We Are doomed

Its so aggravating to find that so much of culture today is leading women to put silicone in their t***. To get their a**** fat. And all you ever find are idiots so hyped up in trying to lose weight or f****** acting like the models in magazines. Every one is just obsessed with s**, and how many guys you can get to check out your t***? It s***. I'm not saying any s*** about staying in the kitchen, but try being YOU! Its f****** annoying trying to disect women who are actually women from plastic filled b****** who will do absolutely anything just to look like magazine s****. And the guys aren't doing too much better either so before these feminist girls who (don't get me wrong, I'm for womens rights, but) take feminism from women having EQUAL rights to women having f****** god powers talk, listen. So... Guys. A****. Why does it seem like any guy I meet is only looking for a one night stand. "OOh, BIG T***, HUGE A****! OMG! I WOULD SERIOUSLY TAP DAT ASS." You f****. Stop trying to being gangster if your f****** white! And the actual 'gangsters' who like rap when its about raping women, and f****** killing people, grow up. What is with this "I'm a tribe" Your a tribe, lets kill each other. Our culture is so F***** UP that the Roman catholics say that we need to hate gays, we need to do all this s*** that makes no sense, and yet the Pope's defending the s*** priests in germany who are molesting and raping young boys... yeah. Religion is f***** up, our culture is f***** up, the generation before did such a good job of being high all the time that they left us with no f****** jobs, a near depression, and no where to start over. Were f*****! F***** you hear? What do we do now? We're on the verge of another f****** cold war, and overpopulation, lack of fossil fuels, f****** close minded a*******, and no one cares! They think that by just getting rich they can go out and be happy. Yeah, f*** you. Everyone's going to parties, and getting high, and getting drunk, and thats fine, but what are you going to be doing in 20 years? Still partying like an immature idiot at 40? F****** doomed.

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  • I'm Roman Catholic and I don't have a problem with gay people. Maybe the world would be a better place if you didn't make assumptions...? I do agree with some of your other points, though. The world does need to change.

  • Wow I adore you. I'm sixteen and I agree with EVERYTHING you just said. Looks like we need to work together to make a change.

  • I agree. What is with our society that makes us feel this way?

  • It's the big corporations that are trying to squeeze out as much money as possible from the general populace. Women didn't used to think that they needed to look like Barbies. They didn't used to think they had to starve themselves or get plastic surgery. Heck, they didn't even think they had to shave their legs! But then the corporations figured out that they could get more money out of women if they convinced women that they weren't beautiful unless they did all those things. They convinced women all over the world, not only that they're ugly, but that men wouldn't want them unless they changed their bodies. Add that on top of centuries of women being told that they are worth nothing unless they are wanted by men, and you've got the perfect s*** storm. Stop believing the lies!!

  • Well...when all esle fails you, and it has, clearly, from reading your post....there can be only one answer to your angst filled life.....kill yourself. Do it today!

  • You are like a serial pest/poster I know who you are and your a f****** loser!

  • Huh what? You're a f****** loser? Sweet! That rocks! Kill yourself now!

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