Fun for me

I like to J******* while sucking on girls toes and licking their feet....i don't know why but it is very exciting for me; when i find a girl who will let me do this .she just laughs the whole time... i don't care i'm so excited...i'm totally naked and she has all her clothes on.... i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • i wanna be your bestfriend.

  • ok.....

  • it can be simply explained (psychologicaly) If you look at "The Motor and Somatosensiry Cortex" map of the brain you will see that the foot, leg and toes are close to the genital area. hence, sometimes people have foot fetices because of how close the association of the genitals and feet are. pretty cool eh? i learned it in psychology recently. there's nothing wrong with it. but what facinates me, is how you got around to it? did you just one day decide, hey i like toes, i think i'm going to suck on one?

  • when i first started j**********..i like looking at pics of girls... i couldnt find many naked ones but i did find alot of girls in bikinis at boat places... the boat brochures had lots of bikini pics... they were always barefoot and i just gained an attraction for their feet and toes while i jacked off..especially if their toes had polish on them..also my first wife didnt like s** much.and knew of my j**********.and told me when i had the urge..just go j*******..she had fun sometimes making me lick her feet.. thinking she was humiliating me...but i loved it and would play with her feet and suck on her toes while i jacked off she even told her girlfriends about me and her feet that made it even more exciting for now i just adore most feet and toes..!!

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