Beneath Me.

I'm afraid to get close to you, in case I fall in love with you.
I don't want to love you because you are beneath me and you'd never be able to give me the life need.

I'm sorry Jason.

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  • Useless, self-centered cow. He can't give YOU the life YOU need. What about YOU giving YOURSELF the life you need? Why aren't you responsible for your own destiny? Stupid w****. Sitting around waiting for a sugar daddy to come along and provide all the comforts.

    So, when you do find your sugar daddy you're going to be disappointed that it's all a business arrangement and, frankly, no matter how good you look today you're a depreciating asset. And what do you do with an asset when it no longer does what it was bought for? Replace it.

  • I'm not talking about money and I certainly am not looking for a sugar daddy.
    I can't be with him because we are emotionally incompatible.
    I care about him, but he is not the one for me.
    My life is going fine and the reason why we're not together is because HE is dragging ME down.
    You really ought to learn some manners, because your preferred method of speech represents you most unflatteringly.

  • I'm glad. It really probably is for the best.

  • Jason probably wants you beneath him, so good thing you're breaking up.

  • Some people would say that is a terrible way to think. But if you know that the things you want in life could never be with a specific person, no matter how much you want them, you're doing right by staying away.

  • Thanks. You're the only person who actually seems to have understood my confession the right way.
    It hurts that I can't be with him, but I think you're right when you say it's for the best.

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