One of these day, I wont be able to take it anymore

I love you to death. I do.
And I've swallowed my pride so much,
and put up with so much
because I don't want to lose you.
But one of these times,
you're going to leave because
"you cant stand me anymore",
you're going "take your break",
and im not going to be here when you come back.
im not going to beg you to come back.
I'm not going to apologize for things I didn't do.
One of these times, i'm going to be the one to threaten the end.
Even though I really doubt you care enough to fight for us like I always do.

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  • leave. youre wasting your life. i promise you, as hard as it seems, youll be over her/him quicker than you think possible once you take control and end it. good luck.

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