6 month old babies shouldn't be glued to the television

I live with my sister, her husband, and their 6 month old baby. Since he was like 3 months old, they have sat him in front of the TV to watch Spongebob and Nick Jr. shows. He likes to look at the colors, but they seem to think that he is actually gaining something from watching these shows... to the point where they leave Nick Jr. on all friggin day long! Even when the baby is napping! Is this not ridiculous? Yesterday, I turned the TV down a little bit because it was blaring Nick Jr. and I could hear it loud and clear from my room. 30 minutes later, her husband comes in, plants the baby in front of the TV and says "Let me turn that up for you, bud." WTF. He can't understand the TV, so why in heaven's name would you need to turn the TV up for a baby? Plus I should add that he is right in front of it and there was no way he couldn't hear it the way it was. He was no more than 2 or 3 feet away. This poor kid (and let me just say now that I do love him to death)is going to grow up with the TV as his babysitter. I feel like he is way over stimulated. I wish they would just let him play with his toys instead of planting him in front of the TV for most of the day.

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  • It borders on neglect just leaving him there. People say mind you're own business. Would you do that if they were beating him up each night? This kid is going to be developmentally stunted. First it will be TV, then it will be shows that he shouldn't be watching, then video games..it's just bad news all around. But you do live there, you don't have to tell your sister and your brother-in-law how to parent..help them out, Turn off the tv and pick him up and play with him.

  • If they put him in front of the tv and then went to the store, then yes, that would be neglect. However, it sounds like the parents are in the room, or can at least still see him. I don't think its neglectful, unstimulating maybe, but its not at all on the same level as abuse.

  • 6-month-old babies shouldn't be glued to the television. It's too distracting when you're trying to watch Glee.

  • I have a small child, he's 10 months. And yea, I get that putting him in front of the TV seems so easy, it keeps him occupied so I can do other things..but I try very hard not too. If I do, it's for 20 min at most and baby Einstein or sesame street..more age appropriate. I've read books on how a child's brain develops and how the flashes and the noise can really hurt his development. Plus even as adults, we know that TV can rot the brain. But, a baby so young, they just can't process the images. You obviously care for your nephew and his development. Just as parents baby proof the house so they don't put their fingers in electric outlets, they should be concerned of what they expose their child too..this includes TV. The TV is not a babysitter, they need to be interacting with him. It would be just as simple if they turned on some classical music or something soothing, put him in a chair swing, playpen or other baby gym instead. They do say a child should not watch tv until the age of 2. Maybe you can suggest that when they do that. Or find an article or book that shows why TV can be harmful, I'm sure the web has articles available. Since you live with them, maybe you can help out when they need a break.

  • Or maybe she could mind her own business, just another thought.

  • Look, I get where you are coming from. Constant TV for an infant probably isn't doing him any developmental favors. However, at the end of the day, this isn't your kid, you don't get any input. If you live with him though, why don't you read do him, or play with him, when he's alone with the tv? I'm sure the parents wouldn't mind

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