Can I go from men to women?

I used to be married but it didn't work out for many reasons. Still I was pretty upset and decided I needed to emerge myself in something distracting.

What I did was start cruising gay bars. After a couple encounters I realized I was a top and there are lots of bottoms out there more than willing to hook up with me.

I began s******* almost anyone who was willing. Big, small, hairy, feminine it didn't matter. But eventually I started seeking out smaller, more feminine guys. As long as they are bottoms. I have gained a reputation for what I do and hot bottoms practically throw themselves at me.

I am very dominating, making them do what I want. I do it hard and fast mostly but can last a long time. I like it most when they can stay the night. I give them practically no rest. I have c** four times in one night.

But I am starting to feel like it was just something I needed to get out of my system. I am starting to be more attracted to women. I would love to settle down. I have been tested and am clean. But in my town I have quite a reputation in the gay community.

I believe I can start over with a woman. But can I really?

Mar 10, 2011

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  • You can be a bridge builder your entire life, but you suck one d*** and you're a c********* till you die.

  • U miss the feeling of having someone there n u take out ur frustration on loneliness by sleeping around cuz its easy to access. U can fall in love with whomever but just as long as you're happy.

  • There's actually only one thing you can do for certain....kill yourself!

  • I guess? I'd recommend figuring yourself out. Fall in LOVE with whoever makes your heart flutter.

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