Okay, I've been dating this guy for

Okay, I've been dating this guy for almost ten months now and I KNOW that I love him. And I've been thinking lately...that I want to give him the one thing that I can never give anyone else. My virginity. Now, he's 15 and I'm still 14 (I turn 15 in May), and as long as it's safe s** I don't see a problem. I love him and he loves me. The only problem is...I don't know how to tell him. He's always let me make the moves in our relationship so that I can go at my own pace and feel comfortable. But this isn't like asking for a kiss or anything. It's a lot harder. I'm really nervous about how he'll react. I want to tell him though. How should I do it?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • ^ unexpectedly?

    I'd say don't do it, wait a while. But if you're dead-set on doing it, do it in a special way so that you'll remember it fondly!

  • I do not agree with any of your comments! If you feel like you are ready, tell him! No, you guys probably won't be together forever, and yes, you will probably get hurt, but we all do at your age! As long as you feel comfortable, then s**** what anyone else thinks. You are young, yes, but as you can see by some of these posts, adults are not too much smarter than children! I lost mine when I was 13, and I unexpectidally fell (hard) in love with the guy. We ended up having some rough times, and of course I got hurt by him, but I am now 19, and we are still together. Idk, maybe I am just lucky, but be sure that you know that along with s** comes a whole slew of emotions - so be prepared for the heartache along with the good times!

  • Don't worry about those useless comments above..
    You should let your boyfriend have your precious virginity
    and after your done you should let him stick it in your butt..
    Really it doesn't hurt and he'll love you even more too.

  • Hmm...

    I'd say to take up masturbation.

    It does wonders for the soul.

  • Just read some of the sad confessions from 14 year old pregnant girls on this site before you proceed. If you must have s** with him, double up on the protection. Use a condom with spermicidal jelly or cream. Double up on the birth-control when you're as young as you are.

  • Goodness, child. You need to figure out what love is before you bang him.

  • they're right... after u have s**, things are gonna get messed up and he's gonna dump u. then ur gonna spend every night for a week crying urself to sleep. then ur gonna want to get even w/ him, and so u will start messing w/ another stupid guy... and the cycle will continue! wait until junior prom, at least

  • the best thing to do is wait... u may think u are ready but wen u get older and discover wat tru love rly is.. it will be so much more worth it... and not only that but u could end up doing sumthing u regret...

  • you're too young...please please please wait...itll be worth it...10 months may seem like a lot to you, but at this age its rly not...wait at least a couple of yrs...

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