Sometimes I worry that my roommate is

Sometimes I worry that my roommate is gay. Ive questioned him about it a few times and he claims that he is straight. But sometimes his actions and the way he talks make me think that he is quite gay. He even has guys stay over for a "slumber paty" sometimes when Im not home. And im pretty sure he has a crush on me. Im not sure I should just out him and get it over with.

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  • Have s**
    see his reaction

  • It is none of your g****** business whether the man is gay or not! If you KNOW he is, and he won't admit to it, back the f*** off, he is not ready to tell you, or he is too scared that you won't want to live with him any more if he is. Trust me, if he wanted you, he would have went for it, calm the h*** down! Maybe you should try to make him feel more comfortable in your house without caring about what he does in his own bedroom.

  • who cares if your roommates gay? Long as he isn't doing anything to you that you arn't comfortable with.


  • My dad is gay but wont admit it. If you have a problem with living with a gay man, change your living arrangements. Because if he doesn't want to tell, then theres nothing you can do.

  • Just ask your rommate, and explain to him that you are ok with it as long as he keeps his d*** to himsef. Le him know that you aint like that.

  • learn to suck c***.

  • Faggy ugly fatface.

  • Stop getting mad you are gay.

  • you b******, you know i'm not really gay!
    i can't believe you anonymously revealed to everyone that you think i'm a f**!!!
    i love chicks, and v***** what if i can see the beauty in men?

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