Phantom Pregnancy

Last year after a horrible break up I took a pregnancy test, and it came back positive. I even went to the doctor and that test came back positive. I got huge, had the cravings, I even felt the baby kick. I was miserable. I never wanted kids, the guy was a complete j***.

I went to my first couple appointments, and then I just stopped going. I didn't care anymore about anything. My parents on the other hand were elated. During the end of my second trimester I decided to go back to the doctor after my mom pleaded with me, and helped me see that it wasn't.the babys fault and I should not make the baby suffer. And that I am strong enough to endure this.

During my dr. visit I found out that I was not pregnant. The doctors say that I never was. They said that I had pseudocyesis. But I know what I felt. I know that I carried a life inside of me. I felt sheer disbelief. I was shocked, sad, happy, relieved & miserable. Everyone in my family was thrilled with the idea of having a new baby and I just couldn't tell them that I was not pregnant. It didn't make sense. Plus they would be crushed. So I didn't tell them.

I continued on preparing for the baby, it was helping me cope that everyone around me continued on, part of me even felt like what my doctor said was wrong, but now it is past my due date & I know that I must relive the dissappointment again, and I just don't think that I can face the facts or them. It has been a month since I have had any contact with friends or family, and the thought of telling them that I have known for months now that there was no baby makes me want to die.

I have a history of depression, unstable mental health. I fear this whole ordeal is going to send me straight to the hospital... What did I get myself into?? Why can't I control my mind?? My emotions???

How can I tell them? What should I say?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Tell them you had a miscarriage and cry you win then send your ex a card saying guess what I'm pregnant ..... Just kidding I aborted your retarded waste of flesh f*****

  • Tell your family the truth. They sound supportive and if you simply tell them that preparing was your way of coping with the loss, they should understand. A real family won't abandon or judge after a loss like that. It will probably be good to have their support anyways if you're going through a depressing time.

  • *hugs* this is when you involve your best friend. your absolute bestie. he/she will help you tell the fam and you'll make it through. Just like you have every other time before. You'll make it through.

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