Best Friend NOT And Pregnant To Go With It

So I was having hard times with my bf and he had just come back to school after the first trimester at being at a different school. Also we still were seeing each other on the weekends and I admit were teens and stupid. About a few weeks into the 2nd trimester I realized that I missed my period for about 2 months then it hit me...he had gotten me pregnant again and we didn't have the money to get rid of the baby this time. So we decided to do this together and work things out. We attend doctor appointments etc. And of course girl needs a best girlfriend and at the time it was a girl I really trusted with things so she helped me out with my bf and my problems. Eventually me and my bf were working things out and everything was fine then when my pregnancy hit 3 months my bf and my relationship was slowly fading and I didn't understand why because when we were together nothing in the world mattered to us at all. So one day I went to see my best friend when I borrowed her phone for a few minutes and I have to admit I am kind of a nosies person so I looked through her texts. In the text I saw a lot from my bf telling her to "come over" and that he "loves her" and that I am a "crazy b****". I asked my friend about them and she claimed they were not from my bf just another guy with the same name and I knew she was lying right away. About a day or two later I asked my bf why he was texting her and he gave me the cold shoulder. A few days later my bf and best friend became totally secretive and thats when I said enough and ended it with my bf. My best friend soon admitted that she had been sleeping around with him for about a month...with that said it ended that friendship. Within days of her telling me that the whole school found out I was pregnant, Immediately I was called a s***, a liar, and worse and then that led to shampoo getting poured on my head and the bottle slammed against my head, I went to my bf's that same night (Ex now) and cried for the longest time in his arms. He sat there saying its all his fault for letting this happen and i don't deserve it. Also this was the first time he had ever seen emotion out of me. About 3 and a half months into the pregnancy I went into the doctor and was told there was no heartbeat to be found. I called him that night and he said okay and that he had to go. Something in me says he was disappointed I had lost the baby but also happy in a way, But in the end I am happy things went this way and I no longer have to go through with being a pregnant high school student. If your wonder about my "best friend" me and her no longer talk. Today me and my bf (ex) sometimes talk but its fading to almost nothing now.

May 1, 2011

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