I want my mother in law!

I've lusted for my mother in law for 5 years now and want her so bad I can't stand it. I don't understand why though because she's completely average just has big 40d t***. I got a sneak peek at her panties last night and she has a nice little fat camel toe. She still walks around with no bra on and has big gumdrop nipples that poke out at you 24/7! Every time she bends over I get a good shot at her entire t*** and I love it. I need to have her at least once!

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  • I want my MIl so bad. I ride with her everyday to work. I've wanted to pull of and tell her let's jump in the back seat. She even started wearing tight shirts around me. Ppl help give me some onsite on how to open up to her more.

  • Just ask her to f***

  • I Have done some things already like contact her from an anonymous number and told her how much I enjoy her taste and scent she said "do I know you" as if she knew it was me even though she doesn't I've also came in her panties for her to find but no way of knowing if she discovered or knows need advice on how to advance this situation

  • You are just a sick person. You came on her underwears thats just not rite buddy you need help asap!!!... Good luck with your life.

  • That's bad ass came on her panties u I should ask her to have s** with you

  • It's great to know that I'm not alone in having these feelings. When I got out of the Military moved in with mother in law, she's 50 everything on her is average but for some reason I'm extremely h**** for and desire her. It all started one day after getting out of the shower I go to get my towel off the rack and o smell this scent that just makes my d*** spring to attention so I I look and her pajama pants that she where's for a week with no panties before washing was saturated in her juices and smelled so sweet I immediately pressed them to my face still moist I began to give them a taste, we no longer live with her but everytime I go over there I make sure to get my hands on a pair of her panties and sniff and taste them sometimes take a pair home, she has flashed me her p**** lips twice once readjusting on the couch in her pajama shorts seemed to be accidental and while talking to me exposing her hole in her worn pants, my wife and I have talked about polygamy she is semi open to the Idea we are both atheist but to mention her mother I don't think she would want any parts of that the problem is I want her mother bad I've pretended to be sleep on the couch with my d*** out and she would stare at me with this hungry look before leaving for work I think she is interested but don't know how to make moves towards my goal with out confessing outright the frustration

  • I flirted with my MIL on facebook a few times... then i sent some dirty things in an anonymous email, she knew who it was and responded back YES. However since then I think she has cold feet b/c she won't respond back when I text her incognito

  • I lately all I can think of is my mother in law, I think of her more than my wife now. Here lately when we greet each other she started kissing me on the cheek, I'm sure it probably means nothing but I still love it. Sometimes we stay at my in laws house and she will sleep in some short shorts and tank top. She's always shown nice cleavage and I desire her so much now!! Please f*** me suegra.


  • I often wear just a pair of gym shorts and was able to pull them down enough to rub my c o c k up against my mother in law Dottie while we were both reaching for an old book in her basement, oh my god, I left a bit of pre c u m on her shorts, how f****** i n g hot was that. We live next door to each other and she walked in the kitchen door one day when I was naked, she just stood there in shock starring, I could feel it starting to grow and it was straight out before I said sorry and ran to get some clothes-she never said anything to the wife so I figured she liked what she saw. A month or so later I see her walking over and quickly get naked and sit on the couch and grab the laptop. As she enters she says hello and I reply hello so she'll come in the room where I'm slowly stroking it, oh she says, it's ok I replied, have a seat I'll be done in a minute, she sits in the rocker and looks at the tv. I didn't need to pull up some p***, just the fact she stayed in the room made me hard, but I was hoping to show her some p***. I was moaning and groaning for her and getting close to c****** when I asked her to get me a paper towel, when she returned I was just about to blow, holding the laptop with one hand and stroking with the other I told her to hold it over the head so it wouldn't get on the couch and she did and I blew stream after stream while moaning oh Dottie oh Dottie with my hips bucking hard some of my c u m landed on her hand and arm. I said thank you Dottie as I lay my limp member on my belly, Dottie uses the soaked paper towel to wipe her arm but not her hand, I'll just throw this in the garbage she says, as I sneak a peak I see her licking her hand-now I'm hard again and she heads to the door and says I'll see you later.


  • Fake

  • I want my mother in law so bad everytime we go to there house I get so hard and I go to the bathroom to blow my load on her dirty panties she have such I nice bag fat ass I want to blow my load all over her p**** and ass

  • Tell her before it is too late. Mine died before I could. Kept some of her blouses and trousers which I wear at suitable times in her memory and imagine being close to her.

  • I was 24 and my Mil was 45 when I met her the 1st time and fell in love, the most beautiful woman, she is now 82 and I am 61 never had the courage to tell her how I felt, at 82 would still love to marry her and lick her p**** and f*** her every night, going to bed with her every night would be a long dream come true, never loved someone as much as I love her

  • Why don't you creep into her bed and f*** her I am sure that she will submit better still lick her p**** before she knows what is happening and will not be able to resist

  • I share similar story, met my MIL when I was 29 and she was 46. I remember what she was wearing and how she looked. I remember thinking, should I go after her instead? 23 years later and married to her daughter, I still think tat same thought. I have lived with my MIL and wife for 18 years.

  • I was 29 when I met my MIL and I feel the same way you do. I have lived with her for 15 years, it's mental s** torchure. I wish my wife would okay with it.

  • My Dorothy is 83 and she kisses me on the lips whenever she can, I sneak over to their house when they are out and I have cummed in her clean panties and in her bras as well as put c** on her tooth brush and inhalers. I put her panties on her pillow and make like I'm f****** ing her in her bed under the covers, I love being naked in her bed, I've left my pubic hairs on her pillow. I brought home a pair of her dirty panties and c** on the crotch and then lick it. I filled her vagisil tube with c**, just think my c** on her c u n t lips. I put c** in her retainer, I wonder if she tasted something funny.

    Wish I could eat you Dottie, Love Steve

  • That is awesome. I am marred 20 years to her daughter but I have loved my MIL since the day I met her. I never had the courage.

  • I asked my mother in law for a f*** ive wanted her so long. She flirts and she even changed her clothes infront of me and though i only saw her beautiful t*** with sexy see through lacey bra stretched out over them. I am actually in love with her. It took years but i finally went to see her when i knew she would be alone. I tried to f*** her in the garage but she said we cant. I explained how bad i want her and she said she knows but she loves her daughter toom much. No mention of her husband we talked carressed then i had the feeling while holding her if i just start kissing her i know she will f*** me. I did not want to risk it but i wish i had it would have been the most amazing s** ever. She never told her daughter and i know she wants to f*** and the attraction is very mutual but now unfortunately she does not undress infront of me anymore and does not deliberately bend over infront of me so her lace covered t*** pop out so she does not arouse me but she still arouses me. I want to f*** her atleast once or atleast see her totally nude she is such a milf and she is 65

  • I'd go for it I so want to f*** my mother inlaw and I told my wife and she said it would be hot

  • My mother in law hase a huge beautiful ass that drives me crazy he'll of firm dam I want it at least ones

  • Want it at least ones?

  • I would love to f**k my mother in law Sharon,wanted to for years now,but I know my sister in law's boyfriend Darren f**ks her,I have heard them going at it a couple of times and from what I have heard he definitely gets the job done,plus I have heard he is hung like a f**king horse so I don't think she would have any use for me,the last time I heard them he had to have made her c** 3 or 4 times,I think she is satisfied getting what she's getting!

  • My mom in law Coral has some nice big shapely t***. I have been banging her foecthe last 15 years. She and I are an item. She lusts after my c*** and I just love her t***. Coral baby you rock.

  • My big titted mother in law Coral is a s** bomb. She and I have regular s**. We have been doing this for over 15 years. I love it when she sucks on my c*** and fingers me deep in my a******. I Love Coral.

  • I will come there and f**k every single one of your mother in law , wives and sisters. They will love it. All you sad losers can watch me do the deed and learn how to f**k.

  • You probably cant even get it hard a****** loser

  • I have wanted to have s** with my mother in law Zora ever since the first time I met her. Zora always stares at my c*** and I always stare at her sexy t***...we both love it.....

  • My mother in law is so sexy and hot. We recently had a lot to drink and we kissed two times and it was so hot. But she pulled away the second time and said she could not do this to her daughter. I've lived with my mother in law for 10 years and I have always found her to be beautiful and sexy.

  • I had the exact same experience.

  • Anything develop after that ?

  • Your a loser how the f*** do u LIVE w your motherinlaw get a real job an support yourself an your wife an stop living off your wife's moms divorce money. I'd be ashamed of my self being a grown man. Wait a BOY. LIVING THAT WAY.

  • Vouch!

  • F*** you! You apparently know nothing about anything 🤔

  • You are the loser. You can not spell "You're". Oh the irony.

  • Only dorks correct grammar

  • You idiot. I live with my MIL to support her.

  • Go and f*** yourself dude. Or I will get a n***** to f*** your a$$ and rip you a new a$$hole.

  • I got a 44 mag. Send the ni××er over. Nedd my address a******?

  • I feel the same way about my gfs mom deb. I have spied on her several times in the shower and hoping she would catch me. I have blew my load on her dirty panties a lot too. She gives me that look that drives me crazy. what should I do??

  • Go and fck her husband and suck on his salty c*** and lick his a$$hole.

  • After 17 years finally got a great b******* and it was heaven. Mil comes round when wife out now and we play done everything apart from full s** she says it's guilt stopping her Will have to keep at it all I think about is filling her p**** with my c*** hopefully it will be soon

  • W*** all the time over my mil. Had to long kisses with tongue need guts to take it further

  • I'd love to give my mother in law a good f******, I can imagine it would be great but as soon as it would be over she'd go on a massive guilt trip and confess all.

  • Did u an did she

  • I think she has posted about you. google, i want to f*** my mother in law and read the top posts

  • My mom N law has big t*** I wanna see!!!

  • This a joke?

  • I feel the same about MY wife's mum too. It won't happen but I would love to have a shot at that.

  • roger that, had a hot m-i-l in first marriage, made several plays for m-i-l, got shot down every time. bummer.

  • You guys aomt sjot. If you were players, you woulda hit that p**** bigtime. I woulda had them women eating out of my hand and beggin for my big c***. Thats how a player does it.

  • Learn how to spell or get the f*** off the net a******

  • HIV c*** rammed deep up the straight guys ass pipe.

  • I would love a c*** up my ass. - Ben

  • Sick b****

  • Great

  • So would I. I would totally LOVE that. Right f****** NOW.

  • God help me.........I would do anything to get a d*** in the ass right this minute.

  • I'd love to put my d*** in your ass right now

  • Yeah. Whose d*** do you have to suck to get f***** in the ass around here?

  • Mine ===D

  • Mine ;-)

  • Fingering my ass right now, wishing i had meat in it.

  • I wish I was eating your ass right now and then would love to stick my hard d*** in it

  • Keep your eye on the sparrow.

  • I was married 2 times. Each time I did my mother-in-laws on a regular basis until my wives found out and divorced my ass. F*****' poor sports!

  • I would LOVE to nail my M-I-L. I understand that at one point in her life she was quite the bar-w**** and I would love for her to revive that part of her and let me start tappin' that fat ass of hers. DAMN!

  • she sounds like a hot b****. gotta love a hot b****.

  • Meow sucks!

  • It is because you are a sicko. Is your name Meow?

  • You are a bad boy!

  • If I had the chance to enjoy s** with my mother in law I would lick her like crazy

  • My wife walked in and caught her mother blowing me. She was 8 months pregnant with our first child at the time and hadn't had any interest in s** for months. At first she was p*****, but her mother told her that she felt it was her job to satisfy me because her daughter couldn't/wouldn't - "isn't it better that she comfort me, rather than me find some other woman?" It's been five years now and my mother-in-law lives with us. My wife and I make love 1-2x per week and my mother-in-law and I do it at least weekly, sometimes more often.

  • Lucky b******

  • Does your wife approve? That would be awesome.

  • I call BS.

  • Lucky man

  • What a lucky man you are. I ant to f*** my sexy mother in law too, but I don't know how. Can you tell me how you seduce her?

  • I started letting My miL see my c***, I would wear loose shorts & let it hang out. She new when I did this & always look. Then I stated giving her back rubs & rub my b**** on her back I than took the next step & would come behind her when she would have her pj's on & shove my b**** in between her ass cheeks. She then started to brush her hand on my b**** at nite when I had boxers on, I took the big step & when she was on the floor looking through the cabinet I pulled my shorts off & put my hard c*** in her face & she took it & gave my one h*** of a bj & swallowed. I've been f****** her now for 3 years when my wife leaves us alone. She lives with us & she has 38d t*** that look like a 30 year old & sucks me off almost every day.

  • Bro i want to f*** my mil too, her name is victoria !

  • Victoria is a fat c***. You are a poofta. Go and suck on your grandads d*** and lick his ass when he has diaorrohea.

  • I keep having s** dreams about my mother in law she seen my d*** once it was hanging out of my shorts she didn't say nothing to me about it I noticed her looking at it that's how I knew it was hanging out she never said nothing to anyone so I went around her a couple times with my pants unzipped and my d*** part of the way out she keeps checking it out and she hasn't told ne one yet I don't know if she wants it or not I'm pretty well endowed 9 1/2 inches

  • I want her so bad

  • You better stop that, nothing good will come out of this. She may enjoy it for a while but you must know that you lost a respect from her. what about your marriage, do you know that when your wife find out you may loose her the worst part is you can't replace her with her mother your wife will loose her mother and you loose a beautiful wife for a l***. Stop that nonsense!

  • I would respect her more coz she gave me a chance of a lifetime. If that happens

  • Lol awsome

  • Don't listen to this person. She belongs in a convent and knows nothing of the real world or of real people with real passions. Life is short. Enjoy the carnal bliss.

  • I would definitely wanted to f*** my mil victoria is really hot for her age.

  • Dude, I've been boning your mother in law for a few months now. She's OK but nothing special. Now her daughter is another story.

  • Everytime she visits and goes out shopping with my wife I open her bag sniffing her clean and dirty undies and m********* on them and spread a little c** on her clean and dirty undies oh victoria

  • I agree with the first commenter. It seems pretty low risk. I mean, besides the possible breakup of your marriage and the destruction of the relationship between mother and daughter, what's the worst that could happen?

  • Go for it then. I'm sure she'll be very flattered and possibly willing. Of course, there's always the possibility she'll freak out and break up your marriage but it's worth the risk, right?

  • It kind of is right

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