Cheated on assignment

At the beginning of this year, a guy I knew (sophomore) gave me a flash drive of all his stuff from his freshman year. I totally forgot about a chem lab abstract I had to write, and a few minutes before class I pulled up his and re-arranged things, changed some words, etc. It still had an 85% consistency to his, and now my name has been sent to the "honor code comittee." I feel like crap, I seriously thought about dropping out today. I am so nervous about what's going to happen and I really hope my friend doesn't get in any trouble for my stupid mistake. I feel so guilty and ashamed of my moment of weakness, my parents are going to kill me if it gets that far :(

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  • If you are a girl, push things further and try to seduce a couple of guys from the committee. Be very straight-forward with each of them, don't panic. It shouldn't be too hard if you look at least average. If you are a guy, then you are screwed...

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