I could make your toes curl...

Do you realize how often I think of you? How hard it is to tear my eyes off of that gorgeous frame or that face? And that smile, it sends my heart racing in a million different directions. Right up till I remember my lovely man who is waiting for me... and your wife, no doubt deeply in love with you and your ways. The way a little hint of tamil sneaks in as you speak, giving your words such a lovely lilt, and that beautiful voice... I could listen to your voice for days on end, just lying on your lap... feeling your words wash over me. Each syllable a caress, each word akin to a lightest brush of those lips against my skin. But as it so happens, this is simply not meant to be. We cannot be creatures of l***, coiled into each other, arms and limbs a tangled mess of s** and desire. Reason must dictate our paths. And so I shall content myself with the brush of your fingers against mine when you hand me something.. each touch built up to something more in the dark recesses of my mind where I indulge my deepest desires, my most primal cravings... you.

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