My wife with black men

I love watching my wife f*** other black men. Oral, vaginal, a***, facial c** shots,... she does it all with them. I love f****** her after she has been used. Typically it's just one guy at a time but every now and then it's two guys at once. I really want to see her double penetrated by blacks. Any other guys out there that like sharing their wife with black men? If so let me know. We can trade photos if you want. Any black guys in the New Orleans area that want to f*** my wife, just let me know.

Mar 14, 2011

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  • I fantasize about my wife with black men. He is muscular and young. She is mature, 52, and pale white. She has freckled shoulders, pink nipples and slightly dimpled legs. She used to be very hairy but time and waxing have done its work, she keeps her hairy p**** though. I’d love to watch her on a massage table under a black man’s hands, and being fingered and f***** very hard.

  • My wife and I joined a swinger site on line a few years ago we met a few couples and white guys but once we had a black guy with a huge c*** come to our home my wife has never looked back she is black only now and I love to watch

  • We're in the same boat only got started with men of color differently. My wife and I separated for 10 months. Too long of a story to go into now but like your wife my wife was overwhelmed with her first black man and large black c***. When we travel we find black men who would like to join us in our hotel room. Some take her once and leave. Others may stay most of the night and enjoy her over and over and over. A few have even gotten on the phone and had friends join them in using her. What do I do? I sit there naked, j********** reaching in and guiding their c**** into her, asking them to get into certain positions, and, cleaning her up each time they finish. She loves it all and so do I.

  • That is great. I would love to see my wife do that. She loves black men and bareback so she can feel them c****** inside her tight white p****. Wish we could find more active black men in Tucson

  • Awesome!

  • I don’t like sharing my wife with anybody; however I must admit undeniable adrenalitic arousal to the thought of my wife cheating with a black man. As a couple in our fifties that have been married for more than 25 years I thought cheating was overcome but lately I feel fear and I want to confess why. My wife has developed a friendship with a coworker way younger than us. She is 28, blond and certainly attractive. She is liberal and vocal about her intimacies and talked my wife into buying a black vibrating d**** that we now use sometimes in bed. Her husband is a black muscular young man that cheated on her and they are going through a painful divorce. My wife have been trying to act as a counselor to make them get back together and meets with each of them on a separate basis for long hours. Everything was nice and good until my wife took a day off to spend it with him. He picked her up at our place early morning, they went shopping for groceries and spent the rest of the day cooking and talking in our home. When I got back from work he was still at home they had been drinking and my wife looked extremely relaxed and pleased. Since that day I can’t help thinking my wife is cheating on me with him and the thought of it arouses and frighten me.

  • Let her have a black man and have some fun. She would be satisfied.

  • We are also from your location. We are Indians and I too have that fantasy. Discussed this topic with her but she generally keeps quiet. Knowing her, i take it as a yes. What is the next step to be taken

  • When we were younger,in our thirties, I got my wife, who was a Sgt in the army stationed at Fort Hood, TX to start f****** around. Within a month she had s** with 5 different guys, 3 of which were in her army unit. She got quite a rep on base and was soon doing this black guy who treated her like a cheap s*** She loved the way that made her feel and when he started loaning her out to his friends she would be gone for a whole day before coming home and crawling into bed with me, sit on my face and have me clean her out. It was great and it got to the point that she would entertain at our apartment so that I could watch her f*** them and I would clean her freshly used c*** in front of the guy or guys she was entertaining. Soon I was s****** these guys when she wasn't home, I became quite the c*********!

  • Nice. Lots of black men there. I love c*** and would suck a nice black man.

  • My wife works in Atlanta, and I know that she LOVES black men, and there certainly are plenty of black men there.

    While she says no, I am fairly confident that she has had s** with at least one, and I'm thinking two black guys.

    She had one black boss that she says use to rub up against her, and if she was even a little attracted to him (which she never admitted to) knowing her thoughts when we have s**, I am sure that she probably "at least" gave him a b*******.

    I set her up with a black guy that I use to work with, that came to our home when I was out of town. He arrived about 9pm, and didn't leave until about 5 the next morning. While they both say nothing happened, spending that much time together, knowingly getting together just to have s**, I know that his black c*** was inside of her, and I'm thinking bareback, because she loves it when I explode in her, I can only imagine if a black guy was inside of her!

    I want to watch her with a black man or 2 some day!

  • My wife loves to be used by black men hard and cumed in deep in all holes nonstop she loves to suck c*** and have groups of men uses her and she will come to you she will be your big w****

  • Ishare my wife with blackmen one nite she got g********* by 15 blackmen all bareback and they all c** in her its great to watch

  • Do you have black children yet?

  • Yes

  • I share my wife with mexican guys. I'm black with white wife. But I only let her suck their c****. Mexican guys are h**** and reliable. Full of c**. Black guys only if u want ur wife taken over. Lol. The wife is sucking a lot of mexican c***. She is loving it! She gets to suck c*** with my blessing.

  • Ya buddy

  • i started sharing my wife with a few friends then a black guy from a local bar now all she wants is blacks she still does my friends but craves black c*** now she said she wants to get preg. and have a black baby boy she also has started asking me to lick and suck her holes after she has been f***** im starting to like it we are both very kinky and love the nasty s** to most of my friends dont want me to lick them clean but a few like it one even has me suck him off my wife loves seeing that and she ask every guy who f**** her to let me lick and suck them i love it because i love to see her as a c** dump for my friends and any black guy that wants her so let them all have white p****

  • Your right i love to let you p*** my wife out

  • There's nothing better than having your wife owned by a black p***. My wife Kelly works 24hrs a day,7 days a week for her p*** Tyrone. He only pimps her out to black men,and they all go bareback with her. Most nights Kelly gets used by over 400 black men. She is so popular because Tyrone only charges $5 for her. Tyrone keeps all the money,and pays her with crack. The best part is that not only do I have to wait until he is done with her,but I have to pay him $100,and I have to use a condom.

  • 400 men in one night hard to believe maybe more like 20 @ 5 bucks a f*ck I would do that many a night for free

  • Apparently you are nothing but a homosexual freak. No wonder your wife let's other men f*** her, she's married to a f*****. Knowing that about you, she's probably starved for real men rather than nancy boys like you.

  • We nancy boys give in to this lifestyle because we love our wives and want to see them satisfied. We are not able to get her off so this is a great solution. I was never homosexual until my wife wanted to see me suck a c*** and I discovered I liked it. You should try it, you will like it to.

  • We have arranged two nights with two different black guys. Great guys and great s** for my wife. I just watch. But I have sucked off quite a few black guys on a web site behind my wife's back. The experience of seeing them with my wife made me want to do this.

  • I'm glad you like it because once you start doing this there is no stopping. I share my wife with other men to,so I know. My wife has now graduated to gang bangs. Her highest number of men so far is eight. And she likes to do it like in th eporno movies. One in her ass and one in her c***.

  • When i told my wife about my fantasy of watching her with another man it took me a few months to talk her into going with me to the p*** theatre just to see what it would be like. I told her nothing was gonna happen and that we would maybe watch a video together alone in a private room. Boy was I wrong. After watching a cuckold movie where the wife brings home a hugely hung blk guy and f**** and sucks him in front of her hubby, she was extremely turned on. After we came out of the viewing room she led me back to the large display of videos telling me how much she loved watching me jerking off as came watching the blk stud f*** the mans wife as she made fun of her hubbys little d***! It wasn't 5 minutes before a slim mid-20s blk guy began a conversation with my wife and me as we looked for another cuckold video. Long story short, he helped us find another similar movie. He told us not to be embarrassed because lots of married men had this fantasy too. My wife told me to invite him with us to watch the movie. He accepted and stood with my wife as i paid to get the video started. When i turned to leave with them my wife was already kissing

  • How has it turned out for you and your wife???

  • Mine has done 50 so far

  • We have only had two have my wife. Both fantastic guys and great experiences. Will have more when we are ready

  • This is ROY, been try 2 get KIM 2 f*** one, been talks a long time about this, she love watch ir p*** move, she ask question about the size {black} she love see the big one, can't keep her eyes off the guy, I think she will????, need a little get her start

  • So many women are frustrated by a lousy s** life. They really long to be whores. You two have done it exactly right.

  • That's hot as far as I'm concerned!,I also like to watch my wife get f***** by other men,most of the time it's by my buddies-sometimes by guy's from the bar or the book store. Have not been lucky enough to find a black guy to f*** her, but I myself have had the plesure of a 13 1/2 inch black c***! keep sharing her and keep her satisfied!!

  • WOW! 13 1/2 inches! Up your butt? That must have hurt before it felt fantastic. Lucky guy!

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