I peed myself in class

First of all I'm a girl
So it was happened when i was in 7th grade, i was on a math class at that point i was really need to go to the bathroom. But the teacher weren't allowed me and i also didn't like the bathroom because it's always dirty and smelly.

So at the break time where everyone leave the class, i had an idea to peed in class but not in my class. So i go around the school to find an empty class, and i found it. The class was very secluded and i think it was rarely used. So i enter the class and close the door, i went to the back corner of the class, remove my panties and start peeing. It was a relieve and also challenging because i was afraid that someone caught me.

I peed for about a minute and the floor was full of my urine. I put back my panties again and leave the classroom.

Dec 31

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  • When i was in 8th grade,i peed my pants twice,about a month apart.Shortly after that i did my 8th grade confirmation and had to wear a white,poofy dress and veil.My parents put cloth diapers and plastic pants on me under my dress!I was so embarrassed!

  • I agree with the other person who commented. You should stop wearing panties to school. Just wear a skirt. You should p*** on the floor in class everyday. If you don’t get caught you could s*** on the floor too. Make a mess for them seeing as the school toilets are dirty.

  • Stop wearing panties to school at all.

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