No longer best friends forever.

I had a best friend and I thought that it would be forever, but now I know that it will not be. I was always the one tring, i was always the one makeing sure that she is ok and help her though her problems but the minture that her problems were fixed, she wanted nothing to do with me, I did not matter any more. She would put her boyfriend before me, even when we always said hos over bros. It all ment nothing to her. I helped her not watnt to kill herself. I helped her with all her problems, from her family to friends, from school to her boyfriend. And she has hurt me once again and I have decided not to be the one to bring it up first. I am tired of being the only one tring in this relationship. It was been a week now and she has not asked me what is wrong. That is clearly not what best friends do. As much as I dont want to try any more and dont want to care any more it is hard because of every thing we have been though. Every one tells me to just forget about her and all of it but that is harder than it sounds. What do you think I should do? Should I tell her every thing I feel just to get it off of my chest and get some closer? Or get away from the drama by not talking about it again? Some one please help me.

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  • Friendships and people change. It's hard especially when you see your best friend going in a different direction. This girl does not have your best interests at heart. If she did, she wouldn't treat you the way she does. She is self absorbed and clearly using you as it suits her needs. You're a good person, you deserve to have a friend that listens, supports and helps you the same way you do for them..even if there is a boyfriend around. You will be better off not having this girl in your life. Of course it's hard to let go, you're hoping for the best friend you knew to reappear. Telling your friend good bye is like breaking up with a boyfriend. You guys have history, it's hard to let go. But it's for the best. For closure, yes you should write a letter to her and tell her how you feel. Whether you give it to her or not is up to you. But it will help work through your feelings. If you do send it, don't expect any miracles. For now, she is clearly not capable of being anyone's best friend.

  • I had a best friend like that too! We were best friends for 13 years but since about 2 years ago she changed, things will never be the same between you guys trust me, just walk away and get away from the drama.

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