I want it so bad

I'm constantly soooo h****. My boyfriend can typically keep up with me but lately I think I've worn him out. Yesterday we had s** as soon as we woke up and then again in the shower. Two hours later after lunch we had s** on the couch and then after watching a couple movies that night I wanted him to do me from behind but he was so tired he fell asleep while I was downstairs. I was so h**** I couldn't sleep so I had to get off by myself before I could even try. Then this morning I woke him up by going down on him and all day I've been crazy h**** but he says he's worn out and needs to wait until later :( I feel bad because I know its not really normal to want it constantly like I do and then he feels bad because he feels like he's not pleasing me. He goes down on me a lot which is awesome but I really love his d*** inside me so much more. Just thinking about it makes me so wet. I wish I wasn't so h**** :(

May 27, 2013


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  • Just wait a moment, when you have done. Try again a few hours later. He's not a machine which is understandable. Batteries need to be fully restored after a long use. This like anything else.

  • I don't usually say this, but I agree. You need to either find someone who can satisfy you sexually, or find more than one. Maybe ask your boyfriend if he would be willing to share you. If he knows about it (and perhaps even participates!) that is a lot better than cheating. Just don't get married to him knowing that he can't satisfy you sexually unless he is willing to share you. I have read that some men are willing to let their wives f*** other men because they know they can't satisfy her. You are probably a nympho. If you would like to see if you want to change that, then see a therapist to see if it can be done.

  • Absolutely right, this! You need to find an open-minded man who will allow you to be a part of the Hotwifing scene. That sort of arrangement is precisely what a woman like you needs, and there are men out there ACHING to be a husband to a woman who can properly engage in Hotwifing.

  • If your man isn't pleasing you, go find one who can. OR go find three. You're young, and you deserve to be sexually satisfied. Stop waiting for your guy to revive. Go out and get what you need.

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