He has a girlfriend

I have ** with a boy who has a girlfriend. But the thing is..He was MY boyfriend for a little more than a year. And he cheated on me with the ** that he's dating right now. So naturally I want to get back at her for stealing the 1st boy I ever loved. I dont feel bad about it. And I still love him, He was my first EVERYTHING. And I was his first time having **. And so as far as I know..we Have only ever had ** with eachother. I dont know what to do, Im lost without him. :(

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  • And the cycle continues... he keeps being rewarded for cheating so he just keeps doing it. Why leave her when he gets 2 women. If she dumps hum he will go back to you and another girl will be his woman on the side.

  • Give him lots of head and let her know

  • Do whatever it takes to get him back. Always be available to make love with him. Always. Make him want to come to you more than he comes to her. Always ** him better and more than she ** him. Always.

  • You have really ** logic. When a guy goes with another girl its not the girl to blame at all its the guy. You are actually rewarding him for cheating. Just stop it. Find someone who isnt a ** bag. Hes probably laoded with STDs too.

    Why do girls think such stupid logic like this? Ugh

  • He sounds like a **. Walk away

  • well i think that u should try to for get him sometimes when u fall in love or do stuff for the very first time is hard to let go. but that is wat u need to do let him go
    is lyk this quote " if u love someone let him/her go if they come back to you then they ment to be with u" hope this will help

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