Some of the best feelings in the world

I'm not sick or anything but I think that some of the best feelings in the world are posted below - I'll post 3 then if you think of more comment below

1. Peeing when you really really need to go
2. Pooing when you really really need to go
3. Having an o*****


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  • watching you kill yourself?

  • How about watching YOU kill yourself sick f***!

  • The second poster is a t***

  • The second poster eats turds? Why?

  • I put my peener in your dead moms mouth in the grave 2nd poster! I got me a gummer! It was stinky! Yay! BLLLAAArrrGggHHHAARR!!! I F***** HER CORPSE!! BAYEEEE!!! OOOWWWOOOO!!!!

  • Maybe you should go back to school and learn your grammar and spelling dumb ass! What are you like 13?? I bet you are a f****** loner who obviously likes to f*** his own dead mother!

  • What??? I f***** your dead mother? SHE WAS GREAT!!! I put it in her dried up stinkhole and then dropped off some dead shitflakes in your mailbox!! IT WAS AWESOME! You're a loner? Why? You should get some friends...and kill yourself BBBLLaaaAARRrrGGHHH!!! MY B**** IN YOUR MOM !!! COOL!!!!

  • Your obviously retarded kid with a small p**** who can't get it up unless the person is dead, I bet that turns you on doesn't it? It takes a person with a small brain to come up with the pathetic comebacks like yours, seriously mate if you can't think of anything good to say instead of your little p*** weak comments then go waste your breath on someone who actually gives a s***. Btw I'm not the OP just think it's funny to p*** off a weak minded gutter w**** like yourself. While Im laughing at you 2 days from now you will still be scratching your head wondering what the f*** just happened. Little dirty minded f****** dogs like yourself need to grow up and find maturity in your life, by the sounds of it you will be 40 and still living with your parents collecting government money sitting on your fat ass commenting on other peoples post. Haha

  • How come you want your gutter w**** dead mom to be ass f*****? I don't understand this!!! You like weak p*** in your mouth? How come? Oh...I see, you want C** in your mouth, not weak p***. I've been laughing at you for a week now. Ooooh...and you got to use the word "dog" again. Neat, MATE! Looks like you give a s***...that's cool! Yay!

    Kill yourself.

  • Your not even worth wasting time on I don't know why this person is bothered to replying to your wannabe insults it's just a joke your just a joke and a poor excuse for a boy. Grow up f*****!

  • ....this coming from a moron who starts his post with ," Your obviously retarded kid with a small p****..."

    Seriously? SERIOUSLY???

    ...the goofball taunting you, and yes, it's YOUR (note the proper use of "YOUR") posts he's jabbing at, and it clearly gets under your skin, may be kinda f***** up, but YOU'RE clearly the r***** here.

    Nice try though! Dumbshit...

  • or you could just blow your head off and then give us a 2 for the price of one? That'd be neat!

  • You're kinda gay. I think that's what the f***** up poster is trying to say.

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