I resent my stepson and wish he would go away...

I am so resentful of my stepson and at times, also of my husband for his mistake. It's called a condom!!! I am not your son's mother, I am not your baby mama'ss effing babysitter, I am in this relationship for you, not your child with another woman. I do not want to play single mommy with your son while you work 3rd sdhift and then sleep all day! Not my crotch dropping, not my responsibility!!! I used to want my own baby but your little sh*t quickly changed my mind...

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  • Omg I feel this too the core good for you for having the b**** to say what most women wont

  • You will probably "go away" before your step son will. You need to get over yourself. You're very naive and delusional. You married a man with a child. It's a package deal. Really, what did you think was going to happen? The kid was going to accept you with open arms? This kid feels abandoned. His real mom isn't there. His dad works all the time. And then you are there. And you're not his mom. He doesn't want to listen to anything you have to say. Did you think you two were just going to get along and he'll do as you say? Say what you will about the baby mama, but the baby mama is still that boy's mom. And no matter where you think you are in the pecking order, that child wants his real mom and real dead together. Not some replacement, which is what you are. The stepson was there long before you entered the picture. You aren't instantly accepted, liked or respected by any child just because you marry the parent. And when you marry or date a parent with a child that child will always come first way before you each time. I have friends who are adults who have parents that have passed and they don't like or accept their parents new wife or husband. Working three shifts and then sleeping all day? Seriously, how does your relationship even survive? That's not to say your relationship with the step son can't improve or change. But you have to let go of the resentment. Talk to a child therapist and get some parenting skills. You and your husband must co-parent. Otherwise, your choice would be to leave...cause the kid is there to stay.

  • U are the worst step mother in the world and if i knew your husband i will tell him to let you go the same way u do your feminine pads monthly. what a heartless inept hypocrite.

  • Wow you are a pathetic witch. You should have considered that before you spread your legs for him. Dumbass. The child deserves better. I'm sure your not taking care of the kid like you should and they can sense that at a young age. Treat the kid like s*** and maybe one day he will grow up insane and stab you.

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