Bi curious

I am a female. when i m********* i think about girls. i have no intention of being in a relationship with a girl but am open to the idea of 'fooling around' and it turns me on. i am confused. i like boys but girls turn me on more. is this normal? Am i bisexual? Or am i just going through a 'faze'??

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  • keep on masturbating. If a girl asks you to c** with her, do it. It's just your hormones wanting to c** for any reason. it's not about identity; it's about yay s**!

  • you are probaly bicurious . Google " bisexual test" try a few different tests . yup

  • You are neither going through a phase nor bisexual or anything like that. When you areq "in the mood" your Mind thinks differently. If someone asked you, let's say, will you suck a mans b****? At that moment that you think about it you'd say no and maybe think its disgusting, but when you are aroused you would do it. That it because the mind is weak when your body is aroused, this is why men can rape and girls end up doing things they are not proud of. Don't worry, you're fine :)

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