Im disguisted by the attitude of people here

The people making the posts about raping girls, the posts about having incest, the posts about spying on someone... Those arent what really disgusts me (aside from the rape) but more so the attitudes they have as if its a victory for them and they dont feel the least bit of regret or sympathy for anyone but themselves. Its always "i loved f****** her i still do woooh!" or if they raped someone is "she wanted it and loved it!" these people who post these really need psychological help.

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  • S T F U! If you don't like the stuff, why are you here? Go away A-hole!

  • To hold up a mirror in your greasy little face and remind you that you are swamp scum. It's a real confidence pick-me-up. Don't like it? Try to stop us! We're just as persistent as you are, and higher class beings on top of it. You can always do the world a favor and step in front of a train if it bothers you that much.

  • Why would you continue to read if it disgust you?

  • get out of the "s**" catagory then. And this place was created so that people could tell their secrets, whether they be shameful or victorious, and not have people judge them for it. grow up. it takes all kinds to make the world.

  • Youre he one that needs to grow up. You think its okay for someone to rape someone and be happy about it? Youre a sick f*** who neeeds therapy.

  • I think most of them are people hoping to get that sort of reaction from people like you.

  • I can tell which ones are fake and which ones sound more convincing.

  • Oh and you a can be very certain of that can you,I bet you have sparked a fake story on here before now. If its true or not who cares its all bout entertainment U N******

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