I'm not "normal"

I don't know how to be happy and interact with people my own age or anyone for that matter. I find my self on the outside of the realm of actually living and am more like a silent observer. I really should figure all of this out or... go batshit crazy and drink and get high off my ass. Yeah, option numero two looking really good right about now.

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  • Same here everyone I've encountered has been superficial and fake, and has used me for their benefit to some extent. I'm even starting to not like my bf anymore, he's been doing things that make me think he's just using me. Usually I'm ALWAYS right about people, but second guess my thoughts.so I know where your coming from.

  • How old are you? I was diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder 4 years ago. Up until that point I felt the exact same way you're describing. Once I got some medicine for it, I have been like a different person.

  • everybody has to interact with others. and it is a challenge all the time. so I respectfully ask, what makes it so difficult for you? and have you tried to get help for your problems?

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