Lying to my husband

My husband thinks I've been with 5 guys, including him. The real number is somewhere around 35 to 40, plus 3 girls. He doesn't know about the girls either and never will.

Sep 8, 2012

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  • If you truly care for come clean with your confession, you will feel better about yourself in the long run. Hopefully he will be able to forgive you. It depends how long you have been together, how much trust his has given you over the years. Their is always a risk he might never trust anything you say. But clearly this has been bothering you. Or could be attention seeking wierdo trying too troll people.

  • Sounds like my wife. She told me she had been molested by her uncle and had s** with one boyfriend. After we were married I started finding out little by little. Now the count is around 30 male and female and there are some she don't want to talk about. The uncle was a regular for a few years. Started out as him molesting her but she liked it and they had a very active sexual relationship from the time she was 12 until almost 16. He shared her with his brother and a couple of friends. Sometimes it bothers me but it is a turn on when she tells me about it. She is still keeping secrets and I know she has had men meet her since we have been married. She denies having s** with them but her cover story changes. I feel because of her past that she doesn't have the right to say no when I want s**.

  • Your being a d***. Showing no concern for her feelings. I grew up in an abusive, emotional and sexual abuse home. Over time one forgets every detail. Sometimes remember a instance then whil sharing remember something that was buried. And your conversation allows other memories come through. Unless she has given you reasons not too trust. Your being a d*** if your using guilt to get s** from her.your no better then her family in that respect. There if she can ever get over the fear of leaving you. And leave your ass. She will stay in that cycles. This type of cycle happens when the victim has been shamed, and continues to be manipulated. I give you a small concession, she may continue to play victim. For the attention she recieves. But you must help her rise above this if you truly care.

  • You should share, just make sure you're both drunk so if it goes crossways you can claim he imagined ît...what's one more lie ?
    PS dirty s***....we love you :-)

  • You should die of cancer promptly , you fuking disease

  • You s***! Lol as long as you love him he loves you it doesn't matter. 3 girls I would love it if my wife told me about her experimental days that's really hot!

  • What he doesn't know won't hurt him. Unless you have a few dozen STD's, then he might care.

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