I've fallen in love with my

I've fallen in love with my girlfriend's 17 year old daughter. I know I'm twice her age but I think about her all the time. I love to be around her and now she's talking about when she moves out and it's killing me. I often wish there was a way I could be with her. She'll be 18 later this year, and sometimes I think about telling her.

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  • This is nasty.

  • dont tell anyone. take it to your grave

  • I don't think 17 makes you a pedophile, but it probably is time to re-examine exactly how this GF arrangement might go very wrong. I agree with the commenter who said get away from both of them.

  • you might as well be a pedafile nasty son of a b****

  • I've had a man twice my age confess his love to me, and it creeped me out beyond belief, shattered my self esteem and made me feel like I was doing something wrong when I was just being myself.
    You need to get help. Talk to a councillor, but don't act on your impulse.
    She's ONLY 17. Let her grow up at her own rate... don't tell her and expect her to jump into a 40 year olds life style... and think of her MOTHER and your GIRLFRIEND... if you're in love with her daughter, you shouldn't be with her, and you should seperate yourself from that relationship.

  • Don't do it. The feelings are fine but they stem from a young place inside you that never felt loved. So you project it onto her. Telling her would destroy your relationship with her and with her mother, by destroying trust.

  • You need to leave the daughter alone. You need to dump the girlfriend too, and stay away from them both.

  • Best to keep things like that in the fantasy stage. Fantasize all you want, j******* all you want but don't go any further. She probably wouldn't let you f*** her anyway! I know, I've been there several times!

  • that's called l***, not love. i think you're planning to churn your life if you're telling her about your so-called 'loving' feeling. unless she has been feeling the same way for you, but not likely.

  • seek Jesus

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