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Hi my names Emily, I'm 19 not sure if what I'm confessing is wrong or not.
I work as a nurse in a local nursing home, basically the patients that we have are there until they pass away, which is really quite sad. I'm still studying to be registered and really like what I do. Day to day most of what I do is alot of patient and ward notes and inbetween I try and spend time with the patients. Just basically talking to them and trying to make their day fun.
I have become quite close to an elderly man 93 years who has a terminal illness, he is without any close family and doesn't really have visitors. He's very sweet and kind, he likes to joke and smile, he eyes still sparkle and he is quite able and I care about him very very much. In talking and getting to know his story I asked if if he ever thought about women and s** which he really shyly said he did.
On a afternoon shift where it's only the two nurses on I asked him if he would like to touch me. He was so sweet about it and so polite I ended up having s** with with him.
He was so lovely and really made him quite lovely.
I don't really feel like it was wrong, it's not like I can write this in his patient notes, and I haven't been able to tell my friends. But I really feel like I gave him something special and I think it meant a lot to him.

Apr 22, 2012

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  • Dirty red rooters.

  • I trained a nurse to do this. Her husband wanted "f*** s***" and she wanted a divorce. He contacted me to help him. I touched her Florence Nightingale and she ended up helping older men at work, as a private nurse as well and then all of her husband's friends and coworkers. Eventually, she found a group of men to live with them, bought a large farm in the country, but still kept up her nursing, especially older men. Her husband ended up lower than the dog, but happy.

  • My man has passed away, I hope I made him happy and showed him love before he passed :)

  • You obviously had his interests in mind and heart or you wouldn't have done that with him. I applaud you and NO it wasn't misconduct. Anyone who says otherwise is jealous!! People underestimate the importance of the human touch. Hugs are one thing but what you did was extraordinary. We need more Emily's in this world.

  • As long as it felt right! nothing wrong at all. Just hope you are on birth controls though, wouldnt want to be pregnant with a 93 yr old's baby. He might not live lon enough to raise the child with you.

  • Did this old man c** Emily and if so being a nurse I would assume you had safe s**?

  • Unfortunately we didn't use protection, he did c** inside of me.

  • your disgusting b****. you get fired for that ! misconduct, even abuse....

  • No body go's to work btw thinking öh I should bring something for s**"
    But thanks so much for your really nice words

  • She isn't a digusting b**** for doing it. If it made her happy then she has all right to do it. So shut up, you know nothing of love or what it's like to be loved. So you have NO right to say that to her

  • Do you live in Australia Emily?

  • Oh sorry yes I do was that answer.. Ha late but still.

  • Yes I am an Aussie

  • I'm an Aussie male too. Can we f uck when I'm 93 and can I c** inside you ?

  • Well...for one thing it's nothing quite like being stiff until you become a stiff !

  • as long as your happy with the decision don,t listen to other people

  • your both of legal age so nothing wrong... (i just wish it was me and not the dude you know)

  • we need more kind people like you in this world,there is nothing wrong with that...

  • totally agree. i just hope to make it till 93 and if i do i wish i could meet someone like her.

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