Im attracted to underage teens

Im 30. It would be perfectly cool for society if I was attracted to a woman 15 years my senior but Im actually attracted to girls 15 years my junior. Women my age dont do a thing for me but when I see a 15yo in tight jeans and a top in the street I just go crazy. My dream is having a 16yo girlfriend. What should I do?

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  • It's not abnormal to find yourself attracted to a girl who is clearly in puberty. We are designed to seek a sexual partner and men are designed to look for curvy hips, b******, a pretty face, and plenty of girls under 18 have these traits. So, just admit it to yourself, "I am attracted to..." then repeat after me. "Just because I'm attracted to X does not mean I have to give in to the urge. It's illegal and I could get in trouble. It's wrong because it would be so easy to manipulate her. She could get hurt. I won't do it." - AND some therapy might be in order.

  • Dude, you are just like every other straight guy I know. Its perfectly normal to want to f*** young hot ass girls. What do you think cavemen did back thousands of years ago? And it was perfectly fine then.

    Any guy who would deny f****** a beautiful young girl(if it was not illegal) is a f*****.

  • Go to therapy to raise your self esteem and find a girl more your age that you can actually get along with. Stop focusing on s** and just look for love but not in a high school. You will just be getting in the way of their life and thats selfish.

  • You are spineless, hopeless, and not realistic.

  • Go to therapy or something man! Ewy.
    Don't kill yourself and don't find an 18 year old who looks younger. Go to therapy and work your problems out dude.
    You need to be with someone in your age group.

  • Why?

  • your not a pedophile, pedophiles like children 16 years old are not kids they are almost adults. i'm 18 and when i was 16 i was having s** with a friend of mines husband she was 27 and he was 24 and i was 16. he told me he thought it was hot that i was younger. i think what u feel i natural, 16 is the age of consent in most states

  • No its only 16 in most states with age gap restirctions of 5 years and this guy is too old to fit in it.

  • you should prob just kill yourself, idk

  • Thats helpful.

  • Find an 18 year old that looks young, but don't go after an actual minor.

  • Yay. finally a good answer.

  • you, my friend are what you call a pedophile, say it with 'ped-o-phile'

  • So you create a label for something you are. good job!

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