and looks like our eldest daughter will be off school toorrow as shes very sick. I think its just a 24 hour bug though. I love you very much my baby girl. Big huggs from your mommy xxxx

  • Well done baby girl and I know you are afraid too tell your mommy. But I know you will feel better when you do it sweet heart. I realy am so proud off you and so is my husband sweetie. you are a very good prescious sweet little girl and I love you very much and well done also on doing your studies sweetie. Big huggs from your mommy xxxx

  • Hi my baby girl. Big huggs from mommy and xxxx. Im very proud off you for saying your going too tell your mommy all the stuff you did. I know your scared sweetie but we allways tell our girls its better too tell the truth sweet heart. I want too give you a big hugg right now prescious. Your my very special girl and I realy wish you knew our daughters I know they would love you sweetie. Your right sweetie if we were at home and you had a tantrum I would most certainley take you over my lap like my other daughters and give your bum a good smacking sweetie and when our girls act up or have tantrum in public or store I just tell them too behave and if they continue too act up I give them a smack on their bottoms and then talke them too changeing room or ladies toilet and give their bottoms a good smacking for disobedince sweetie. My husband and daughters are haveing lie in sweetie and I decided too bring our girls too get there xmax clothes later. As for my youngest sweet heart off course she got spanked and put in lounge like her sisters get. Im going too get a shower baby girl and have few errands too do. I love you baby girl and like I said you are very brave. Big huggs and lots xxxxxxx from mommy...

  • Thank You, i really hope i will be able to do it. I need to prepare my mind to it and just do it, don't runa of it at the last time like i did mostly.
    So Your girls are told to always be truthful to You and Your husband, but if they confess some wrongdoings are they still spanked then?
    Would i be spanked if You're my mom and i told You the truth of what i did?
    I wish i knew Your daughter too, They seem so nice!
    I'm pretty sure if You would take me over Your lap that that would quickly end any of my tantrums, and quickly.
    Are Your daughters spanked in front of others or are they always taken to a privete room where they are alone?
    Oh yes, i understand now, if i would to get a quick smack on my bum in public then i would certainly obediently go with You to a changing room or ladies toilet, that would be so embarrassing!
    I'm very sorry that Your youngest really got a spanking and that needed to have that horrible time in the lounge...But please tell me she could keep her panties on when standing in the lounge.
    Poor girl, i hope You've given her a hug after, and that she is all right now!
    Love and Huggs to You all from Your Princess!

  • Hows my little princess. I hope your ok sweetie. My husband just back from church and store wit our youngest too sweetie and im prepareing dinner for few people comeing over. My husband says hi as do our girls and send you big huggs sweetie. When are you going too talk too your mommy sweet heart. I love you very much prescious. Huggs from mommy xxxx

  • Hows my baby girl doing. Our eldest daughter is at home with me sweetie as shes not well. My husbands gone too church with our two youngest daughters and my sister is comeing over with her husband and children for lunch and copil off our friends will be here also princess. Did you get too bed early sweet heart and do you want too tell me when your going too tell your mommy about doing all them bold things. I know you will be scared prescious but your mommy loves you and I know you will feel better. Do you think you can ask your mommy too ground you and maybe smack your bum sweetie. Im sure she will be very proud off you like I am for telling the truth and hold you and give you a hugg after it. Wish I could give you a hugg now sweetie and hold you and cuddle you. Love you very much my baby girl. Big huggs from from xxxx

  • I'm feeling good today, it's pretty certain that the sickness is gone. I'm tired though, i again didn't sleep too well and working on notes from school was also tiresome. It seems that they had some test on friday that i didn't know was coming and i will surely need to write it myself when i'll be back. So there is studying before me and it mades me feel even more tired. I won't go to school tomorrow though as my mom is worried that my sleep problems can still be a symptom of sickness and that i'm not completely healthy yet. Myself i don't really think so as i know well that my sleeping problems are something that isn't only related to this sickness, but i didn't try to persuade my mom as i wanted to stay home too, especially that i now know that i'll have a test soon and will need to study.
    I'm very sorry that Your eldest daughter isn't feeling well :( I hope it's nothing serious! What are the symptoms of her sickness? I wish her the best, i hope she will be healthy very soon and that she will sleep well, good sleep helps the most to get healthy!
    And sadly i didn't tell my mom anything again :( I just kept to moving this moment more and more, telling myslef that i've to make notes, study with notes, clean my room a little, get a warm bath and more "tasks" that i've given myself as a way to witchdraw the moment that i'll have to apoligise and tell the truth. And so finally i just didn't do it.
    I'm so mad at myself and dissapointed, it's just the same situation all over again, first i decide that i need to tell my mom the truth, then i set some date when i'll do it (and i should just do it then, not set any "dates" in the future) and finally, when, the chosen date comes, i just find some other things that "i need to do" and focus solely on them until i know that i won't do it again. But this time i really believed that i will do it, i was preparing myself to it, i thought that i will do it this, final time. But then i got a phone from a friend and the topic of

  • My poor baby. Im not annoyed you never told your mommy sweetie and I know your scared. But I hope your not avoid school sweet heart because off a test. Its ok if you dont pass your tests sweetie as I tell our girls as long as you do your best. Our eldest girl will be off school tomorrow princess. Its nothing serious though just a bug and high tempature. Your a good girl sweetie and im proud off you for all the things you have being honest about. Wish I could cuddle you till you fell asleep. Im sad you dont get much sleep princess and I still think its because your mommy lets you stay up till you want sweetie. I beleave if you were here with us and like I said baby girl you be in.
    bed at 8 like our two youngest girls. Off corse you would not be happy sweetie. But like I said too you princess. Your only 12 and just a little girl and need sleep. Love you baby girl. Huggs from mommy xxxx

  • Notes and test in school comes up, and i just use it to run away from the task of telling my mom the truth. And so it is, i failed again, i feel horrible :(
    I kinda try to tell myself that i will do it tomorrow but i don't really believe myself anymore. I just know that i'm pathetic.... And i should go to sleep already but i still hang on the interent, my bed isn't ready and i probably fail at that too...
    But i'm happy that You got a visit from Your sister, i hope You got a good time, and all Your family too. I send hugs to all of You and please tell Your poor eldest daughter that i'm thinking of her and wishing her to recover quickly and that i'm sure she will win with this sickness quickly as she is strong, participates in sports regualry, her body definitely is strong and healthy so she will be all good quickly i truly believe!
    But please, take care of her and make sure she isn't getting cold and that she is resting and that she will have a good night sleep!
    I give You my big hug and i'm really sorry for my failure, i really hope that i can, someday, finally, really do it!

  • Hi sweetie. Our girls are in bed and were all asking for you. They all send huggs too you baby girl as does my husband and I sweetie. We love you very much prescious. Big huggs from mommy xxxx

  • Im realy worried about you my baby girl. Our daughters are asking for you also sweetie as is my husband. Big huggs again from your mommy and all off us sweet heart. Your loved very much and are a little sweetie. Love your mommy xxxx

  • I'm very sorry that i didn't answer earlier. I spend much of today on studying, it turned out that i was more behind with the material and i had (and sadly have) some big trouble witch catching up, especially with math (it's not a matter of my short abscense due to sickness but to be honest i was pretty slacking off for quite some time and it turns out i have problems now with catching up). And i had a slight fever again which scared my mom and i also don't know if it means that i'm still not completely healthy or was it just some unimportant flicker. Anyway i won't go to school tomorrow and if i will get a fever again my mom will call a doctor, i also still won't go outside, i'm feeling pretty tired of staying at home, especially that yesterday my friend invited me on her cousin's birthday party, and i kinda wanted to go but mom will definitely won't let me and i know that she is right as i'm also a little scared that i may still be sick. But now i think i would rather go back to school then stay "locked" in home for longer and uncertain if i'm still a little sick or not. I feel good now, i will be heading to sleep too when i'll finish answering You, i hope i'll have a good sleep cause i think the last two bad nights could be a reason that i'm not completely healthy yet. I really need a good and long sleep!
    Thank You very much for caring and love and i'm very curious how is Your daughter feeling? Was it really just a bug and is she completely fine now?
    Hugs and much of love to You and Your whole family, i'll also answer Your other messeges so there will be more of my answers here :)

  • Are you ok princess. Im worried about you sweetie. Huggs from mommy xxxx

  • Hi baby girl. just gave my daughter a hot water bottle. I hope your ok and big huggs from your your mommy xxxx

  • Hi my baby girl. Our two youngest are gone too school sweetie and were ask about you and our eldest is in bed still and I told her what you said princess. She also sends huggs and love back sweetie. I hope you have a good day my baby girl and love you very much sweetie. Big huggs from your mommy xxxx

  • I hope Your eldest daughter is feeling good now and that she really got just a short lived bug. But after today i'll advice to You and her to be careful as even if it seems that the sickness is gone it can still have a nasty "comeback", i think that in matters of health it's better to be overly cautious then too bold. A good, long sleep is of course super important and i know it's a big problem for me that i have trouble with sleeping. It's really so good for Your daughters that they are sleeping well, I can see more and more that You're really wise with giving them a bedtime and keeping an eye on it (though i don't know if You really need to "keep an eye", would Your daughters - like sadly me - stay out long if You didn't watch them?) i harmed my sleep so much with staying out long and lack of any regularity, if You're my mom i know that You would made me change this habits whetever i liked it or not and it would probably help my sleeping.
    I send hugs and love to You eldest daughter and You and all the rest of Your family!
    Your Princess

  • I hope your ok baby girl. My husband and I are going too bed soon and I want you too know I love you like our own daughters sweetie and thats why you would be disciplined the same way sweet heart and also hugged and told all the time your loved and how special you are sweetie. Love you my baby girl and huggs from mommy xxxx

  • I'm feeling fine now, i had a slight fever today, not anything big and for just a little while, but now me and my mom aren't sure if i'm healthy or still sick a little. I feel also better about myself and i stopped to be so down, big amount of studying that emerged also helped my mind to focus on something else then guilt, shame and feeling terrible about myself. But i haven't given up on telling mom the truth and apologising. Though i'm not setting any "date" to do it for now as it didn't help me last time and i think that it just isn't a good way to made myself to do it.
    I love You too and i'm so touched by what You wrote to me and by Your love. Thank You so much! I wished i could be Your daughter and live under Your care and even if i would be terrible afraid of being spanked i know that if You would do it You would do it because You would decide that i need it and out of love.
    I will go to sleep now, it's so late and i stayed too long again :( But at least i feel sleepy now so maybe i will fall asleep easily.
    I send lots of hugs to You and Your whole family, especially Your poor eldest daughter whom i wish to be quickly completely healthy and well. I love You and am so very thankful for You caring and watching over me!
    Your Princess (that really needs to go to sleep now and again stayed out too late)

  • You dont speak like that sweetie. You dont say your sorry for your failure. Because you are a good girl and just make bad choices at times sweetie. Like our girls and sweetie if you were here and told me you said you never studied and knew about your test princess. Im sorry but yes you would be going too school and sitting on a very red and sore bottom. School is important sweetie and you cant just descide too stay home or not bother too do a test sweetie. Now princess I never want you too use them words again by saying your failure. Do you hare me sweetie. My husband says hi and is asking why your not in bed princess. I will tell my eldest daughter you were asking about her in the morning. Love you so much baby girl. Huggs your mommy xxxx

  • Sorry and thank You for having faith in me. I had a really bad mood and feeled really horrible with myself. But i'm better now and it means a lot for me that You reacted so strongly for my self-loathing. I'm touched that You care so much for me, thank You!
    Yes, i'll admit i slacked of with my studies lately. I didn't really even realised how much until today. Now i have a problem and it's not so easy to catch up. And if i were healthy and at school when there was this test then i'm pretty sure i would fail terribly. Ugh, i really, really don't feel like studying now, i was doing it most of the day and i just feel so tired and bored with it that i don't know if i will even try to study tomorrow even if i really need to. And today i just looked for any little reason to make myslef a break, for even a moment, and if it weren't for mom watching over me i doubt i would study at all. It's so boring and also hard and i hate it!

  • Hi baby girl. Our two youngest girls are going too bowling with their dad soon. But our oldest girl got herself into trouble at school today. We were all suppose too go oit bowling. But I will stay home with my oldest girl and shes allready in her room and I will be sending her up for a shower soon and she will be sleeping on her tummy. Did you get any studies done princess. Hope your haveing a nice day. Everybody here says hello and sends huggs. Except our eldest sweetie as she up in her room feeling very sorry for herself. Big huggs too you baby girl from your mommy xxxx

  • Sadly i've a fever again, this time longer, most of the day, now i feel good and the fever is gone but it's clear now that i'm still sick, if even a little :(
    Wow, i've never been bowling, it sounds so fun! I'm sure Your girls and husband will have great time!
    I'm sorry to hear about Your oldest daughter...What did she do?
    Poor girl, she was sick not long ago and now she will get a spanking :( She is 14, right? Older then me, i feel really sad for her, it will be so embarrassing, is she also spanked on the bare bottom?
    I haven't really studied today, i felt bad, i didn't have a high fever but i somehow felt it more then before, i was cold all the time with breaks when i felt too hot, and my throat hurt. So i also was mostly in my room, laying in bed and feeling sorry for myself :( I wan't this sickness to be gone and be completely healthy, i even started to miss school a little.
    But now i feel better and i hope that it will stay like that, and i really need to finaly have a good sleep!
    Thanks for caring and i send lots of hugs and love to You and Your family, especially Your poor eldest daughter, i really hope You won't spank her very hard and maybe, please, don't take her panties off...She is so big!
    Love, Princess

  • Hows my baby girl doing. Hope your haveing a good day sweetie. Im just going too have lunch and our two youngest little angels be in shortley. So i am makeing them lunch also sweetie. Love you prescious and huggs from your mommy xxxx

  • Hows my baby girl. Our girls are in school sweetie and I hope your ok princess. my husband says hello also and hes heading too work. I wish you did live with us baby girl. I know you would sleep better and have ? For you sweet heart. Does your mommy let you stay out till late. Im sending you lots off huggs prescious. Love your mommy xxxx

  • So Your poor oldest daughter is completely healthy, right? There aren't any signs that she could still be a little sick? I'm glad that she recovered so quickly and feels good now :) Atlhough i'm sad that she is in trouble and will be spanked :( Poor girl, please don't be too strict, she was just sick!
    I would love to live with You and i know that You would make sure that my sleeping habits would change and i would, maybe, start sleeping long and well again.
    My mom let's me stay till 11 at normal days, but now that i'm sick i'm supposed to at least try to go to sleep at 10. But i don't do that, yesterday i stayed to 2 at night and, of course, i slept bad and way too short :(
    Huggs and love from Princess to Mommy

  • My baby girl. Im just about too get our girls up for school in a little bit. My husband sends you huggs now sweetie and so does this mommy. I just want too give you lots off hugs princess as I will and do our other daughters sweetie and I love you very much sweet heart. Im so proud off you for being honest sweetie with me and I know you have still too tell your mommy what you did and thats ok. We can talk again about it prescious and im so proud and happy you said youi would like too live with my husband and i with our daughters. Even when you know were strict sweetie. But we will allways love you like our girls sweetie. Copil off ?? Baby girl and I maybe read your messages wrong sweetie. But seems you said your better and you could not be botherd going too school and getting too bed early and you said your stay out till very late sweetie. Thats not acceptable baby girl and most certainley would not happen here sweetie. I cant say enoufgh how proud off you i am sweetie. But your only a baby at 12 years old. I think you certainley would need bedtime at 8. Like our two youngest sweetie. Our eldest is doing better princess and im calling them all soon for school sweetie. I should say our middle daughter was spanked by my husband after resciveing another note home in her journal and I was going too smack her bum again this morning before school. But have alot on and told her i would be smacking her bum before early bedtime this evening. Big huggs too you my baby girl and love you very much. Lots off huggs from your mommy xxxx

  • Thank You mommy and say Thank you to Your husband too.
    I still want to tell mom the truth so i would really want to talk about it and maybe You could somehow help me to get past my shame and do what i needed to do long ago!
    Yes, for me You're very strict - as i don't have almost any responsibilities or discipline at home - but i also know now how much a loving mother You're and i'm sure that if i were Your daughter You would love me very much and care for me deeply and help me with my problems (like sleeping). And i would be super scared of getting spanked but i now trust you enough and i know that whatever You would decide it would be for my good!
    Well i couldn't go to school even if i wanted too as my mom still wants me to stay at home and i'm not allowed to go out yet. And it seems that she was right as i had felt worse today, so i'm probably still sick and so i need to get completely healthy before i go out, especially to school where there are those dumb boys that never stay at home, even when strongly sick, and are just spreading their germs on everyone :(
    But You are right, yesterday again i stayed way too late - till 2 at night - even when i knew that i really need good, long sleep and i just shouldn't stay out of bed for so long - and so i didn't sleep enough like usually :(
    And i didn't study almost at all today, i felt not well and had a fever but even so i know that i should study even if just a little. I'm getting scared how i will handle school when i will be back.
    I'm very sorry for Your middle daughter! Poor girl, she got spanked and will get another one :( I feel so sorry for her, and isn't it too much, two spankings? Her poor bottom will hurt so very much, maybe one would be enough? And please hug her and make sure she won't suffer too much!
    I'm super glad that Your eldest got better! But it's sad that she is also in trouble :( But at least she is healthy now, i wish her spanking won't be too hard aswell, after all she was just sick and i think

  • You need to be delicate with her now! Poor girl, i hope she won't have any more problems tomorrow and later!
    Thank You for caring and i love You and send many, many huggs to You and Your whole family (especially to Your poor elder daughters)!
    Your Princess

  • Sorry could hardley get back baby girl. Our girls are in bed now and going too sleep. Love you very much my prescious daughter and princess. Huggs from mommy xxxx

  • Hi baby girl. Im sorry your not well again and would love too cuddle you sweetie like my girls especialy when their not well. Our two youngest are allready at bowling sweetie and my oldest girl is in lounge after haveing her shower princess and im just haveing a coffee beore I go in and smack her bum. Off chorse I will smack her bare bum sweetie and she made a very bad choice in school today for curseing at one off her teachers. She could have being going bowling with her dad and sisters sweetie but made a very bad choice. I will cuddle her as allways after giveing her time out after her bum gets smacked. I think your very brave sweetie and off chorse we can talk about you telling your mom all the naughtie things you did prescious and I know for sure you would be sleeping better if you lived with us. You cant be going too bed and staying out that late sweetie. Your are only a little girl at 12 and need sleep. I love you my prescious daugher and you would love bowling. Love you baby girl and huggs from your mommy xxxx

  • I would love for You to cuddle me and take care of me like You care for Your daughters! And bowling sure seems fun, is it hard when someone never did it?
    Did she have to stay in the lounge with her panties down? Please say no, she is 14...
    Do You always cuddle Your girls after the spanking? If i were Your daughter and You would give me a spanking would You then cuddle me to comfort me?
    You're completely right i need to go to sleep earlier and today it looks like i will again be staying late. Though maybe there still is a chance that i will be able to force myself to bed earlier, i need a good, long sleep soooo much!
    Love and Hugs from Your Princess

  • Hi baby girl. Being running around all morning doing some errands. I hope your feeling better sweetie and love you very much. Hope you will have a nice day prescious and try do some studieing. Huggs from your mommy xxxx

  • Hi mommy :) I feel better today, i didn't have any fever yet and (finally) i had a good and long sleep! I managed to get in bed earlier then in the last couple of days, of course still very late when comparing to Your daughters bedtime, i got to bed and fallen asleep before 12 at night, but it was still beter then what i did on the previous nights. And sleep really helps to feel better...
    There will be a doctor coming to visit and check on me later, my mom wanted to know for sure what it is with me, even if i feel good today i felt good earlier too, and i still got a fever later so it doesn't mean that i'm healthy.
    I should study today as i feel good and have energy and i told my mom i'm going to study, but till now i didn't do much :( I more and more see that i've a problem with catching up and i really need to mobilize myself and study and study hard s the longer i'm slacking of and don't do it the bigger trouble i will have when i'll be back at school...
    And how is Your eldest daughter? Is she feeling good, she is completely healthy?
    And i know that she got spanked yesterday :( I hope she isn't feeling very bad because of it and her bottom doesn't hurt too much...I feel so sorry for her, as she was just sick, just like i am, and when she got better she got herself in trouble and was given a spanking and that horrible time in the lounge :( Poor girl...
    I feel somehow embarrassed that Your husband was shocked that i go to bed so late. But i know that You're completely right that my sleeping habits are very bad and harmful for me. I'll try to "use" this feeling of embarrassment to force myself to bed earlier today!
    I send lots of love and hugs to You and Your whole, great family! I hope You'll all have a great day and that everyone will be feeling well and there won't be any trouble :)
    Your Princess

  • Hi my baby girl. Our internet has being acting up again and only back on now sweetie. First off all big huggs and love from mommy here. Im sorry you still unwell sweetie and the doctor came princess. Your very brave and dont be embarsssed about me telling my husband sweeti heart as hes just concernd for you also sweetie. We had a better day yesterday and was thinking off you prescious. Our girls were asking for you sweetie as was my husband. Im also very proud your going too tell your mommy princess and you now know she feels you need too tell her something baby girl can tell her sweetie and off chorse your scared princess. But you will have it all out and you wont feel bad anymore sweetie. Your my prescious girl and love you so much. Going too call our girls soon for school sweetie. I send you lots off huggs from us all. But extra.huggs and xxxx from your mommy here.

  • Hi my prescious baby girl. Bigg huggs too you from your mommy sweetie and I hope you got too bed early. Im just about too go and call our other little princesses for school sweetie and give them huggs also sweet heart. I love you very much my little baby girl and would love too cuddle you like we do most morning with our girls before they get up. My husbands gone too prepare some breakfast for our girls and put on coffee. We also went too bed a little late last night and are bought a little tired sweetie. But my husband said he also hopes you went too bed early as he also is kind off shocked but concernd for you princess and like I said he like i think your such a brave little girl and proud off you. Love you my baby girl and huggs from your mommy xxxx

  • Hi my baby girl. I hope your in bed and asleep sweetie and see this when you wake up. My husband and i are goung too bed now princess and I just want too say we love you prescious and I was telling my husband about your sleep pattrens also sweetie and he also beleaves its because off your late nights and know routine sweet heart. I also told him you will be telling your mommy what you had done and he said your very brave also sweetie and were bought realy proud off you princess. Wish I could cuddle you my baby girl and make you feel better. You are my prescious baby girl and love you so much. Huggs from your mommy xxxx

  • Hi baby girl. I do love you so much and off chorse I would cuddle you sweetie and my eldest daughter did have time with her panties off in lounge sweetie as allways. We can talk about you telling your mommy the stuff you did sweet heart and your very brave. My husband sends huggs also sweetie and we will talk about you going too bed earlier. Love and huggs from your mommy xxxx

  • I feel so sorry for Your poor eldest daughter, she also had to stay in the lounge without her panties, poor girl! But - as i understood - at least You're alone, as the rest of the family were bowling, so it wasn't so horrible embarrassing as if there were her sisters around. I hope she won't have any more trouble!
    I would be very grateful if You would cuddle and hug me after a spanking. I know i would definitely need it when my bum would be in pain and i would feel so horrible embarrassment! It makes being spanked by You a little less scary (still terrbile scary but at least i would know that after such terrible thing i would get some comfort).
    I'm also preparing to maybe try and tell my mom the truth today.. I'm not going to be counting on it very much, as i know how i failed myslef the last time and earlier, with witchdrawing at the last time from it, but neverless i'll maybe try... Especially as the doctor will come today and i somehow think that it could be easier for me when i know that doc's visit will in a way distract me and my mom from this matter so it feels easier that way.
    Thank You for caring and i send lots of hugs and love to You,

  • Hi my baby girl. I allways cuddle our girls as I told you sweetie. But i wish you lived with us sweet heart and we could get your sleeping back too normal. You are 12 years old prescious and need sleep and im sorry and yes you would try and do what you like sweet heart. But you would be in bed at 8 either way. I love you my baby girl and I f that means like grounding you or early bedtime or smacking your bottom sweetie then it would happen. I love you very much baby girl. Im proud your going to try and tell your mommy again sweetie. I will as you asked me if you like too be able too talk with your mommy prescious. Im going too make lunches sweetie. But Im proud off you and iove you. Huggs from your mommy xxxx

  • It seems im again staying long at night instead of going to sleep :( I should be in bed from 11 at least but i'm still on the internet and i don't even know what i'm doing :( The Doctor came today with a visit and after she checked on me, she told us that i've a flu and she prescribed me an antibiotic. I was surprised, other then a light fever that i had just a couple of times on the last days and the pain in my tummy that i don't have anymore from at least 2 days, i felt healthy, i thought that it will be just some cold. Well, but the doctor said it's a flu so she is probably right. And she said also that i need to have a good, long sleep, and not go to sleep past 11 if i'm unable to sleep long on the day (and i am unable). But here, now, it's almost 2 at night and i still don't go to sleep, i'm just so stupid!
    And i told my mom something. Not really the true yet, but i told her that i have a "secret" that i'm ashamed of and that i will tell her tomorrow as i want to get ready to sleep earlier - i lied, it was quite late when i told her, just after the doctor left, so she thought that i really will need a time to quiet myself in order to get ready to sleep, but i knew already that it's not really probable that i will be "quieting" myself then, but i panicked and couldn't made myself to really tell the truth at that moment. So i somehow pushed the mater later, on tomorrow. But i know that after i told her something like that, and when she could visibly sense that i've some problem, that something is troubling my mind, then she won't "let go" it. She got very nervous and stressed and i know that tomorrow my mom will very persistently try to know what "secret" i wanted to tell her. So i think, and hope (and am also super scared and ashamed) that tomorrow i finally will tell my mom the truth and apologise to her properly! I just somehow created a situation for me that i really won't have any choice so i think it will happen as i don't have any idea how to witchdraw now

  • From telling the truth.
    Is Your oldest daughter well? Her sickness is completely gone?
    I really need to go to sleep, so i'll be gone for now.
    I send lots of hugs and love to my great other mom and all her wonderful family!
    I love You too Mommy, Princess

  • Hi my baby girl. Were going too bed and we want too say we love you very much sweetie. Love and huggs from your mommy xxxx and my husband.

  • Hi Mommy :) I'm very sorry that i haven't answer You earlier but today was a very busy day for me. For one, i TOLD MY MOM the truth! Yes, it was how i "planned" it yesterday, my mom just couldn't let it go after i told her that i've this "secret" that is making me suffer and is very shameful. I, like always in this matter, tried to witchdraw form it, to minimalize the problem of the "secret", i was telling my mom that i wasn't feeling well yesterday and that i was just jabbering something without sense or meaning - i was so pathetic, just like last time the fear and shame just got completely over me and i was doing everything to run from this subject to somehow don't face it but run instead, i also tried to think and think about some lie that i can tell my mom about what this "secret" was, but thankfully i couldn't came up with anything with any sense and all my attempts were quickly uncovered by mom as not the truth (but i see now even more how much of a liar i am towards my mom, i lie so often, so easily, without thinking about it, without any remorse, it's really pathetic and shameful of me, i don't need to do it, it's just easier that way and that's all! What would happen if i were Your daughter and i lied to You? What happens to Your girls when they lie?)
    But i was right yesterday, when i - while wasn't able to just tell all the truth at once and at that moment - came up with the idea, and told my mom about the "secret", i knew that mom won't let it go and she will do everything to know the truth. And i wasn't wrong, my mom really was extremely inquiring in this and keeped coming back to this subject one time just after the other, and finally, i told the truth! I felt super shamed and i was talking really disconnectedly, but the more i talked and the more i told her the easier it became. I started crying really hard and apologising with all my heart. I told my mom everything, about the steling of her and my later lies and also about all this 4 times that i

  • Drank. And i was apologising so much and all the time i cried. My mom hugged me tightly, she also was crying, and she quickly completely forgive me. She was super worried about this drinking and told me that she once felt that she smelled alcochol from me and that her friend tol her that she saw me once with my friends, and she told my mom that we looked drank. My mom was extremely worried, i think i really broke her heart and i saw how much it made her worried, scared and stressed, when i told her about the drinking. She never tried to ask me about it cause she couldn't believe it herself, and she thought that any of this things isn't any proof and that if she accused me if i was innocent that, that would be very bad. But now she thinks she made a mistake and that she trusted me too much and that she really should ask me about it and ask me very seriously. As for the stealing my mom forgived me at once, she told me she always knew that it was me and that it hurt her the most that i didn't confirm the truth when she asked me and instead i lied to her face and suggested rudely that she may be getting "senile". But now, when i told the truth and was apologising she forgived me at once and i actually thought that i was forgiven to easily, i felt that i needed some punishment. So i even asked her if she couldn't spank me for it (yes i did it) but she just laughed thinking that i was joking and when i pressed on the matter telling her that that's no joke, she told me that i'm way too old for a spanking and didn't agree. I really fell that i deserve a spanking for it but that's my mom's decision. I know that if i were Your daughter i would get a spanking and a hard one and without my panties probably aswell. Maybe even with time in the lounge without panties...And i know i would deserve all of it and probably even more for what i did!
    But neverless my mom agreed that i could be grounded and this is my punishment now. As now, to the end of this week i won't go to school

  • As i've "sick leave" from the doctor, and in next week there are the christmas holidays and christmas vacation's, i'll be grounded on january and for the whole month! It's very long but i know i deserve it so i agreed to it. And my mom told me too, that now she will be much less trusting of me and so i won't have so much freedom like i used too, she will control what i do and with whom i spend my time and will check on me much more. I know i deserve it too, i lost my mom's trust and i will need to work hard to restore it!
    It feels so amazing, so good, too finally get it out of me, this awful secret, those disgusting lies. I feel co clean now and happy like i didn't feel for a long time. So i wan't to thank You so much for pushing me to tell my mom the truth and apologise to her, and for not rejecting me when i failed to do this the last time. Thank You, Thank You, Thank you, Thank You, Thank You so, sooooooooooo much my great, second mom! I really love You and i'm so grateful for what You've told me and for Your caring and advices, THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!
    And when my mom was very worried about my drinking and if i could ever do it again (or, even worse, try drugs, she got worried about it too) i told her that i'll never drink again and never try any drugs, never! And when she asked me how can she trust me, how can she be sure, how and why i came to the decision that i will never do it - if i, myself, not long ago, did it, and drank 4 times, not once to just "try it", bout 4 - then i told her about You, that it was a very wise mom of three daughters that i was talking with online and that i told You the truth and You were very firm and serious with explaining and showing to me how much i'm risking with drinking when i'm only 12 and that i never, absoultely never should drink again while so young! I told my mom that You helped to show me how dangeous it is and that it's a very serious matter and i'm very wrong to trivialize it. I also told my mom that i

  • Confessed to You about the stealing and lying and that it was You that was pushing me to tell the truth and properly apologise and that it's Your merit that i finally could do it.
    My mom said that You sound like a very wise woman and that she is extremely grateful to You. She says Thank You to You and said to me to told You that for her, you "saved her daughter" (me) with what You did. So my mom also wants to thank You very, very much!
    Oh, it's so great to be truthfull to my mom and don't have this shameful secret anymore, too not feel shame so much as i felt, it's such a relief now!

    Thank You Mommy for everything and i wan't to send You and Your husband, and Your girls lots, lots and lots of love and very, deep hugs!
    Your Princess

  • Hi baby girl. My husband and i are watching a movie and were bought concerd about you sweetie. Love you very much prescious. Your mommy and big huggs from my husband and i princess. Your mommy xxxx

  • Hi baby girl. I am concernd for you sweetie as you said your not well and your not replying too us prescious. My husband sends you huggs also sweetie love your mommy and huggs xxxx

  • Sorry once more that i'm answering for Your messeges so late :( I wrote earlier that i told my mom the truth, all this matter took long time and i also was feeling very bad today. But it's not because of the sickness (athough i got a light fever again today it lasted not long and i didn't even felt it too much) but because of this nightmarish antibiotic that i need to take twice a day. I'm extremely nauseous becuase of it and my tummy hurts and even more then earlier (thank God the massages and rubbing of my tummy by my mom help me a lot, i told my mom that it was also You that suggested it and she wants to Thank You for it aswell). Doctor said that it could happen, especially at the first two, maximum three days of taking this horrible antibiotic (i need to take it for 6 days) and that we don't need to be scared about this symptoms as it's not because of the sickness but because of the medicine. So i'm not afriad but neverless it's horible and i hate it!
    I didn't study at all today, i felt bad, my stomach and this disgusting nausea made it too dificult to focus on anything, especially something so boring and hard as studying. Later, on the afternoon, when the horrible symptoms of this anibiotic were gone for some time (until i took it again on 11 on evening), i sadly didn't study at all also :( This time i know i could, i felt good and theoritically could focus on study and school but i didn't do anything.
    And now it's almost 3 at night and i'm still on the internet and not going to sleep....Ehhhhhh, i know i'm acting so stupid but i just cannot help myself, i didn't have much time (or strenght and willingness when i was feeling bad) to be on the internet by day so now i lost track of time and i damaged my sleep once again, and i know (and the doctor also said and my mom is saying it all the time) how much sleep is important now. Ah, i can be so stupid sometimes!
    Lots of hugs to You from,
    Your, sometimes, stupid Princess that really should get to sleep already!

  • Hi my baby girl. I was so worried about you sweetie and could hardley sleep. I descided too check in and see if you got back baby girl. First I am realy proud off you for telling your mommy sweeetie and I want too give you extra huggs for that prescious. Im so happy you feel better also for telling you mommy sweetie even though you were scared. But your brave and i also want you too stop saying things like our girls are wiser and smarter and more mature sweetie. You have lots off things you can do that each off our girls cant do. Its also very late too be still up prescious. Tell your mom in the morning shes welcome and tell her i said she has the sweetest daughter. If you like tell her we use spanking as part off discipline on our daughters and sometimes as I said our girls prefare too be spanked than grounded. My husband gave our eldest daughter her other spanking before early bedtime. Yes it was for being in trouble at school and what she said too one off her teachers. But also for giveing me some attitude and rolling her eyes at me sweetie. I love you very much my baby girl and big huggs from your mommy xxxx

  • I'm very sorry i ruined Your sleep yesterday :( I hope You will sleep better this night! (and i, myself, will try harder to get in bed earlier)
    Well i was very mad at myself so that's way i praised Your daughters so much while i denounced myself a little. I think it was some desperate try to mobilise myself to finally start study seriously. And i didn't study today aswell, i found an excuse for myself with this: "i feel terrible because of this awful antibiotic". And i "excuse myself" with it to not study...It's true that this medicine is making me feel really bad but still i should study even a little and i do nothing.
    But it's also tru that i feel that Your girls are amazing and my praise for them is honest!
    I told my mom what You told me to (and thank You for this nice words!) and she thanks You very much, i will also maybe tell her about the spanking but it will be when i will feel better so i can explain it well as i know that mom will have a hard time understanding and treating it seriously.
    I still feel very sorry for Your eldest daughter but thank you for explaining to me what happened. I hope that her poor bottom isn't hurting too much today and that she won't get in any trouble for a long time! And that she will feel good and be healthy ofcourse.
    I send Hugs and Love to my second mommy!
    Princess :)

  • Hi my baby girl. We had a busy day but our girls are in bed and fast asleep. We were very concernd for you. Were glad your ok sweetie and we love you so much. I would like too talk too you mom prescious. Your mom seems like she loves you and even though she does not give you boundaries. But she can change it sweetie and i love you baby girl. Huggs from your mommy xxxx

  • Hi my baby girl. Are you ok my princess and our girls are in bed now sweetie. I hope your better princess. Love you my prescious baby girl. Love your mommy xxxx

  • Hi my baby girl. I hope your feeling better sweetie and our girls are up doing a little bit off studies. Our eldest is still grounded and my husband will give her a spanking before early bedtime. They were all asking for you princess and send you their love and huggs. Did you do any school work today sweetie and Im sending you a big hugg from mommy. Love you my baby girl and stay inside if your not well. Love from mommy xxxx

  • I should also study, Your daughters are way wiser then me!
    Your eldest daughter will still get a spanking? But why, did she again got in trouble? Or is it for again a punishment for this last time?
    I feel so sorry for her :( Poor, poor girl, isn't it too much spankings? Her bottom could still hurt her, it will be too painful! How is she dealing with all of it, i hope she isn't depressed or something?
    Please send Your girls my love and huggs and tell them that they're way smarter and more mature then me as they study from they own choosing and i still do nothing when i know i really need to study!
    I'll stay inside this whole week probably, maybe if i will feel good and there won't be any fever, i will go out on sunday, maybe, but really maybe, on saturday. I'll be listening to my mom here, i won't do anything that she won't let me, for once at least i wan't to be obedient, especially that i know she is right.
    Love You too mommy, Your Princess

  • Hi my baby girl. Were all asking for you here sweetie and all send huggs. I hope your better prescious and huggs too you and your mommy sweetie. But extra huggs too my baby girl. Love from your mommy xxxx

  • Hi my baby girl. Our girls are gone too school sweetie. But are going too be off early for xmas break. I love you very much sweet heart. Hope your feeling better my princess. Big huggs from your mommy and huggs too your mommy also sweetie. So very proud off you and like i said sweetie. You can tell your mommy about how we use spanking as part off disipline on our girls. You are a sweet little girl and only a baby at 12 years old sweetie and you certainley not too old for a smacked bum sweetie and like our girls have said often that they would prefare sometimes too have their bums smacked than grounded. As then they can go out with their friends and its up too your mommy how she disciplines you sweetie. But you can certainley tell her what I suggested princess. Your my brave little baby girl. Big huggs and love from your mommy xxxx

  • I feel ok, i've a fever again but not for long. But the side effects of this horrible antibiotic makes me so sick that i feel worse then i felt earlier from the actual sickness. I hate it! My mom even called the doctor to ask if there is a possibility that we could switch it to some other medicine that wouldn't be so h****** me, but the doctor wasn't interested and i think she didn't really cared or believed that this antibiotic makes me feel so terrible. I really hope that tomorrow my body will get used to it and i will feel better!
    But i'm also feeling really good and happy about telling mom the truth and apologising to her, it's so fantstic to finally get it off my heart! Thank You for helping me deal with it!
    Maybe i will try to tell mom about the spanking again but i doubt she would even consider it after her reaction to the idea yesterday. But i will ask.
    I send lots of love and hugs to You and Your daughters and husband, thank You for everything
    Your Princess

  • Hi my baby girl. I hope your are feeling better sweetie and i send huggs too you and your mom. Your realy brave my prescious for telling your mommy and like I said im proud off you sweetie. I told my husband a few minutes ago and hes proud also sweetie and sends huggs too you. I love you baby girl. Huggs again from your mommy xxxx

  • My baby girl. I hope you fell asleep and are feeling better in the morning sweetie. Im going too go aslleep for few hours princess. But remember all i said sweet heart. I love you like my own daughter and your very prescious. Lots off huggs and love from your mommy xxxx

  • I slept bad and too short of course, but it was obvious for me after how late i get to bed. I really, really need to go to sleep earlier today!
    I remember all your words and i'm really thankfull for Your advices and care! I really love You, You helped me so very much with dealing with what i did and closing that matter. And i'm also very thankful to Your husband that he is proud of me!
    Best wishes to You and all Your family,
    from Princess

  • Hows my baby girl. My husband and girls are still in bed sweetie. Big huggs too you my prescious and hope your feeling better sweet heart. Hello too your mommy also and huggs. Your amazeing sweetie and love you very much huggs from your mommy xxxx

  • Hi mommy :) I feel better today, i didn't had any fever at all and while the antibiotic that i need to take is still making me nauseous, at least my stomach stopped to hurt because of it. So it's definitely better! One of the reasons is probably that i slept well last night. I managed to get in to bed past 11 and not stay to 3 or 4 at night like the nights before. And so i got a long, good sleep and it really feels great and gives one so much energy and good mood. I even studied today, and even quite a bit! I still am way behind with material but at least i finally understood some things that i had big trouble with earlier. So i think now that my slacking and problems with even little studying that i had yesterday and earlier, could really be happening because of my ilness and side effects of the antibiotic. Cause today when i felt better i managed to study quite a bit and i didn't really needed to force myslef very hard. So i think i could've been to h****** myself with calling myself "lazy" and all.
    I tried to talk with my mom about this spankings thing and i even managed to mention to her that You spank Your daughters, one of them even older then me, but my mom didn't seem to believe me and she again wasn't sure if i wasn't joking and seemed perplexed.

    My mom send her greetings and we both wish You and Your whole family a merry, happy christmas as (if i'm right) it begins tomorrow :)
    I send lots of love and hugs to You,
    Your Princess

  • Hi sweetie. Were heading out too my sisters place. We all send huggs and love too you. Your mommy xxxx

  • Are you ok my baby girl were worried for sweetie. Love too you and your mom..

  • Hows my baby girl. Love from your mommy xxxx

  • Hi baby girl were are you. All heresend their love and lots off huggs. Love your mommy xxxx

  • Hi baby girl. Love from your mommy and big huggs xxxx

  • Hi my prescious baby girl. Huggs too you and your mom sweetie. I hope you are well baby girl and are you grounded sweet heart. Love from your mommy.and huggs xxxx

  • Hi mommy! How was Your Christmas? I hope everything went well and You and Your family had a good time! And that Your girls loved all the presents from You :)
    I'm feeling well, i don't have any fever anymore and although i still need to take the antibiotic, my body got used to it and i no longer feel any nausea or stomachs pains. It's so good to finally feel good :) I also slept well in the last days, finally i was able to make myself get to bed a little earlier and thanks to it i slept long and good and i am now in much better shape, with more strenght and energy.
    Yes, i'm grounded, my mom gave me this punishment after i told her about my stealing, drinking and lying. I know i deserve it so i accept this completely.
    I sent lots of hugs, love and best wishes to You, Your husband, daughters and too Your sister too! I don't know if Christmas ended or still lasts for You but i wish all of You a happy and merry Christmas :)
    Your Princess

  • Hi my baby girl. Our girls are asking for you sweetie and said they hope your ok as does my husband and i prescious. Love and huggs from all here. Love your mommy.

  • Sorry mommy, i'll answer You properly later, or at worse tomorrow - this time it's me that has some trouble with the internet, it's off almost all of the day and appears rarely and only for a minute or 2. Mi internet provider told me that he should deal with the problem today but it's pretty late and my connection is still "crazy" do i'm not sure if he really will deal with it today. Now it's working for the last 2 minutes i hope i this messege will reach You until it again dissapears. Love You andi will write more later when it will all work good again.

  • Hi my baby girl. This post was off line for a bit. We all send huggs here and my husband and girls send huggs sweetie. Hope your well my prescious baby girl. Love from your mommy and huggs too your mommy alsp princess xxxx

  • Hi my baby girl and forgot too say sweetie i hope you are getting too bed early also princess and haveing studie time sweetie like our girs. We can chat about it again prescious and like i said my baby girl you can show your mommy my messages sweetie. Big huggs again from your mommy xxxx..

  • Hi my baby girl. Its still late here and i just woke up too check and see if you got back too us sweetie. We were concernd for you prescious. Im so happy too hare from you sweetie and glad your much better. First off all big huggs too you and xxxx from your mommy here. Your so prescious baby girl and are amazeing. My husband and girls will be happy you got back sweetie. They have all being asking for you also and worried sweetie. Maybe you can show your mommy my messages now princess and its up too your mommy sweetie. We use spanking as part off discipline and remember sweetie as i said. Sometime our girls would prefare too get their bums smacked instead off grounded. I love you my baby girl and would love too snuggle you like we do with our other daughters sweetie. Im so proud off you princess and more huggs from your mommy xxxx

  • My baby girl. Please let us know your ok sweetie. Were all very worried about you princess and my husband and girls send their love, huggs and xxxx. Love your mommy and hello too your mom my baby girl xxxx

  • My internet is still working so maybe it's finally fixed! I'm feeling good, the sickness is gone and i no longer take the antibiotic. Sadly i'm still way behind with my studies :(
    I tried to talk with my mom about the spankings and groundings and i told her that You discipline Your daughters that way and that one of them is 14 and another 11, only one year older then me, but at first my mom didin't believe me and when i even tried to show her our messeges and kept going she became annoyed and told me that she doesn't understand "what i want now" and to stop with the "nonsense". I think she didn't believe me that You spank Your girls, she just cannot really seem to accept that it is possible that girls of that age can still get spanked, i kinda understand her as before i talked with You and got to know You and Your family i also wouldn't probably believed. For now i don't think i will continue to tell my mom about the spankings, maybe in the future i will try again but not now. My mom just completely doesn't get it and i kinda feel like talking to the wall.
    I'm sorry to hear that Your eldest girl got spanked again :( It kinda seems like she gets in to trouble the most, is it like that?
    I can kinda understand that a girl that is 14 year old (older even then me) can have the most trouble with all the rules and being punished the same as her younger sisters. Anyway i'm very sorry for her and she is so poor that she was spanked and in the christmas time too :( I hope her poor bum doesn't hurt today too much :(
    I hope You all (especially Your eldest daughter) got a good christmas (i'm not sure if christmas time is over yet, i don't know ?) and that the girls are happy of their presents and for the surprises too!
    I send lots of hugs and love to You and Your whole family,
    Your Princess

  • Please my baby girl. Let us know your ok and we all love you and send huggs sweetie. Love from your mommy and lots off huggs and xxxx

  • My ba baby girl are you ok sweetie. Were all thinking off you and worried princess. Will you lets know your ok my prescious. All here send huggs sweetie and our youngest and eldest got into some trouble yesterday sweetie. Huggs from your mommy princess xxxx

  • Hi mommy :) I couldn't answer earlier because i still have the problems with my internet connection. My internet provider came today to my hosue and after about 5 hours of work, he fixed - what he thought was - the reason of my connection problems. But it turns out it must be something more then this as i still have big problems with the internet (i lost connection to internet all the time and then i need do manualy set all internet settings from the beginning and then, and only then i can have for - mostly - short time working internet (and not always, sometimes i need to set everything from the begining a couple of times before it finally gives me my internet connection back), until it dissapears again and i need to do the whole thing again :(
    My internet provider thinks now that it probably is some problem in my computer and not on his part. But i'm not sure if i trust his judgement as i'm not really impressed with how he dealt with all this situation and with his computer skills. So for tomorrow my mom called an IT specialist from her work and he will come to us on afternoon and check on my computer and i hope that he will finally tell me what's the problem and how to quickly deal with it, as i really need my internet back and functioning!
    But at least i feel good, i don't take the antibiotic anymore and i even slept well (for the last nights). I'm -thankfuly - able to go to sleep in the area of 11 and so i can have a long and because of it good, night.

  • I studied a little more in the past days too, probably because of the problems with my internet, the biggest distraction from my studying was gone :) I still have a lot to learn though and i don't feel secure with what little i successfully learned till now, i don't know how i will manage when the school will be back after a christmas break. I'm getting more and more scared and i started o even think about skipping :(
    Your youngest and eldest daughters got in to trouble? They both did? Are those the same trouble or did they do something seperately?
    I hope Your girls enjoyed christmas and were happy with the presents they got and that they all feel good.
    I send lots of hugs to You and Your whole family

  • Hi baby girl. Just too say were all thinking off you sweetie and we are haveing bit off trouble with our internet connection at times princess also. All send lots off huggs and xxxx sweet hear. Big hugg from your mommy and extra xxxx too my baby girl.

  • Hi my baby girl. I just want too let you know that my husband and i send you their love and lots off huggs sweetie. Hope your internet is sorted soon prescious. Huggs amd xxxx from your mommy my princesss..

  • Thinking off you my baby girl. Love your mommy xxxx and huggs

  • Hi baby girl and my little prescious. My husband is up and sends huggs and love sweetie and our girls are still in bed. We will wake them up soon sweetie. Miss you my baby girl and as i told you sweetie our girs are allways asking for you. Love from your mommy and huggs xxxx

  • Hi again too my baby girl and your internet is probabley still down sweetie. But checking in on my princess and sending you huggs and xxxx from your mommy. My husband and our girls are still in bed sweetie. Hope your doing something nice my baby girl..

  • Hi baby girl. My husband and i are off too bed sweetie. Huggs from us bought and love your mommy princess xxxx

  • Hi my baby girl. Im just checking in with you sweetie. Our girls are in bed princess and were asking for you. Love from your mommy and huggs xxxx

  • Hi my little baby girl. Hope your able too get back again sweetie. Were all so glad too hare from you princess and asking for and send huggs sweetie. Love your mommy and more huggs xxxx

  • My prescious baby girl. Im so glad your ok sweetie and proud off you for getting too bed earlier sweetie and huggs too you baby girl and hugg too your mommy also princess. But 11 is still very late sweet heart and even though im very proud you need too be in bed at 8 sweetie as you are only a baby and 12 years old baby and well done on studieing princess. But sounds like your telling me your only studieing because off your internet problems sweetie and thats not acceptable prescious and you need a sllep routine going back too school and if I read it right also baby girl you said your thinking of skipping school. Well my baby girl i love you butb i can tell you now sweetie dont you dare do that. Our eldest and youngest were fighting and were curseing in my sisters home sweetie and when she told them too stop they bought got cheeky with my sister and bought got their bare bottoms smacked on the spot and time out in my sisters lounge sweetie. Their all asking here for you baby girl as is my husband. But dont you dare skip schol princess and i think you know what my husband and i would do sweetie if you do and you lived with us baby girl. Huggs and xxx from all here princess and extra huggs from your mommy baby girl xxxx

  • Hi mommy! I'm very happy to tell You that FINALLY my internet is fixed! The IT guy visited my house today and quickly dealt with the problem, it appeared that indeed the problem was with my computer, i got some mistakes in the numbers on the internet connection settings. But he fixed everything and now my internet is back and running swiftly.
    11 is probably the earliest hour that i've got in bed in years (well, maybe they were some exceptions but they were really rare), it's also the latest hour that i should get in bed according to my mom's rules. I rarely adjusted to it and mostly got in to bed much later which resulted in my big troubles with sleeping. On the past, more or less, a week i changed my ways a little and were able to get in bed in the area of 11. But i'm not sure if i'll be able to keep it like that, i got so easilly drawn in to various things at the evening and hours keep to pass so quickly and easily, it's so hard to not stay long at night :(
    If i were Your daughter i'm sure You would watch me to not stay too long, maybe i even would, really, get to bed at 8 (so hard to imagine for me), but alone i've big trouble to supervise myself and not go too late to bed :(
    Yes, i think i studied only, or at least mostly, because of the internet problems. I just didn't have much better things to do, especially that i still couldn't get out due to my recent sickness. But today, that my internet is back, i didn't study at all, i'm just all day online. And i'm supposed to go to school tomorrow and i'm really, really scared of it. I don't feel ready, i'm still way behind and i'm scared that i'll need to have a test and fail horribly. But still i'm not studying at all even when i need it badly...

  • Hi baby girl and its being a long time sweetie. But still hope these messages find you my princess and will look out for you baby girl. Love and huggs from all sweetie. Your mommy xxxx

  • My baby girl and we all love you and hope this message finds you sweetie. Love and huggs from all here. Love your mommy and huggs xxxx

  • Hi my baby girl. Some how i hope these messages find you sweetie. Our girls are busy getting ready for school prescious. They all still ask for you my baby girl as does my husband. We all send lots off huggs my sweetie and xxxx. Huggs too you and your mommy princess. Love your mommy and extra huggs my baby girl xxxx..

  • I thought about skipping, i really don't want to do it and i now i can't, that it's bad and it would make my return to school even worse. But it still is somewere in my mind, but thank You for warning me about it and i can somehow feel that even if You can't give me a spanking for this even You just telling me about it and warning me makes me think about skipping a little less. So thank You!
    I'm sorry to hear that Your daughters were fighting and were spanked for it :( Did You spank them or did Your sister do it?
    And how are they today, are Your daughters feeling good? Hope their bottoms don't hurt anymore and poor girls, they surely were so embarrassed to stand in this horrible lounge, especially the poor eldest one that got spanked so many times in the past week :(
    I send many, many hugs to You, Your daughtersand husband and i wish You all a Happy New Year!
    Your Princess

  • Hi my baby girl and realy hope you find these messages from myself and family. We all send huggs and love too you and your mommy sweetie. Love you my prescious baby girl. Your mommy xxxx

  • My baby girl. We hope these messages find you some how and you and your mommy are well sweetie. We love you and are thinking off you princess. Love you my baby girl. Huggs from your mommy xxxx

  • Hi my baby girl and im not sure whats going on sweetie. But we want too keep in touch with you my princess. So maybe if your internet is off and you may see these sometime prescious. But all here say hi and send lots off huggs sweetie. Hope you and your mommy are well baby girl and hope your getting too bed early also and doing your best sweet heart. Love and huggs from your mommy my little baby girl xxxx...

  • Hi my baby girl. I dont know if your internet is down again sweetie. But my husband and i are going too bed. Our girls are asleep hours princess. They keep asking for you sweetie. My husband sends huggs also princess. We love you very much prescious and are concernd for you. Your my little baby girl and extra huggs and xxxx from your mommy sweet heart..

  • I hope you get our posts my baby girl..

  • We love you baby girl and my husband and girls are all.asking for you sweetie. Love and huggs your mommy xxxx

  • Hi baby girl. Sending you all our huggs and love. Your mommy xxxx

  • Hi my sweet baby girl. I hope you see this text. Im so happy too hare from you and so is my husband and girls. We all send huggs and xxxx too you princess. Please reply and hugg too your mom also prescious. How did school go my baby girl and please tell me you did not skip school baby girl. Im glad you got your internet sorted you silly muse as i call our girls at times sweetie. But if your asking my sister spanked our eldest sweetie and its ok princess as we often spank each others kids when were watching them or they misbehave in our homes. Im hopeing you will get too bed earlier baby girl and just because you have internet prescious is know excuse sweetie. I love you baby girl and am concernd for you and yes if you were our little girl and you are you most cetainley would be in bed at 8 and im sure you would not be happy lke our girls sweet heart. But a good spanking on your little bare bum im surre would change your tune little madam. I wish i could hugg you now my baby girl and give you lots off mommy xxxx princess. Love and huggs again from all here and extra from your mommy my baby girl xxxx love mommy....

  • My baby girl our girls are in bed a while now sweetie and my husband and i are heading up now also prescious. We love you my baby girl and my husband sends huggs also sweetie. Love from your mommy prescious and huggs xxxx

  • My little baby girl. Will you please get back too us sweetie and everybody here says hi and sends huggs sweetie. We hope your ok princess and huggs too your mom.als prescious. Please get back my princess. Love from your mommy xxxx

  • Hi my baby girl. Were all heading out too my sisters sweetie soon for the day. We love you so much prescious. Your mommy xxxx

  • Hi my prescious. My husband and i are going too bed sweetie. We had a long day and were bought tired sweetie. Please let us know your ok baby girl. Love your mommy and huggs xxxx

  • Please my baby girl. Im realy worried for you sweetie. Love your mommy and big huggs xxxx

  • Hi baby girl. You need too let us know your ok sweetie. My husband and i are worried about you prescious. Love your mommy xxxxxx

  • Hi baby girl. Im realy worried about you sweetie. Please get back too us. All say hello and send love and huggs sweetie. Love your mommy xxxxxx

  • Hows my baby girl and i hope your ok sweetie. All our girls are up and showerd and dresssed now princess. But our eldest got a smacked bum off me little while ago for answering back and not doing what shes was told. Love you.sweetie and all say hello and send huggs and love. My husband just nipped too store prescious to pick up few groceries. I love you my baby girl and huggs from your mommy xxxx and huggs too your mom.also sweetie

  • Hi baby girl. Our eldest daughter is up and says hi and sends huggs. Will call my husband and and other girls soon as we have busy day. Hello too your mommy also sweetie. Love you prescious. Hugs and love your mommy xxxx

  • Hi my prescious baby girl. First off i give you lots off huggs am xxxx from your mommy a*** huggs too your mom also princess. Our girls are still in bed sweetie as is my husband. Im just up.ptepareing.some things for people we have arriveing later sweetie. It was christmas here yesterday baby girl. I hope you are not real bored being grounded and proud off your for makeing right descissions in some things sweetie. I hope your going too bed early princess and do you have a tv in your bedroom sweetie. Love you my baby girl and little princess. Your mommy xxxx

  • Hi my prescious baby girl. My husband and i are going too bed sweetie and bought send you hugs and xxxx and love from your mommy.

  • Hi my baby girl. Busy putting our girls too bed sweetie. My husband sends huggs too you princess. Your so prescious baby girl and i love you very much sweetien im glad your better princess and are you being good. Are you sad your grounded baby girl. But your mommy had too give you a discipline. Did you tell your mommy too look at my texts sweetie and sometimes like i said princess our girls would rather be spanked than grounded. Love you so much prescious. Your mommy xxxxxx

  • Hi my baby girl. Our girls are asking for you sweetie and send their huggs also. Love your mommy xxxx

  • My baby girl. Our internet was down sweetie and we just got it back on. Everybody here is asking for you sweetie and huggs too you and you mommy sweetie. I hope your well my prescious and love you so much. Your so brave too have talked with your mommy like i sad sweetie and you can ask your mom too read my messages sweet heart if you like and she will see we spank our girls as part off discipline. I send you all my love baby girl and huggs from your mommy xxxx

  • Hows my baby girl. Our two youngest will be home from school soon sweetie and I am about too make a lunch for them. I hope your ok my little prescious girl and we can talk if you like about telling your mommy sweet heart. Its ok too be scared sweetie and its natural. But you will be glad when you tell her sweetie and she might yell at you or ground you sweetie. Our girls sometimes even prefare too have their bums smscked instead off being grounded. If your mommy just descide too discipline you princess for all that bold and dangerous stuff you did. You could ask her too smack your bottom instead off grounding you sweetie. But either way sweetie your so brave and i will say again im proud off you. Love you very much my prescious daughter and lots off huggs from your mommy xxxx

  • Hi my baby girl. just want too see how you are sweetie. Hope you are feeling bette my princess. Love and huggs from mommy xxxx

  • Big huggs too my baby girl. Our internet was acting up again sweetie. But we had a very busy day yesterday. Did you do anything nice sweet heart and I asked you sweetie if you like art or have you any hobbies. Im going too get our girls up for church sweetie. I know your going too try tell your mommy about all that bold stuff you did prescious and I know you can do it sweetie. I know you are scared princess. But like I said sweeti when you tell your mommy you will feel better and I think you should ask her too ground you or smack your bum princess. I love you very much baby girl and am so proud off you like I said. Im going too call our girls for church princess. But remember I love you baby girl and your my special daughter. Big huggs from mommy xxxx

  • Please dont be so quick too judge. We have diffrent kinds off discipline for our daughters and my husband and I love them more than anything in this world. Our eldest daughter has being pushing boundaries alot lateley and we know its down to her age some what. But she has being bullying her younger sisters 9 and 11. Shes had several notes home from school in last copil off months and three about three weeks ago came home a little drunk. We grounded her and took her phone and she was sent to bed early for a week. But we allways give our girls warnings and chance to improve their behaviour. But at times they need too be spanked. My husband and I were bought spanked grown up and we descided even before we were married its how we would raise our children..

  • Im a mother off three daughters and our eldest daughter is just gone 14. We use spanking as part off discipline. Our oldest daughter is a handfull most times. She will refuse too do her chores and and help out with her younger sissters. We give her everything she needs and more. Im sorry if I offended anybody. Its what we beleave in and have and allways will use spanking on our daughters and yes its mostley on their bare bottoms. I beleave parents allow their children to rule the roost too often. But we wont allow it in our home and our eldesd and middle daughter were spanked only yesterday and are bought grounded and are in their beds now..

  • It's not the spanking that is the problem. It's the fact that you spank her BARE bottom. You can spank a child without removing their pants and panties. I was spanked as a child and my parents never pulled down my pants to do it.

  • Why do you molest your own children?

  • Its called spanking and its how we have allways done it with our daughters..

  • You have always molested your children?

  • You people clearly dont know word discipline..

  • You confuse discipline with molestation.

  • Know you have it confused. A beating and a spanking is a huge diffrence..

  • My husband and I have allways spanked our daughters on their bare. It is how we were raised and seems too work most times with our girls. I was spanked into my teens by my parents and allways bare as was my husband. Myself and my husband have talked many times about diffrent punishments for our daughters that we try and a spanking always seems to work better and at times seems to be only thing that gets through too our daughters. We have said about letting our oldest daughter keep her panties on. But dont want her to think shes going to get away with her bad behaviour and especialy over the last while. Shes being pushing us too our limit and we always as said give our girls plenty off chances too turn their attitude around. Beleave me when I say that my husband and I live for our girls and they are loved and cared for more than anything and have all they need and more. They are the sweetest girls ever. But like all children they push boundaries and they know there are consaquences. We also hugg our girls after discipline them and let them know there loved and they know why they have being spanked by my husband or myself..

  • You are just not getting what I'm saying. I agree with spanking a child as sometimes that is the only thing they understand.
    The problem is that you pull down their pants to do it. Why?
    You can spank a child and get the same results with leaving their pants on. There is NO point in removing the childs pants. period

  • I grew up with most off spankings on my bare bottom as did my sister and husband and we can also see the effect on our daughters bottoms when panties are off. Im trying to see your view in this and see what your trying too say. At times I want to give in and leave our eldest daughters panties on because off her age. But shes just being acting up for a while now as said. Apart from drinking and notes home from school and bullying her younger sissters. She ditched school also.and and was caught bullying and younger girl in school and pulled her hair. I was told she also embarassed the younger girl and pulled her skirt up in front off some boys and girls which had the little girl crying. Realy your telling me even then she should have being.allowed keep her panties on. If I do descide to talk too my husband again about our eldest daughter. We may descide allow her keep her panties on but it will be for sure be on her panties and as for our two youngest daughters kensey and zana they will continue too get it on their bare bottoms. I appreciate your thoughts and just cant realy see harm in smacking our daughters bare bottoms..

  • Why is this so hard for you to understand, It's NOT the spanking.
    You failed to answer my question about why you feel the need to pull down their pants???
    Spanking has the same result with pants UP, so either you enjoy humiliating them or you enjoy seeing and touching their bare ass. Either way, that is wrong. Spank you child with their pants UP. It's about discipline, NOT humiliation or some sick thrill on your part.

  • Know it most certainley is not. I said we can see our daughters bottoms when we spank them bare and know when their bottoms are red enoufgh and when tears are real and our daughters cry alot quicker with their bottoms bared and as I said it allows us too observe the red on their bottoms. We love our daughters as told you and we have seeind them naked and in diffrent state off dresse. We still bath our youngest and our middle daughter only rescentley started to bath herself. Our daughters are prescious too us and we only ever bare them too spank them. I said also I take it you have no children and im sorry you find our methods off discipline wrong. Our middle daughter as I postvthis is haveing a tantrum because I asked her too go take her shower and come down for her spanking and she also went too slap her little sisters face because she wanted to change tv chanel. I just swatted her bottom and you can tell me you would allow your children when you have them to act like that. Im hoing up too sort our middle daughter out now and to talk with her..

  • You had to of been dropped on your head as a child, your level of ignorance is astounding. You can't tell me that you still see your 14 year old daughter naked. Again, spanking your child with pants up is the same as spanking with pants down. why do you need to see their ass turn red? do you get some sick thrill out of it? And yes, I do have kids and I do spank them. WITH THEIR PANTS UP.

  • Go away, pedophile!!!

  • You must not know the diffrence between spanking and a beating. Our daughters are good girls most off the time. But like most kids they step out off line and after grounding and early bedtime our daughters rescive their spanking. Too many brats running wilde and getting away with murder and all because parents are afraid too discipline their kids..

  • Why do you take out your frustrations on smaller and weaker people? I would wager that you would also take great joy in beating elderly people into submissions!
    Get mental help!!!

  • What you never hared off children getting a spanking..

  • Quit molesting them!!!

  • Again its called discipline..

  • Its called discipline..

  • We have three daughters and off course we see them naked at times as said or semi nude and whats wrong with that as their our children and I realy dont see the trouble in smacking them on their bare bottoms. I have just smacked my two oldests bare bottoms and their in bed now. I cant see harm and we are not go allow our daughters too become spoilt and selfish brats and our oldest has being let off with alot lateley and needs her bum take her down a peg or two..

  • And if I stripped and flogged you daily to keep you from becoming a bad neighbor ...?

  • You need to be exterminated!

  • Whys that because our girls are disciplined and have boundaries..

  • No, because you are physically and mentally abusing them!
    They should be taken from you!
    You deserve a severe beating of your own!!

  • Were is mentally or physically abuse comeing into it. Its discipline and a spanking never done my sister or myself any harm and we are a christian family and our girls are involved in lots off social activities incudeing sports. They are loved more than anything by my husband and I. They are sweet and amazeing children and are just thought respect and have morals..

  • They get spanked bare bottom when needed after other forms off discipline dont work..

  • Pedophile

  • The bruises can be photographed long after the look healed. They will leave scars deeper than you know. Maybe she will strike her children too. You approve of someone spanking your grandchildren? I bet you would spank them too. Can't wait to get that ass in the air and hit it, to teach a lesson. Why I bet you would spank another parents kid, if they needed it. Why not? It's just fine with you. It's okay because your parents did it to you.

  • You are a pedophile so your opinion doesn't matter!

  • Im a mother off three daughters and get over it. Like I said its called discipline..

  • You're no mother! You only provided services as a host for about 9 months. You have been a tyrant ever since!
    Those children need to be removed to a REAL loving mother and you need to be imprisoned!

  • I never meant to cause offence and have talked too my husband just after our girls left for school and we bought agree we are doing the right thing with useing spanking as part off discipline. Kelly our oldest and kensey our middle daughter whos 11 are too rescive early bedtime again over next three evenings with bedtime 6.30 after they have bought showerd and will bought rescive a spanking as allways by my husband and I on their bare bottoms each evening before bed. We have talked about it and dont see any reason too change even at 14 which we bought consider to be only a child. I will also ask kelly if shes on her periods when shes due for a spanking. Take care and regardless what you or others may beleave or think its our descission and its allways worked for us..

  • My sister is the only other adult who is allowed to spank our children and I hers. I dont know why you say its wrong when other forms off discipline dont have the same impression on our daughers. It done my sisster or myself know harm when parents spanked our bare bottoms and I see how it can turn our girls little attitudes and smart mouths at times when other forms off discipline dont work. I take it you have know children and you said you got spanked grown up. What harm has it done you and we never bruises our daughters bottoms. Most times its with our hands only and for repeat offences then its there hairbrush and we spank them twice their age. Our oldest daughter is lucky we are even considering letting her keep her panties on. 14 is still a child and when you see the way kids disrespect their parents and teachers today it renforces that how were discipline our girls is the right way. My parents are bought passed away and were good parents..

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