I just want a f****** boyfriend! I'm

I just want a f****** boyfriend! I'm smart, funny, easygoing and in love with good music and movies, and I'm pretty. So why the f*** am I still single?

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  • And u unable to catch me k
    now its ur turn bab7y

  • See am n't for try u agree only when u see ....

  • Wana a long f**k

  • Am rready

  • I can make u cry

  • Need a girl for s**

  • Well, go out and flirt with some men, just be careful, yet playful. You don't want to be mistaken as a s***. Just be yourself and walk up to men and introduce yourself...

  • Am ready to f*** u . Am on bangalore. Am a student .am fresh . Am very much intrested to f***. My mail id is manishk.mohan@yahoo.com

  • Amam ready to u wherr are u now am i am un bangalore.

  • Well I don't get it either! Modesty is such a big attraction...

  • Two things....
    1- you can't be all that pretty, you have a horrible attitude.
    2-You also need to clean up your language.

  • She has the right to express how she feels. She wants a boyfriend in other words she wants love. One can feel lonely and sad and keeping in those feelings cramped inside isn't such a great idea.

  • Dude, sometimes we just need to vent.

  • Your mom probably lied to you when she told you were pretty!

  • I'd prefer not being pretty than being an a****** like you. Just saying.

  • Go out and find one instead of typing on your computer!

  • Hi dude

  • were do you live i'm single to maby we could hook up!! my email is iamdeman133 at yahoo . com P.s. im a 17/m/az

  • ur prolly still single b/c men are intimidated by women like u. this means that u will have to be more outgoing w/ men that u consider potential dates. also, stay away from bars or clubs b/c men do not go there to look for girlfriends. meet guys through friends, or dating sites. that way u will be meeting guys who want a girlfriend. this should increase the odds of u meeting someone wonderful.

  • Just put a sign on your back saying you will have s** with then next man who touches you and then make him your boyfriend

  • u are still young.. try not to rush it... wen the right person comes along, you will know it... until then just have fun with ur friends and flirt with all the guys u want... try not to be so shy around guys so that they will feel more comfortable about approaching u... and try not to make urslef look desperate.. guys dont like a girl who is clingy or needy...

  • no, i can understand your frustration...its alright, and this a confession site, you're allowed to be annoyed and curse if you want to...like i said before, try and interact with people who share your interests...you'll find someone...

  • well you seem pretty vain.

  • That's not true. You are not to good for your own good. Maybe your just not a likeable person. Or maybe you are not as pretty as you think you are, or as smart as you think you are. Not only that but your first sentence included a very unlady like comment. I'm just saying men hold women to much higher standards now of days. So if you want a man then become a real WOMAN! not girl

  • What the f*** are you even saying. She has all the right to feel desperate and to snap out. What? Just 'cause you're a lady you can't curse? Only man can? Wtf is that? And pretty girls who are smart and pretty and outgoing curse too you know and they also have the right to release the feelings bothering them inside, anyone should or else we should explode!

  • There is nothing wrong with you.
    Guys just can't handle you.
    You are smart, funny, beautiful & all of the characteristics that make a perfect girlfriend.
    BUT they know they aren't worth it.
    You are WAY TOO GOOD for your OWN DAMN GOOD.

  • maybe ur not interacting enough...try and find people who enjoy the same things as u do...the more people u meet, the more likely u are to find ur guy..:)

  • Your up yourself ?

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