I think about girls between the ages of

I think about girls between the ages of 11 and 25 sexually, but I'm 14. I think it is creepy that I fantassie about girls about 12, but how normal is it?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • When I was that age, I was VERY overweight and had zero chance with any girls. I lost a lot of weight in college, and once I started dating, I realized I was still attracted to girls that age. I went to a shrink about it, and he said my obesity had caused me to miss an important developmental stage, and what I was experiencing was normal for someone younger than me.

    I've been thinner and dating for over ten years now. (Yes, I am in my 30s.) And I'm STILL attracted to girls as young as 13. Of course, I don't act on the attraction. But, according to my shrink, I will never really get over it. Just have to control it.

    The moral of the story is: Get it out of your system now, while you are young.

  • Stick with the older chicks.......they f*** much better....

  • Normal, I was thinking about the same things at your age. . . probably worse things!

  • i'm a girl & i think about younger & older people sexually all the time.

  • its completly normal.Your a hormonal boy lol

  • You can think whatever you want - just dont act on anything thats illegal.

  • 14 year old guys think about banging everything that walks. Its normal.

  • completely normal... nothing wrong w/ thinking about it.

  • not normal

  • its kinda normal but you shouldnt fantisize about younger girls or younger guys :)

  • I'm a girl but I think it is completely normal because you're just growing. It's puberty.

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