spanking a baby

my husband spanked our 8 month old baby. I went to my moms because whe i was trying to ask why he wouldnt stop yelling. There was a red mark on her but....andthats through her dipper. Did i do the wrong thing or was i right and a baby should not be spanked? I mean she is to young to know right from wrong.

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  • A baby shouldn't be spanked at that young of a age. If anything at all, a light tap on the hand. He should never hit a baby. Maybe you should reevaluate that mindset of your husband.

  • Oh whatever. It was a spank. Ineffective, as it always is.

    You can't give a baby a time out.

    Okay super-Mom, how should he have done it? How should he have controlled his anger? Walk away and let you do everything. Always? As if.

  • To the second poster... are you crazy????
    If her husband hit HER, should she call the police? YES!!
    More so for abusing the baby. She cannot teach him ways to deal with the baby BTW, what ways would that be?

    A grown man should be smart enough to know NOT to hit an 8 mo.old baby.
    You have to be a man and a poor excuse for one!

  • Its an rage issue. He might not be the best one to expect to know how to deal with a non-compliant baby. Let him help in other ways. I'm sure he is remorseful and ashamed but it wasn't a closed fist with the intention to damage. It was what was probably done to him if his parent expected an attitude adjustment.

    Not all men can be perfect if they are un-educated in the ways to care for a child. TEACH him ways to deal with the baby. Correct it without law enforcement. You CAN do that, can't you? Do they have to solve everything? If not, then just say good bye to the dad while he is in jail for three months and you are investigated for evidence of child abuse as well.

  • You are right! That is child abuse.

    Call the police!! Do it now!

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