soooo i lost my virgenty 2 this 1 guy am dateing his best friend now but yesterday after youth group went ovr 2 this other guys house...he fingered me and we were going to do morebut my bf showed up and talked my bf into thinking i was changing from the beach and was over there to find my shirt i left there wen i lost my virgenity to the first guy and the truth here is i rlly feel connected 2 the guy whos house im at but ik hes a player and that hes not worth breaking up with my bf for caz i dobt h*** date me caz there bffs so im torn up inside and dont want 2 go anywere but back into that players and im only 16


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  • S**** need education too, spelling sweety, is something that sometimes needs to be corrected to understand :)

  • Holy f***. PUNCTUATION! Its a run on sentence and you have to mind-read a 16 year old to guess when a sentence stops or begins.

    Hope you carry condoms because you seem eager to get nailed again. Then BANG. You become an example for other teenagers as what not to do. Then he has to get a job and supp..... AS IF! If he is a player, you have a few choices. Abort, adoption, motherhood, or let relatives take care of the baby until you are less of a baby yourself.

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