I want my mother in law!

I've lusted for my mother in law for 5 years now and want her so bad I can't stand it. I don't understand why though because she's completely average just has big 40d **. I got a sneak peek at her ** last night and she has a nice little fat **. She still walks around with no bra on and has big gumdrop ** that poke out at you 24/7! Every time she bends over I get a good shot at her entire ** and I love it. I need to have her at least once!

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  • Best ever!!

  • I ** after my ** mil for 8 years now i have seen her ** mmm i want to ** on them and i also seen her ** a few time she has the nicest ** i ever seen. like to do i went to her house after work she needed some things and asked me to pick them up for her she was washing dishies when i got there and i got behind her and rub my ** in her ** crack she kept moving her hips and was talking to me she didnt move away or anything i had my hands on her hips and she didnt move away and when im over there on weekends she only wears a night gown with nothing on under it and many times i wanted to get behind her and slide my ** in her ** and ** her for a good long time i want my mil and i think she wants me but i dont know if she does or not she is shy i think when it comes to me but i need to know should i play with her ** next time and her ** to see if she wants to ** or not?

  • I’ve wanted my mil for 14 years. I take her dirty ** and get her panty liners out of the trash. I love the smell of her **. It smells and taste just like my wife’s. My wife knows what I do and that I want to sleep with her mom. I tell her about it while we have **. She doesn’t like to hear about it but she says that I can fantasize over it if that’s what I like. She knows that when the time is right I’m am going to try to get her mom in bed with me. She’s not really excited about it but she has told me it’s okay but only once. I wish she would agree to watch us but she’s not there yet.

  • Wow nice!!!

  • I have lusted after my mil Betty for many years. There is a photo that shows her beautiful brown areolas and big **. I have pleasured myself many times looking at that photo. The time just never seems right . I have no idea if she thinks of me in that way. I wish I knew if she did before it is too late.

  • I want my mother in-law too and she knows it.

    I was ** once thinking of her, I took a couple pictures of it and sent it to her. She never told anybody.

    About a year later I sent another and I was wet in the picture too. Like lots of pre-** dripping. She responded saying “nice”. That’s it, nothing else.

    We see each other often, probably weekly as she watches our kids if we go out, family gatherings etc. She has never mentioned it or told anybody, including her husband. I want to make a move but scarred too .. lol

  • Make a move when you are alone with her.

  • I am the same i want my mother in law so bad she knows i have sniffed and cummed in her ** but shes married and i know she aint happy i have wanked over her as she has stayed over at my house but she dont know i have also sniffed her ** why she is alseep just dont know how to tell her i want to ** her

  • My mother in law Camille Carlson is around fifty but she is the beautiful woman I've ever seen. My wife, her daughter is also stunning physically and mentally. However her mother gets me going like no women I've ever been around. My wife and I have amazing ** very satisfying but there's some things I wish she'd do or do better. I've always been very open to communication about our ** life. I can make her ** in 2 minutes flat in several different ways but some nights I have to think about her mom to get off. I'll ** her from behind for 25 minute just to nut after she's ** already. Every time I see Camille I just want to tell her how much I've always wanted her. She's got such a nice ** and the most beautiful **. I'm pretty sure she's caught me staring dozens of times and I remember once we got really drunk together and she let me grab her ** numerous times and rub on her ** but nothing came of it. I'm worried I may have scared her off by being so upfront but I just can't help but feel like she's attracted to me too because she's always complimenting my appearance and how good of a husband I am. She's single on and off and I feel like I could give her what she needs but I'm sure she needs more than just a boy toy. My wife has no idea I'm so attracted to her but I always ** thinking about her mom and how good she could ** me. I bet she knows exactly how to please a man and could make me bust so hard. I wish she'd just ride my ** while I watch her fat ** bounce in my face. I'd also love to eat and ** her ** until she came all over me. Eat her ** till she ** on my face. Lick and swallow all her delicious ** juices and ** her wet ** and just hope she ** on my ** a dozen times. I hope she reads this and feels the same way.

  • Go for it, I did best but I've busted.

  • This is a true story ! My mother in law was having a lot of hip and back pains At the same time I had been going to therapy for my elbow I was prescribed a steroid lotion I told her it may help but you shouldn’t get it on your clothes
    I went to her house and she was in her night gown I was seriously a little shocked as I came in the room she slid her ** off and layed on the bed I started massaging her kneeling beside the bed I did pick up her ** and smell them during the massage she said to massage her buttocks I got in the bed I was dressed and massaged her She then rolled on her back and I saw he little almost hairless ** I massaged her feet and legs she loved it I got a second opportunity to massage her and it went much better for me

  • I have lusted after my mother in law Betty for nearly forty years. She is everything that is ** in a woman.

  • My mother in law loves to sit next to me during family events. She even likes to cuddle with me, my wife’s family is not so big on affection and touching like hugs and stuff but her mom is. One day I was in her room chilling with her Bf helping him put together the kids toys and she came out the bathroom in a towel. Both of them know I’m gay and I married her daughter. I couldn’t help it, her mom grabbed me and gave me a big ** bear hugged and locked my legs into hers we fell on the bed, the Bc laughed and said nothing. I’m 25 her mom is around 42..cougars are my weakness. I wanna ** her so bad but idk if she’s into the lesbian thing...

  • I have a thing for my MIL too. She's 54, looks more like late 30s. My wife is pretty, but she's chubby and she got most of her looks from her dad. However, her mom is fit and beautiful with a tight ** and firm **. She's also a redhead, which is a bonus for me (my wife is brunette). I can't even begin to calculate how many times I've thought about ** her.

  • Skirt and lavender for my bars session 💜

  • Can I have my 💝Mmmmm

  • Mmmm yummy maw maw ang!💝

  • I have a major crush on my mother in law...7yrs now been ** with hee on my mind....my wife n I usually fantasize n role play and she realised that i ** so intensely when we role play abt hee mom....she conceived our last born while were were role playing me ** her mom....i came so hard that night...
    But with time...av started sending her love messages...buy her stuff n send her money whenever she is in need...she is 65yrs ....so close she now has to call me before she sleeps usually past midnight...n we talk for long her not knowing am ** from her voice....
    I have asked her out for date hoping it will lead to a first touch....first kiss n maybe our first **...by now she knows am into her n she seems to be excited abt this but none of us has come open abt it.....Sexina my mom in law...wish she is reading this....i want you for me....

  • I want the same thing, Kay

  • My MIL has recently started kissing and pressing here big T*** into me when she sees me. We took family Christmas pictures and I had my arm around my wife. She posed next to my wife and kept pressing her t** into the back of my hand. We took multiple takes and she kept doing it. Then a few weeks later we are discussing her husband who has health problems and she tells me he's broken everywhere. I think we have a thing going and I'm going to try and escalate it to see where it goes. I want her so bad it hurts.

  • This is not uncommon. It just happens. I have a thing for wife’s aunt. We flirt and have confessed our desires but we have boundaries. It’s all fun and all good.

  • Bro I want head from my mother in law Nd I wanna bang her soooo ** bad but she never cheated so I’m guessing that’s a no no

  • I love to fantasize about my MIL pinning me down a reverse facesitting me. She wears these tight black, shiny, nylonish, string bikini **. I see them when she’s in the kitchen bending down while cooking. So afraid to sneak a pic...my luck i get caught. Once she wore white pants with a long shirt to cover her **. My kingdom to smother in that mean ** **.

  • I want my MIL so bad that i cannot stop fantasising about it. My other half is beautiful, a slim brunette and is 12 years younger than me. Her mum is a blonde in her 50's, also pretty, curvy but not overweight but with the most incredible **. From the very first time I met her I wanted her and its just getting worse. Every time I see her I am checking her out and imagining getting her away from everybody else so that I can somehow engineer a scenario where I can get her naked and f*** her. And the thing is I know she thinks I'm attractive as she is constantly telling my other half how handsome she thinks I am. Recently when she hugs me to say bye and kisses me on the cheek, I started letting my mouth brush hers and have progressed this, when it is just the two of us, to actively kissing the side of her mouth and this may be my imagination but she seems to be doing the same thing now. This is more than fantasy, I have never wanted anybody this bad and I know that if i am able to engineer a situation where it can happen I will absolutely do it.

  • Hey - I get it. I'd eat my MIL's ** sight unseen at the drop of a dime. Blonde, 5'0, 115, hips, regular pedi's....Having a hot wife with a hot MIL, sometimes I feel like the luckiest guy in the world! Nope, can't bang MIL but I certainly don't balk to get togethers, holidays, dinners, etc... always checking her out and sneaking pics **!

  • I would love to f*** my MIL. She had really big D cup t*** and a nice round a**. I've watched her bend over when helping her with yard work and she wasn't wearing a bra and her t*** loomed so big with nice round ** that looked like marbles. Everytime I hug her I grind against her and she hugs me tighter. I think She may be picking up on my pheremones especially since she is a widow. Next time I visit her I'm going to go commando and let her feel my c*** and huh her and let my hands slide down to her a** and see if she responds. Hopefully with the vibes I've been getting feom her, she'll grab my c*** and and I'll bemd her over and f*** her from behind and c** inside her p**** and make her c** too!

  • It’s tough being infatuated with your MIL.
    I have been for twenty years I’m 47 and she just turned 80 but still hot as **.
    My wife knows I ** about her mom because she found pictures I photo shopped her face onto old women ** pics. But she didn’t care and that made want sally even more.
    I’ve been lucky enough to see her ** without her knowledge of course. And I’ve retained those in my spank bank witch is almost daily I ** about her.
    I’ve been gifted with a large ** and had made numerous attempts to expose myself in front her. But I’ve only got as close her seeing my massive bulge in my boxer briefs.
    I would love to have ** with sally but I would settle for a ** and see here elderly hands wrapped around my ** until I explode ** all over her face.

  • Man, that’s my whole story!

  • My desires for MIL have been burning in me for over 3 years and have no idea how to approach it

  • True Story. Me and my girlfriend of 3 years were riding in a car with my girlfriends mom. She looks exactly like my girlfriend but just at age 50, so I already had a thing for her. Anyways, outta nowhere when we were driving she asked if I **. I was blown away.. did she actually ask that.. in front of her daughter too lmao. I was just stunned, and was like uuuhh yeah I guess. I have no idea why she asked that but apparently my girlfriend knew she was gonna ask that bc they're really big on waiting till marriage for **. I couldn't wait to get home and ** it. Not to mention she once wore a skintight dress with a low cut back and asked me how she looked after she slowly skinned around. Me again stunned, just said, "you look nice". Idk if there's anything there but man.

  • My MIL Vera is 74, Russian and a **. I really really want her and I think she wants me too. I walked into our kitchen the other day and she was bent over the table writing. I squeezed past her to get to the fridge making sure I brushed my c**k up against a**. As I did she pushed back against me moving her hips from side to side. I nearly shot my load on the spot. She never said anything but just kept writing. I have often noticed her ** harden when I come into the room. She rarely wears bras so it is very visible. She lives in the apartment next door so I have plenty of opportunities to be alone with her. Trying to get up the courage to take it to the next level. Any suggestions ?

  • I've been ** Vera for about 10 months now. It is the best wildest ** I have ever had. We ended up just grabbing each other in the kitchen one day after months of me trying to get her attention. I didn't think she was getting the message, How wrong I was. We ** most mornings when her hubby and my missus are gone to work. I work from home and she is retired. I can't get enough of her and she loves to dress in the sexiest lingerie for me. Never thought a 75 year old ** could get me so ** on a daily basis. We had ** this morning and hoping for more this afternoon. Motto of the story: Never give up. Chances are she'll get the message eventually and spread her legs for you...Happy Days !!

  • Whatever we post or reply here is it anonymous?

  • Get your tongue up her ** ASAP!

  • I finally got my mother in law sharon to give me the best ** ever and had her pull down her pants against the kitchen sink counter. She was looking out the window for her husband, while I slipped my ** inside her wet **. She was 61 and still hot ** tight perfect ** shape. Her ** were still like a 18 year old perfect round tight ** also. I got so excited that I couldn’t get hard, I was dreaming of this moment for 17 years and finally here I am behind her with her ** ** that I always wondered what it would look like is naked in front of me and she wants my ** inside her wet **.. I couldn’t believe it was actually happening!! Like it’s no longer a fantasy day dreaming or wishing a sit would ever happen. I finally squeezed my ** really hard and slipped it back and forth inside here, she hadn’t had ** in a long time and she was quivering with each stroke Inside her. She finally got nervous and stopped.. I had to ** off to her ** and had her give me a nice slow **. I came in my hand she couldn’t believe how much I had cummed! She always felt bad and never did it again. I still love her to death and she feels the same.

  • Is this Sharon? If it is, I used to date her daughter Linda, I also slept with her. Her hubby was a biker and always had drinking parties over their house, with bikes all over the yard. She was drinking and smoking cannibas. It all started with joking around about how her hubby never makes time for her and makes her prep every weekend for his buddies to have a good time and she cleans up after them. He has been having issues getting up and he makes her give him
    A ** for long period and he ** and she gets nothing... I told her how long I’ve had a crush on her ... next thing I know, we weren’t kissing and we had **.... She never mentioned it again.... this was back in 1993, her daughter and I broke up July 1994 and haven’t seen her since then.

  • I would love to stick my ** in between my mil Veronica’s **

  • ** I would love to pound my MIL Zora all night long... ** if even my fiancee found out, it would be worth it.

  • Did you ** her?

  • Yes! Well... Kinda! It slipped in maybe half of my ** as she was very very tight! I could only
    Last maybe 2 min and I couldn’t keep it hard!! After all those years of fantasizing to this moment I FAILED!! Too nervous couldn’t handle that it was finally really happening, no longer a fantasy that will never become nothing. Yet it was actually taking place and I couldn’t handle the reality of it! I regret it every day now that I couldn’t stay hard and let my nerves get the best of me. I would do
    Anything to go back to that only one moment in time and do it right!

  • My mother on law is also named Zora and I would love to ** her and ** all over her with my sister in law watching

  • Hey guys, I posted a comment a month ago about ** for my wife's mother, who's Mexican, and this morning I caught her changing with the door slightly cracked open while myself and my wife were relaxing on the couch. The door is directly adjacent to the living room, so I got a quit peak at her mom changing for work while my wife was in the bathroom :)

  • Let her catch you and see how she reacts.

  • My mom in law Coral is a real **. However she has big ** and a fat **. Because she is such a **, I sneak into her house when she is not there and ** off in her clean bras and **. The ** has no ** idea.

  • My MIL is from Mexico. Her ** husband use to beat her and cheat on her with different women. When I met my wife(girlfriend then) I thought nothing about her. Her husband left the family and stayed in Mexico(wasn't deported). I started having feelings for my Mexican MIL when one day I was peeping tom under the bathroom door, and saw a reflection of her beautiful naked body from the floor. It was a clear view. Her ** were average and she had perky **. I peep at her still when I visit her with my wife. When she urinates I can see her shaved **. When she goes to work she changes her bra while urinating, so I can see her beautiful **. When she takes a bath the shower curtain is open, so I can see her beautiful body.

    I started having raging hormones for her when one night I caught my MIL bringing home her bf. My wife and her brothers flew to Chicago to visit family, and I stayed to work. I didn't have the keys, so I couldn't be sneaky and watch her get the shaft in her. She was surprised I was at the house. I've caught her showering with the door open when she's home alone, and I've heard her masturbating. I had to ** my meat to that. Another night she caught me in the house when she didn't know I was there. I pretending to be sick with a headache, so she didn't know I was spying on her. I got to see her in her bra. She never told my wife, so it's been kept between her and I. My Mexican MIL is 42. Can you believe that? No man in her life.

    I walk around her house shirtless. She caught me walking out the bathroom with my boxers on. She didn't say anything until she got mad at me for some issue, and she told my wife. I'm 230lb black man. I've been going to the gym lately, so when she sees my body maybe she will crave me. I hope her and I set it off. She's heard me ** my wife before. Maybe she miss that in her life.

  • She’s begging. You need to throw her a beaten.

  • My MIL has teased me forever. She is the sexiest woman I've ever known and has given me instant erections just looking at her legs, even in church! I almost came in my pants and she knew it! I don't know what to do. I told her I wanted to dress her up like a **, take her to nice places and show her off and then ** her around-the-world. We had lunch one day and she said she was, "Too old."! Like I said she teases me unmercifully!

  • Kind of the same I have been with my wife since high school and their nothing my mil doesn't know about me for as long as I can remember I've always had a fetish for corduroy pants on women to make a long story short years into my marriage I noticed my mother-in-law would purchase and where corduroy pants a lot. All I can think of is she knew what turn me on so I thought maybe she warm for me . Anyways one day I come home from work and my mother-in-law is in the laundry room doing laundry I couldn't help but notice she had a burgundy pair of tight fitting chords on with black boots and a leather belt I couldn't resist I asked her if those were new pants that she recently purchased and she said yes and she asked me how do you think they look and I told her they look great but I also asked if I could feel them . She is 54 years old 5 foot 2 about a hundred and twenty five pounds with the most beautiful thighs and ** and a gorgeous face and I asked to die for . After copping a feel I drove my hands up the inside of her thighs and with no resistance from her she spread her legs and I remember rubbing her ** one thing led to another we had the most amazing ** she knew what she wanted and she knew how to get it after that time she told me we can never do this again but also told me I would always be allowed to grow per anytime I want it we still to this day flirt with each other and turning each other on. It makes for amazing ** with her daughter after we turn each other on

  • Ok this morning on our way to work. My MIL let me put my hand in her pants and she didn't stop me. I tired to reach her **. But her seat belt was to tight. I hope on our way home from work. She'll let me go for it again

  • I want my MIl so bad. I ride with her everyday to work. I've wanted to pull of and tell her let's jump in the back seat. She even started wearing tight shirts around me. Ppl help give me some onsite on how to open up to her more.

  • U need to tell her see where it. Leeds

  • I feel for you. After a very long time of teasing me in all kinds of moments my MIL and I finally had a situation where we could of ** our brains out. Her husband always kept a tight grip on her and it always blocked us from **. But at this moment she played the Prim and Proper, Holier then though house wife! As I heard, a family member died and she became super straight-laced.
    My MIL has had great fun knowing I've jacked off over her more times than I can count! I actually told her that the first time I saw her in a micro-mini dress and ** stockings I had to ** just fantasizing about her!

  • Same here for the last 10 years. We've made out but that's it.

  • Day homie my mil knows that i got a thing for her shed seen my ** and when me and her daughter used to stay whit her and my wifes dad

  • Just ask her to **

  • I will

  • Did you gets her?

  • Share your experience if you did, tell me you got her and your ** went on her everywhere

  • I Have done some things already like contact her from an anonymous number and told her how much I enjoy her taste and scent she said "do I know you" as if she knew it was me even though she doesn't I've also came in her ** for her to find but no way of knowing if she discovered or knows need advice on how to advance this situation

  • I think after reading this that I am going to ** on my mother in law Zora's ** in hopes that she will find her underwear soaked with her son in law Ron's sperm and enjoy it!

  • OMG...I am so rock hard right now just dreaming of my mother in law Zora finding her ** with ** from her son in law Ron all over them. Just the thought of Zora touching and smelling my sperm and rubbing some of it on her ** tasting it and smearing it on her hairless ** makes me crazy with ** for her and rock hard.

  • Zora this is Ron, I want to see your bald ** and I want you to see my hard pulsating ** and hanging big, smooth **. I can't wait to pull my pants down right in front of you and for you to touch my **. I can't wait to shove my tongue into your smooth bald ** and taste your **....

  • Any news?

  • I also came in my mll ** and pantyhose. Love her smell and sexxy legs in pantyhose

  • I've worn my mother in laws dirty **, pantyhose many,many times. Also love to wear her open toed slingback heels. Lots of loads have been shot wearing her things!!

  • I'd love to ** in the crouch of her **

  • I'd love to pump a load into her pantyhose.

  • I love it too!

  • You are just a sick person. You came on her underwears thats just not rite buddy you need help asap!!!... Good luck with your life.

  • I agree! Horrible! Ashamed to admit I laundered my MIL's black, satin, string bikini in my mouth. Shameful. It was summer and she usually wears them for 3-5 days in a row (sells them on 'net for $220 a pop). Sad.

  • What a gross dude lol

  • Then I will ** on your face d1ckbrain.

  • LMAO i said the same thing

  • That's bad ** came on her ** u I should ask her to have ** with you

  • It's great to know that I'm not alone in having these feelings. When I got out of the Military moved in with mother in law, she's 50 everything on her is average but for some reason I'm extremely ** for and desire her. It all started one day after getting out of the shower I go to get my towel off the rack and o smell this scent that just makes my ** spring to attention so I I look and her pajama pants that she where's for a week with no ** before washing was saturated in her juices and smelled so sweet I immediately pressed them to my face still moist I began to give them a taste, we no longer live with her but everytime I go over there I make sure to get my hands on a pair of her ** and sniff and taste them sometimes take a pair home, she has flashed me her ** lips twice once readjusting on the couch in her pajama shorts seemed to be accidental and while talking to me exposing her hole in her worn pants, my wife and I have talked about polygamy she is semi open to the Idea we are both atheist but to mention her mother I don't think she would want any parts of that the problem is I want her mother bad I've pretended to be sleep on the couch with my ** out and she would stare at me with this hungry look before leaving for work I think she is interested but don't know how to make moves towards my goal with out confessing outright the frustration

  • I flirted with my MIL on facebook a few times... then i sent some dirty things in an anonymous email, she knew who it was and responded back YES. However since then I think she has cold feet b/c she won't respond back when I text her incognito

  • I lately all I can think of is my mother in law, I think of her more than my wife now. Here lately when we greet each other she started kissing me on the cheek, I'm sure it probably means nothing but I still love it. Sometimes we stay at my in laws house and she will sleep in some short shorts and tank top. She's always shown nice cleavage and I desire her so much now!! Please ** me suegra.


  • I often wear just a pair of gym shorts and was able to pull them down enough to rub my c o c k up against my mother in law Dottie while we were both reaching for an old book in her basement, oh my god, I left a bit of pre c u m on her shorts, how ** i n g hot was that. We live next door to each other and she walked in the kitchen door one day when I was naked, she just stood there in shock starring, I could feel it starting to grow and it was straight out before I said sorry and ran to get some clothes-she never said anything to the wife so I figured she liked what she saw. A month or so later I see her walking over and quickly get naked and sit on the couch and grab the laptop. As she enters she says hello and I reply hello so she'll come in the room where I'm slowly stroking it, oh she says, it's ok I replied, have a seat I'll be done in a minute, she sits in the rocker and looks at the tv. I didn't need to pull up some **, just the fact she stayed in the room made me hard, but I was hoping to show her some **. I was moaning and groaning for her and getting close to ** when I asked her to get me a paper towel, when she returned I was just about to blow, holding the laptop with one hand and stroking with the other I told her to hold it over the head so it wouldn't get on the couch and she did and I blew stream after stream while moaning oh Dottie oh Dottie with my hips bucking hard some of my c u m landed on her hand and arm. I said thank you Dottie as I lay my limp member on my belly, Dottie uses the soaked paper towel to wipe her arm but not her hand, I'll just throw this in the garbage she says, as I sneak a peak I see her licking her hand-now I'm hard again and she heads to the door and says I'll see you later.


  • Fake

  • You seem to not understand the point of thes stories

  • I want my mother in law so bad everytime we go to there house I get so hard and I go to the bathroom to blow my load on her dirty ** she have such I nice bag fat ** I want to blow my load all over her ** and **

  • Omg, I want to ** all over my mother in law Zora's ** with my sister in law Rhonda jerking my **. I want to see Rhonda's ** jiggle and shake as my ** squirts ** all over her mother Zora's sweet **. Then I want Rhonda and I to lick Zora's ** clean....

  • Rhonda, I want you to devour my ** and squeeze, crush and mangle my ** until my throbbing engorged ** pumps it's ** all over you and your mother Zora's **...

  • Just the thought of you Rhonda and your mother Zora watching my ** pump out it's ** in front of both of you makes me almost ** in my pants. I want both of you to see my ** with it's huge perfectly shaped head and my big hanging smooth **

  • Rhonda this is Ron and I want you to ** my ** with your mother Zora watching and for you and Zora to take turns until I ** on both of you.

  • Rhonda this is your brother in law Ron and I want to feel your mouth on my ** and to see your ** sway and jiggle as you ** me. I want to feel my warm creamy ** pump into your mouth while you squeeze the ** out of my ** and I want tour mom Zora to be naked watching us....

  • Rhonda, I want you and your mom to torture my ** and **. Tie my ** up with rope and you and your mother Zora take turns at torturing my ** until I ** for both of you....

  • Wouldn't ya just love to smother in that pantied fat **?

  • Tell her before it is too late. Mine died before I could. Kept some of her blouses and trousers which I wear at suitable times in her memory and imagine being close to her.

  • I was 24 and my Mil was 45 when I met her the 1st time and fell in love, the most beautiful woman, she is now 82 and I am 61 never had the courage to tell her how I felt, at 82 would still love to marry her and lick her ** and ** her every night, going to bed with her every night would be a long dream come true, never loved someone as much as I love her

  • I was 29, she was 46, when I met my MIL and I fell for her instantly. Married for 24 years to my wife, her daughter. Wife & I live with MIL for last 15 years and it has been an interesting life because we have a connection. We have made out but that is it. I ** for her every day, literally.

  • Like the keeping of her memories. Do the same and sometimes tare the clothes off like I would have liked to do to her, The sound of flying buttons and ripping material makes me come.

  • I love this. I was 23 and she was 43. She was wearing a mini dress and ** nylons. I almost popped in my pants! I'm now 66, she is 86' and I still love her. She is still incredibly **. I have a recent photo of her at her 86th birthday party. She has on pink lipstick, her mouth is in an oval, and she is getting ready to blowout birthday candles! So **!

  • I have the same feelings for my mil had drunken parties and touched her ** and she smiled really want to take it further I'm 58 she is 85 and has a wonderful body really want to f*** her

  • So incredibly hot! I want to ** her so much. I'd marry her in a heartbeat!

  • Why don't you creep into her bed and ** her I am sure that she will submit better still lick her ** before she knows what is happening and will not be able to resist

  • Will try that with her

  • I share similar story, met my MIL when I was 29 and she was 46. I remember what she was wearing and how she looked. I remember thinking, should I go after her instead? 23 years later and married to her daughter, I still think tat same thought. I have lived with my MIL and wife for 18 years.

  • I was 29 when I met my MIL and I feel the same way you do. I have lived with her for 15 years, it's mental ** torchure. I wish my wife would okay with it.

  • My Dorothy is 83 and she kisses me on the lips whenever she can, I sneak over to their house when they are out and I have cummed in her clean ** and in her bras as well as put ** on her tooth brush and inhalers. I put her ** on her pillow and make like I'm ** ing her in her bed under the covers, I love being naked in her bed, I've left my pubic hairs on her pillow. I brought home a pair of her dirty ** and ** on the ** and then lick it. I filled her vagisil tube with **, just think my ** on her c u n t lips. I put ** in her retainer, I wonder if she tasted something funny.

    Wish I could eat you Dottie, Love Steve

  • My MIL Vera is 74, Russian and a **. I really really want her and I think she wants me too. I walked into our kitchen the other day and she was bent over the table writing. I squeezed past her to get to the fridge making sure I brushed my c**k up against a**. As I did she pushed back against me moving her hips from side to side. I nearly shot my load on the spot. She never said anything but just kept writing. I have often noticed her ** harden when I come into the room. She rarely wears bras so it is very visible. She lives in the apartment next door so I have plenty of opportunities to be alone with her. Trying to get up the courage to take it to the next level. Any suggestions ?

  • Love it! I wish I could eat Shirley. Love Mike

  • That is awesome. I am marred 20 years to her daughter but I have loved my MIL since the day I met her. I never had the courage.

  • Me too

  • I asked my mother in law for a ** ive wanted her so long. She flirts and she even changed her clothes infront of me and though i only saw her beautiful ** with ** see through lacey bra stretched out over them. I am actually in love with her. It took years but i finally went to see her when i knew she would be alone. I tried to ** her in the garage but she said we cant. I explained how bad i want her and she said she knows but she loves her daughter toom much. No mention of her husband we talked carressed then i had the feeling while holding her if i just start kissing her i know she will ** me. I did not want to risk it but i wish i had it would have been the most amazing ** ever. She never told her daughter and i know she wants to ** and the attraction is very mutual but now unfortunately she does not undress infront of me anymore and does not deliberately bend over infront of me so her lace covered ** pop out so she does not arouse me but she still arouses me. I want to ** her atleast once or atleast see her totally ** she is such a ** and she is 65

  • I'd go for it I so want to ** my mother inlaw and I told my wife and she said it would be hot

  • That's awesome

  • You are lucky ..

  • My mother in law hase a huge beautiful ** that drives me crazy he'll of firm dam I want it at least ones

  • Want it at least ones?

  • I would love to f**k my mother in law Sharon,wanted to for years now,but I know my sister in law's boyfriend Darren f**ks her,I have heard them going at it a couple of times and from what I have heard he definitely gets the job done,plus I have heard he is hung like a f**king horse so I don't think she would have any use for me,the last time I heard them he had to have made her ** 3 or 4 times,I think she is satisfied getting what she's getting!

  • Well he's a lucky motherF!!!!R

  • My mom in law Coral has some nice big shapely **. I have been banging her foecthe last 15 years. She and I are an item. She lusts after my ** and I just love her **. Coral baby you rock.

  • I wish my mother in law Zora Sue would ** my ** and mangoe my **...Zora, this is Ron, I want to feel your mouth on my ** and your sweet ** on my stomach...

  • Zora, I want you to see my raging, throbbing **. I want you to touch it and feel its pulsating power. I want you to feel how hard and hot my ** feels and to feel how velvety smooth the head feels on your lips. Zora this is your son in law Ron and I want you to squeeze and crush my big ** while you and Rhonda watch my ** u ggke, ** and pulsate for you. I want you, zora and Rhonda to take turns sucking the precum out if my doc until I ** on both of you....

  • Wish I was you

  • My big titted mother in law Coral is a ** bomb. She and I have regular **. We have been doing this for over 15 years. I love it when she ** on my ** and fingers me deep in my **. I Love Coral.

  • I will come there and f**k every single one of your mother in law , wives and sisters. They will love it. All you sad losers can watch me do the deed and learn how to f**k.

  • You probably cant even get it hard ** loser

  • I have wanted to have ** with my mother in law Zora ever since the first time I met her. Zora always stares at my ** and I always stare at her ** **...we both love it.....

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