I might be bi

Im 14 from pennyslvania. when i see girls at my school i imagine them blowing me. yet sometimes i get reallyhorny when i see a couple guys in my school. i dont think im gay cuz i really like girls but idk if i could be bisexual. ive jerked to gay por before and to straight p***. please help me or give advice, im really confused.

Aug 2, 2012

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  • Damn! Thats hot. I hope your bi...

  • You may be bi. But its also normal for guys and chicks to be curious about doing their own gender (Even though not many guys your age would admit to it.) . It may be something you just get over, or something you do for the rest of your life. Don't sweat it. You won't know for about 10 years, and its no big deal anyway.

  • it's okay to be bi

  • I agree entirely with the third comment here and the individual that so accurately replied to it. At your age, you're just starting down the path of sexuality in your life, you dont really know what you want beyond gratification for your hormones. Having said that, you cant deny the psychological side of your desires, so there is the chance you are actually bi.
    But still, main point, just dont worry about it... even if you are theres nothing wrong with that, its just who you are. Take life as it comes and do whatever makes you feel most comfortable. If these feelings themselves are what is making you so uncomfortable, and not just being confused about them, then i refer back to the point that its not really something you need to worry about just yet. You'll figure it out as you grow older and wiser through experience.

  • Dude it's problobly scence e watch straight p*** u see a guy then u know there's gonna be a p**** so you get horney it's ok

  • I wouldn't spend too much time worrying about it at age 14. In the years ahead you will have the time and opportunity to experience and experiment and it will all be sorted out.

  • Best answer here. And it's best because it's the right one.

  • Its human evolution.

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