I'm dating a friend tonight

Been friends with this knock out divorced woman for 18 years. She's become more attracted to me lately and I have always been attracted but too respectful to be sexual with a friend. She said some things about wanting to see me and how good it's going to be and how much I'm going to like it. You would assume I'm getting laid tonight, been praying for the day. I hope it's not 1 of her home cooked meals again because I'm falling harder and harder for her. I don't want just her s**, I want her as my girl, my wife. Friends do fall in lover right? I fell in love with her a few years ago but I'm so afraid to ruin our long friendship and not have her in my at all. Seems this destroys friendships.

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  • Tell her how you feel when the moment is right. And yes, friends can and do fall in love and it can be amazing. Hope it all works out for you both. Post an update!

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