So Mad at my Husband

My husband wanted to buy a motorcycle and I told him it would be fine. I actually thought it was a stupid idea, but when I pointed out that I didn't think we had the money for a toy that only one of us would enjoy, we had an awful fight. So, when it came up again, I told him to go for it.

Now he's bought it, we're low on cash for things we actually need and I don't feel like I can tell him what an idiot he was for buying the damn thing.

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  • Go buy a vibrator- that's a toy YOU can enjoy.

  • So, he throws a hissy fit and you cave in. Now it's his fault you're in financial crisis mode? Useless cow. You should have stood your ground and done something simple - like showed him how the new payment would tank your budget. You DO have a household budget, right?

  • Why did you tell him it was fine if you thought it was stupid? I'm not saying what he did was stupid in regards to your financial situation, but you gave him the a-ok and then backtracked when you discovered he was actually serious. Who does that? Why say it was fine if it wasn't fine in the first place?

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