I am 23 & still a virgin. I have never been fingered or had s**. I have never had my period & therefor never used a tampon. When I was 15 I was told I had no vaginal opening. I believed the doctor & have been avoiding having s** for years. I have met a guy that I like so much. Tonight, I decided that I wanted to get past my fear of seeing if I had a vaginal opening & explored with my finger. I am beyond happy, which I dont expect anyone to really understand, that I have a vaginal opening. I plan on letting my boyfriend finger me & having s** with my boyfriend soon. Many people probably think this is a joke but I am completely serious.

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  • you idiots. she says that she DOES, rite in the middle "I am beyond happy...that i have a vaginal opening." morons.

  • You need a better doctor. It could be that you just have a shallow hole but your v***** is still closed off and if thats the case you would need surgery to fix it and if you dont it could kill you from not having anywhere for your periods to drain (not joking)

  • Totally agree with this comment. Unless this girl's ovaries aren't working, blood is collecting within her. Go to a doctor for sure!

  • Two separate holes idiot -_-

  • haha. good one

  • If you don't mind me do you go pee?

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