I feel like I have no libido anymore

I never want to have s** anymore and it frustrates the s*** out of me, especially because my boyfriend is always h****. I feel like I have sexual dysfunction. I also feel discouraged because my boyfriend isn't always that great at s**. I've asked him like 50 times to not just shove it in there because it chafes my v****, but he does it every single time! Sometimes our s** is really kinky and I love it, but it's like hit and miss. Plus, he gets frustrated with me because I rarely initiate, but at the same time he never has a hard time getting turned on. He's a 24 year old guy... Maybe I am being selfish, but I feel like me trying to make him h**** is redundant because he is always h****, and I feel like he should try harder to make me h****... Except he doesn't. Is this horribly selfish? Plus his idea of initiating s** is literally asking if we can have s**. Yes... how sexy. Even though I have asked him over and over not to ask me, he does it every. single. time. Keep in mind, we have been dating for a year and a half. I also think I am discouraged because I have such a hard time orgasming. I have always had this problem, but I feel like my boyfriend is so discouraged by it that he doesn't even try anymore, which only makes me not want to have s** with him which makes this a never ending loop of repetition and asexual anorgasmia. This is sexual frustration to the extreme.

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  • You NEED to have a frank discussion with him.
    Tell him his selfishness and the lack of foreplay is killing s** for you.
    Either he makes an attempt to help make the satisfaction mutual or he doesn't get s**, it's real simple.
    The bigger issue is that you shouldn't have to be telling him this at all; he should have enough intimate interest in you to have already taken the inititive to make it a mind-blowing experience for both you..
    Suggestions: Get yourself a rabbit or a Hitachi Magic Wand.
    If he won't experiment with you, do it on your own.
    At some point the guy's going to have to realize that if it isn't mutual, it isn't good.

  • yes it can be frusterating if you are having a hard time orgasming. Tell him to try his fingers. makes me go everytime and im not embaressed to say that i make more of a mess than he does. lol.
    AND if the way he does things hurts you and he doesnt get it instead of saying "it chafes my v****" tell him plain and simple "IT HURTS!!!" s** is supposed to be comfortable for all involved - if he continues, tell him you'll hurt him(fingers in the ass, anyone??)and play if off as normal.

  • Well if he knows you're having a hard time orgasming then he should make sure you get pleasured, because HE is the one who always wants s**... its like you dont even matter or something....

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