I hate my ex-wife

I hate my ex-wife, she is such a liar, and I cannot believe that the authorities rather put someone in jail for lies than find out what the truth is.

She sent me to jail because she was "afraid" of me, because I caught her cheating on me and knew I was going to have her ass in court.

I never did anything to her and I so regret that I didn't.

I just hope she never finds happiness, and that her genital herpes blows out of all proportion.

I hate her I hope she dies a horrible and painful and very slow and shameful death

May 5, 2011

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  • My horrible ex died a few years ago. He shot himself. I am glad I dont have to deal with him anymore. I dont care how that make me sound. Good luck to you. Maybe she'll get hit by a bus.

  • Shes a w**** and she will get her punishment...…..in the depths of h***...…..

  • good revenge... wishing her ill will show her.

  • What a f****** b****!

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