Lying to my husband

My husband thinks I've been with 5 guys, including him. The real number is somewhere around 35 to 40, plus 3 girls. He doesn't know about the girls either and never will.

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  • Sounds like my wife. She told me she had been molested by her uncle and had s** with one boyfriend. After we were married I started finding out little by little. Now the count is around 30 male and female and there are some she don't want to talk about. The uncle was a regular for a few years. Started out as him molesting her but she liked it and they had a very active sexual relationship from the time she was 12 until almost 16. He shared her with his brother and a couple of friends. Sometimes it bothers me but it is a turn on when she tells me about it. She is still keeping secrets and I know she has had men meet her since we have been married. She denies having s** with them but her cover story changes. I feel because of her past that she doesn't have the right to say no when I want s**.

  • You should share, just make sure you're both drunk so if it goes crossways you can claim he imagined ît...what's one more lie ?
    PS dirty s***....we love you :-)

  • You should die of cancer promptly , you fuking disease

  • You s***! Lol as long as you love him he loves you it doesn't matter. 3 girls I would love it if my wife told me about her experimental days that's really hot!

  • What he doesn't know won't hurt him. Unless you have a few dozen STD's, then he might care.

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