Caught by the Mrs.

Yesterday the wife gets off of work a few hours earlier than usual, never called or texted me, just showed up, walked in the door and there I was on the floor riding a big ass d**** while watching a gay p**** on the big screen. It had to be the most embarrassing situation I've ever been in. Now she thinks I'm gay but really I just want to f*** her p**** while giving some guy a b****** then he can c** down my throat. I would really let some other guy f*** her p**** just so I can suck the c*** clean when he's finished.

Dec 24, 2018

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  • Just be honest with her. Explain that just because you're bi-curious, it doesn't mean that you don't love her

  • If she really loves you why wouldn’t she want you to be honest with her? Sit her down and see if you can tell her what’s on your mind. Even if it’s just a fantasy at first.My wife was p***** when she first found my swingers magazines back in the day with guys showing their huge c**** and I had the ads circled. After explaining I wanted to see her with a hot guy and a huge c*** she f***** me roleplaying their big c**** in her

  • I don't see anything wrong with what you did. I think that would be f*cking your wife's pu**y, while you are sucking some guy's hard c*co. I've never had a bi experience until recently. I had a chance to J******* 2 guys soft d*cks and I love the feel of their c* cks getting hard as I stroked them. I jacked off each guy till his hard c*ck squirted hot sperm all over my hand and fingers. How exciting for me. One guy was completely shaved down there and his d*ck was beautiful...about 7" long and as thick as a hot dog...I knew I had to have his c*ck in my mouth. I couldn't control myself. At first I just sucked & nibbled on its head, before I began bobbing my head up and down its length. I loved the feel of his h****** in my mouth while I rubbed my tounge all over it. This was my first adults c*ck that I have ever sucked. I sucked a lot of pre-teens d*cks & pu**ies when I was much younger. Now I want to J******* and suck on a guy's hard d*ck. I also love dressing up in women's silky underwear. Would your wife let me f*ck her while I'm wearing crotchless panties, garter belt & stockings, a mini half slip, and a nice silky bra? I love to be sucking your hard c*ck while I serviced your wife.

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