iv bin dating a guy for 4 n a half

iv bin dating a guy for 4 n a half months...wev made out, n tho i hvnt taken off my bra, hes touched my bare ass...now it's cooled down for the last 2-3 weeks, from both sides, but wev decided to stay together till his exams finish and then take it from there...but i think i may have a crush on another guy...nd hes liked me for yrs, so if i get into a relationship with him, it has to be serious and long-term...dont know what to do!

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  • >me
    we broke up...he inititiated it...and i feel...relieved...
    :) maybe ill give it a shot with the other guy, but after a while...
    thanks everyne...

  • getting hurt and falling in and out of it are part of being young... if u are losing feelings for the first guy, its only fair for the two of u to not be together then cuz u could be missing out on other things.... try it with the other guy...

  • Comfortable does not equal happiness. Do the one you want, not the one that makes the most sense

  • *the commenter - yeh i'm 16 too. I really don't know much. I'm terrifiied of getting hurt and hurting others. I can relate. But good luck!

  • >me
    im 16, the first guys 17, n the 2nd guys my age...see, earlier i always thought i was only looking for a long term relationship...but my last bf cheated on me, n i think that kinda changed things in my mind without my realizing it...i dont know...i dont thnk the first guy wud be very hurt...i mean hes cooled down too...but the thing is we're sooo alike..sometimes we know what the other person means n is thinking just by hearing one word from them...i guess ill wait...waiting is what i always do...just cant take decisions!!

  • ^ im the person that wrote that. Just adding some. how old are you? Age makes a fair difference. If your young, what type of relationship are you interested in? But I stil agree with what I said any age. Don't hurt him. Be in love. Trust fate but don't mess with people. And let time take it's toll.

  • what one would you rather? Sounds like your a bit against the first relationship. But I recon see how it works out cause the other guy won't be worth it if your feelings cool down alot. And if they remain or become more intence, time has answered your question. But don't hurt the first guy. I don't know much bout relationships cause if you knew me - wel let's jus say you wouldn't even listen to me. But I've been in most situations and I get hurt. Don't hurt others. Perhaps be open. Be in love. Just be i don't know. Trust fate but don't mess with people. And let time take it's toll.

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