Sister in law

I have been in love with my sister in law fir 10 years. We flirt alot and we have fooled around a bit. I want to be with her. She and I have a bond. I buy her things and give her money. We have been sneakin around just so we can hang out together. Today I went to her place and she had no bra on. She has amazing huge t***. I started to touch them and then I slid my hands up her shirt. She then let me lift her shirt and feel her huge t***. They are terrific and it was right there on her front porch. I love her so much and hope to be with her soon.

Nov 16, 2015

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  • I wish my sister-in-law was as willing and eager as yours. I've been in love with her since before my wife and I got married. She has no clue. Unfortunately, she also has no interest.

  • Sexy. Very sexy.

  • I wish my brother-in-law would come on to ME that way! I'd f*** his brains out!!!!

  • You used the key word: "love". The question is, though, do you love her more than your wife?

  • Sounds to me like you're giving the woman what she wants. Why stop? Don't stop.

  • You son of a gun.

  • I'm in the reverse situation: I'm a married female doing my sister's husband on the D.L. It's been happening for three years (since before they got married), and in addition to the s** being fantastic, the excitement of the illicitness of it is just incredible! Don't stop!

  • Be very careful you could hurt someone beyond repair. Stop just thinking about your d***!

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