My mother has never accepted me

My mother has never accepted me although I've tried all my life to get her to like me. She wanted an abortion when she fell pregnant with me. She favours my brothers and is blatant in doing this. She b****** about me to them, behind my back. She's toxic and drove my father away because she's so difficult and critical that he couldn't stand her either. I've now got to the stage where I f****** hate her so much I want her to die.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • F*** her!! Not literally,but figuratively speaking!! If you're old enough to leave her household and support yourself,do so,with no regrets and turning back!! :) She doesn't deserve your love and you deserve better.Maybe m,continue to have a relationship with your brothers,without your mothers involvement,if that's your preference.
    I hope you eradicate your mother from your life,as she appears toxic too it.You don't need that,for the rest of your life.She maybe a blood relative,but that doesn't mean,you have to put up with her s***!!!

    Good luck

  • i hate my mom too =]


  • I know exactly how you feel. I've felt the same way about my Mom. Try to realize that we can't make anyone love us the way we want them to. That was hard to take in. It was for me anyway. I've also come to realize something else…This person I've wanted this love from, they really do love me. No, not exactly how I've wanted, but there is love there, and for that I am thankful. We can't force anyone to love us, but we can be thankful for the love we do have.

  • no don't shoot her... just get sweet revenge by achieving ur dreams and having a wonderful life-- without her in it. u said it... "she's toxic" so avoid her negativity as much as possible until u can permanently be away from her influence.

  • Just shoot her and get it over with.

  • I no how you feel. but the best thing for you to do is not hate her. If she complains at you just simply smile. Do your best to great her bad attitude with a good one and I grantee in the end you'll feel alot better about your relationship. Youve attempted to reach out to her. Leave it on her hands to reach back . If she doesnt its her lost and she we'll regret it later on in life

  • wow
    sounds like my gandmother on a good day.

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