What if?

My girlfriend lives about 2 hrs away from me and theres this guy that lives like 10 minutes from her that she just friended and the other night i was talking to her and she said she was texting jonathan... and she was sorry she couldnt get back to me sooner... Ever since she has been acting weird... she knows i love her to pieces and i wouldnt do anything to hurt our relationship, but she on the other hand might be doing something that goes against everything she promised me.. Babe i would never cheat on you i love you with all my heart... i just dont know how to deal with this...

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  • Unfortunately Im a cheater myself and this sounds like the start of cheating, but all I can say is address her about it, its the only way to be sure.

  • Friended...texted.....grow the f*** up and just talk to her. What did you little idiots do without cell phones?

  • This does not sound right.

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