Feeling guilty

Iv been sleeping with one of my best friends and i didnt think it was anything more than just s** then the other day he told me he was in love with me and wanted to be with me, that same night i met his brother for the first time as soon as my friends back was turned his brother (who is married) started feeling me up and saying he wanted to cheat on his wife with me.His brother is insanely hot so i agreed. For the past couple of weeks iv been f****** his brother my friend and his brothers wife know nothing and my friend is still constantly telling me im amazing and he wants to be with me. The other day i was at his house and his brother turned up with his wife and i had to sit and talk to them i felt so guilty.

Apr 4, 2011

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  • This CAN go on. Get your parts worked both ways like Germany at the end of WWII. Link pics, yo?

  • One word - DECISIONS.

    I mean, make some, and stick to them. This can't go on. Well, it could, but these things never end well, and you'll only have yourself to blame when the s*** hits the fan.

    Do you or do you not love your friend back? Decide, then tell him.

    Do you or do you not want to keep having s** with your friend's brother and deceiving his wife as well? Decide, and tell him.

    Easy peasy Japaneasy :)

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