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Some time ago back in high school i was out doing a art assignment and had to use spraypaint and i took it outside and i just thought "f*** it im gonna put my here" so i sprayed my name in gold spraypaint and lamely it was my real first name. I also at another time sprayed it on the wall inside of a room in the very class i was in. I find it funny i never got caught or in trouble for it but i regret doing it because im artistic and i put out nothing but crappy vandalism out there. I want to be a good graffiti artist some day but not a low class tagger.

May 16, 2011

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  • I think graffiti is beautiful, when done correctly. =3 Im an artist of all genres(music, paintings, sketches, poetry, novels you name it) so I'm not like most of these closeminded idiots. Graffiti is wodnerful and emotion-provocing, giving indivisuality to blank, boring concrete canvases. I hope you get somewhere with your art, if that is what you plan to do <3

    PS. I know what you mean, House taggers get on my f****** NERVES

  • I've seen some really nice graffiti before. And yes, it can be art. It's the closed minded idiots who think that all graffiti is bad. I've seen someone sprayed there name on a huge wall, and then decorated it with all of the monuments of the city around the name. It really nice to look at. But someone will say those guys need to go to an art school and learn *real* art. Why? Most of the kids who draw some of this can't afford to. Also, What makes this stuff any less real? The fact that it's not paid for? H***, a lot of cities tend to hire kids/hobbyists to paint for them.

  • Thanks for not being a douche. >_> Some people commenting were being rediculous. I hate it when graffiti is done on someones home or some important landmark or is just plane poorly done. Yet i do like "burns" and some "throw ups". Yes it is true that cities hire people for murals and graffiti in some cases. I think poorly done advertising is worse than even poorly done graffiti because with graffiti you at least know they arent trying to sell you some s***.

  • Sorry for the grammar issues there.

  • I mean the commentors

  • You people posting are really ignorant.

  • I hope get famous dude. OO:

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